Brayin Candy

DNC Free Speech

The CommicRat Party always claim to be for Freedom of Speech and yet like their model forms of Government continually attempt to squelch their opposition’s thoughts and beliefs. We have to listen to every screwball Liberal who screeches the most vile rhetoric, while every Conservative argument is labeled hatred. Justice Janice Rogers Brown delivers a rhetorical masterpiece and since she does not quote directly from the Communist Manifesto, her speech is declared by the Dimrats as extremism. These people say they are for open dialogue but just as China, Russia, Cuba and Iraq that freedom only applies to the them.

President Bush declares he wants to reform Socialist inSecurity, the foundation of the Communists and what is their response? Is there an open dialogue with all sides speaking frankly to explore all options? Of course not, it must be shot down to the point Dead Air runs a "spoof" assassinating the duly elected, not selected President of the United States. Right out of the Maoist Revolution Red Book, where you murder the entire ruling gummit.

Their party has supported fellow murderers Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Ho Chi Min, Pol Pot, Castro, Arabfat, Saddamn, Margaret Sanger among numerous other mass murdering dictators. This list is the core of Liberalism and their true charade of Free Speech. You are allowed to denounce their utopian gummits all you want against the Firing Squad Wall. Anytime you want to see Liberalism in it’s most pure form, just go look at any Communist Country and ask yourself why they build walls to keep people in, while democracies construct walls to keep people out. Ask why Liberalism wants so desperately to eliminate the Free Speech? Because their ideas cannot withstand the light of truth.

Janice Rogers Brown told an audience that people of faith were embroiled in a "war" against secular humanists who threatened to divorce America from its religious roots, according to a newspaper account of the speech. ...

"These are perilous times for people of faith," she said, "not in the sense that we are going to lose our lives, but in the sense that it will cost you something if you are a person of faith who stands up for what you believe in and say those things out loud." ...

These are words that the Left can’t let the people hear because it is the truth. They are the ones that we are at war with America, from the American Communist Lawyers Union to the No Educating Association to the National Organization of Old Broads across the spectrum of Atheistic Communists that make up the Rat Party. Justice Brown being an articulate Black Woman represents two critical Dim voting blocks and needs to be silenced. When more Blacks agree with her than with them, there will be nobody to pick their cotton??

After being rejected by the voting public again, the only tactic left to the Loony Tune Left is to keep her and the rest of the qualified Christian nominees from being voted on by the misuse of the filibuster to censor them. Moral reasoned rulings on the field of ideas would destroy the left’s lame arguments. Anyone who moves America away from Atheistic Communism is a threat to the Kumbaya, can’t we just control you; crowd.

The Dems are again complaining about the Fairness Doctrine due to Al Franken-stein’s failed talk radio. Maybe they should have hired a comedian? The fact is that the left have no answers to any problems other than turn over more of your life to the Gummit, is wrong. Americans believe in a smaller Gov and pulling their own bootstraps, so why would anyone listen to him? That is why Liberals are all for silencing anybody who disagrees with their world view. From Political Correct censorship to terminology like Vast Right-wing Conspiracy to not letting a Black Woman have an up or down vote in a last ditch effort to squelch her. The same people that scream count every vote in every losing election will not allow 10 Senators to vote for the advancement of a Black Woman.

This Stalinism will work for a short time. It is time for the Conservatives to stand for Free Speech which is the bedrock which this Country stands. If we allow our most articulate voices to be squelched, then there is no such thing as Free Speech. Without the open exchange of ideas good or bad, we will not see progress on any issues. This is why the Republican Party has to go ballistic in this war to end their Che Guevara tactics in the Senate and have an up or down vote on our Judges. Lady Liberty’s Torch represents truth being heard, its time for every vote in Congress to burn bright.

Pray for W and Our Troops