Brayin Candy

The Battle of Boston

He as sent me to proclaim FREEDOM for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, Luke 4:18

The Redcoats are coming, the Redcoats are coming! How historic where Liberty was formed, it is being reborn. There is a real revolution in this Country brewing at the site of the original Tea Party, these modern Tea Patriots are about to start the second Revolutionary War. Unlike the first original which had Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin this one has ordinary people doing what Americans have done since 1776, throwing out tyrants. As the buses begin lining up from NY to DC full of ACRIME thugs, our ragtag army is ready to fight this Battle of Boston w/cameras and websites.

Scott Brown is King Tyranny’s worst nightmare. Brown a candidate who has no Blue Blood only good looks and character. He is a Patriot who even though most Conservatives don’t go along w/his abortion stand, is carrying the flag into the heart of Bunker Hill. Now that America has seen the unfettered communist message for what it truly is, oppression; there is a hunger for Freedom and American Liberty. The entire world hungers for freedom, whether its 1770 in the Boston massacre when paper and tea were taxed and homes invaded by troops or the lone protestor standing in front of a line of tanks in Tiananmen square, the human spirit hungers for American FREEDOM. Every political prisoner around the world dreams for one day in America to breath the cool breeze of Lady Liberty, while we’re throwing it away.

Americans are not born to be slaves to an all powerful gummit that makes your every decision. We threw those shackles off starting in Boston, our Civil War,  Normandy and Iwo Jima and are about to do it again. This will be a nucular detonation that will show the world these Tea Patriots are a force that can no longer be ignored. We are on the march for Lady Liberty exposing communist oppression in every corner of this land. Americans need their freedom and are tired of the Stalinist tactics that they have been exposed in every facet of their lives. Starting w/the daily bombardment of lies in PravdABDNC to the lies in the District of Corruption or the lies in our schools. We are a movement that is dynamic, smart and passionate about America that realizes now these oppressors are simply Sand Castles standing against an incoming tsunami of Tea. That tide is flooding Boston Harbor and spreading from sea to sea.

We no longer have to whisper our message of Freedom, we have an army shouting it from the Mountaintops. These campaigns won’t need the $$ to drive them since our message is going to be carried by bandwidth. Scott Brown in his debate proved if you speak the truth w/passion and conviction the Rats have no answers other than more gummit and spending. Finally, this Dingbat went to the ol phony Conservative ploy, since they know in their gut the only way they can get elected is to pretend they’re us. Why should we be running from our beliefs when they are based on giving everybody as much freedom as possible. We are the Minutemen fighting the Redcoats in one of the great battles of America’s histoir. There's no surrender in this one, cause its to the death of either the DNC or America. Once we capture one hill we have to move to the next for the rest of our lives.

Rather than fighting this war on the battlefields of Europe or Asia, we are fighting in the fields of the internet and Townhalls. We are fighting it w/words and ideas against the liberal establishment that has beaten us back for decades. We have the founders bracing our backs as we take on modern oppressive Redcoats like Global Warming, DeathCare, Taxes, Racism, Energy, Abortion and every other issue that they have used as weapons against America. We must fight the lies by charging straight into them to withstand the volleys that will come our way. They will use they’re Stalinist thug tactics to try to divide and conquer by dehumanizing, yet this is too important, our legacy depends on it. We are Jefferson, Washington, Hamilton, Paine and Revere, this is the rebirth of our Republic to the founders original design. This ragtag group of Freedom Fighters has grown into an army becoming a movement. We are all Revolutionaries now.

As the election arrives and the DNC tactics begin, it is time to plan our fight for the battle of Boston. Every Tea Patriot in MA needs to take their video camera to the polling places to shoot the busloads of ACORN/union voters. If you don’t have a video, take your phone and learn to use its video and audio recorder. Go up to the bused in voters and ax them for directions to local landmarks that they should know how to get to. If they don’t know, they must be outa state. You may get some footage that will expose ACRIME for the RICO syndicate it is. Get the license plates of buses and if you see anything that looks fishy, get it on video then Utube it. This is what a Tea Patriot is all about, shooting from behind rocks and trees to expose the Red Coats. If you're really bold take your camera and put it in their face and ax them if they’re legal voters to scare them off. It is time to stand up to their stealing elections. It shouldn’t be too hard to find corruption in Boston.

Scott Brown is going to win this battle and its every bit as historic as the first Tea Party. It tells King Hussain that we aren't going to surrender our Freedom. It says that America gave him his chance and hes corrupted it. It tells him that those Founding Fathers were brilliant in forming of gummit that is impossible to turn into a tyranny. They have gotten as close as anybody, yet a few men who risked everything 200 yrs ago to make America the home of Freedom and Equality are about to reach out from their graves to break our shackles these tyrants are attaching. It should let these tyrants know if it can happen in Boston, it can happen in San Fagsisco and LA. Tuesday night Old Ironsides sails again, cannons ablaze w/Scott Brown at the helm steering her back towards Lady Liberty. 

Pray for America’s Freedom and Scott Brown