Brayin Candy

The Black Mondale

 What will it mean if the Chosen not elected One loses? If he doesn’t win this one w/all everything in his favor, it will mean the Rats may not win in our lifetimes. He has every advantage possible, from a faltering economy he caused, to a campaigning media as well as a systematic stealing of an election. How does he not win in a landslide? It’s easy, he is as corrupt as the media and he is going to lose this due to the spotlight of truth.

How can he lose if he has the entire information Establishment behind him? Like fighting the Death Star our ragtag Party is fighting overwhelming odds. They own 95% of the Stone Age Press having dropped the facade of news reporters to be DNC activists. They own the nightly snooze as well as nearly all the Ink & Quill fish wraps. They own Hollywhacked lock stock & over the barrel where all those casting couch stars think their IQs exceed their thick hair and high cheekbones. All we have are few renegades who are willing to toss their careers for the truth. The irony is they’re squawking for a gummit which would outlaw their freedom is telling.

He owns the education system. From the money machines of the Teachers Unions to the indoctrination of our kids K-College. Our yout learn early arguing politics w/a teacher is a losing proposition on so many levels. The days of subtle biases is over as the teachers and Profs have become radical commie spokesmen who have control of your GPA/future. The overwhelming power of these teachers have convinced our kids to go along to get along to the point there is no longer diversity of thought in our educational gulags.

The DNC not only controls the unions, they get organized labor as well as phone bank volunteers the Repubs just can’t match. The unions may have lost numbers of workers yet they make up for it in criminal activities. They have become emboldened as they can use their members money in any method they choose. While nearly 50% of their members are Republican they contribute 100% of their funds to the Dems and of course direct their members to vote Dim. Their leaders support their members w/higher taxes, gas prices and Katrina Healthcare, power to the worker.

The Legal system is another corrupt Dem stronghold. Most polls find that Lieyers are heavily Dem and will be giving free legal advice on how to steal this election. They will have armies of maggots lining up in an attempt to help ObamACORN voter fraud withstand scrutiny. They will help the systematic intimidation of our election officials who are not ready for the national corruption of the electoral system. His campaign has completely ignored campaign contribution laws and is bringing hundreds of millions from foreign countries through bundle laundry operations. This is a crime, yet he knows the media/law will look the other way. The Party was all for campaign finance reform is up to its Ass in dirty money. As always their campaign against corruption was just that, a campaign slogan.

The Obama/DNC campaign have organized a criminal organization hiding behind a community organizing group called ACORN. This Stalinist organization is openly trying to destroy our free election process. These Brown shirts are being investigated across the land as they have been caught in an obvious attempt to steal this election. So far they have been caught signing up people who shouldn’t be and when the election comes they will be turning in phony ballots as well as intimidation of election officers to make these votes count. They are attempting to get 100,000 fraudulent votes per state and give their lawyers a basis to argue the chads. McCain will be forced to decide if he wants to withstand the hatred being directed his way or fight this theft.

With all these corrupt forces, how can this young articulate Chicago pol ever lose this election and when he does what does it do to DNC politics? How and when could they ever have a better opportunity? Sure he is a completely corrupt Chicago politician who makes the clintons look like Alter boys, he’s a Dem so who cares? No, a loss now would be devastating to the Party and that rattles their bones. It would end the stranglehold that they have on the American psyche. A loss now will finish the Dinosaur press even if it is as exposed as raptor Andrea Mitchell w/an empty box of wine, these aging activists have only a few years left until they’re set out to their Manhattan pastures. This is their last great chance and if Black Racist boots this opportunity he will be the most hated and critiqued Dem ever. With all the corruption/hatred supporting the One, a loss now would make him the Black Mondale.

Pray for W, McCuda and Our Freedom Fighters