Brayin Candy

Trump was wrong

Romans 1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

Well hasn’t America arrived at a wonderful place where she cannot decide who belongs in which bathroom. Since so many freaks are gender confused we have to allow them into the women’s bathroom to take a piss. In the old days, of around two years ago these guys would get their butts kicked if they wanted to force their way into a women’s bathroom or shower.

We have always had cross dressers and society lived with it like every other strange sexual perversion. Now they are being used to attack Judeo-Christian values like every other Marxist weapon. This is just one more tangent of the never ending battle between God and the worship of the world. This is not so much as new as pushing the envelope one more inch to destroy Christianity.

The liberal cult requires adherence to its beliefs and tenets fundamentally and those religious laws change constantly. To be a good liberal you are required to be a better person than the less evolved person next to you. Some of the more obvious lifestyles are being a vegetarian, tolerant, dirt worshiping, being organic and vote Democrat. That list alone will make you a good person and superior to those who do not and especially voting Democrat. You do all of the tenets of the church of Oprah and vote Republican and you are not a good person.

Marxism uses religion as a tool to give its followers a deep faith based experience. It has copied all of the cults of the world and has stolen many of the Eastern faiths to control its followers. If you look at one of the basic truths such as Global Warming you will find only faith and no facts. If you dare ask where the proof of Global Warming is you will be attacked for heresy, err denial. Now they want to convict and jail you for GW denial. There is no actual proof that the world is heating up and the only true data, satellite laser measurement says that it is either unchanged or cooling due to lack of sun activity, but that will not stop the belief of moving forward. You must believe without question.

To receive the religious high you have to believe that GW exists or you are a denier and nobody wants to be labeled as an outsider. Being a denier means that you are not trusting science which makes you dumb and nobody wants to be uninformed. So you join the rest of the cult and accept the fact that Algore’s movie was fact and CO2 molecules somehow hold in heat and ignore the latest actual data holding to your faith. After all if billionaires like Gore and every Hollywood starlet says it is true, who can argue with those mental giants.

As a liberal you have to believe whatever science says since that is where man’s truth exists. Once science believes something and issues a truth or as they call it Settled Science then the church of man begins worshiping it. Never mind that these High Priests of man have been wrong more than right such as Acid Rain, Ice Age, Spotted Owl, DDT, Expanding Ozone Hole, Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, Eagle eggs, lead in gas, Heterosexual AIDS, solar power, wind power, evolution, Nazi Germany, USSR, Communism, etc you must believe anything they say as absolute truth.

According to the Church of Man you must believe there is no God or Christ and the highest intellect is man. Ironically, you must also believe that every animal is superior to man, yet man is the top of the intellectual chain. The only thing superior to man is a gaggle of men like a University or a similar collection of superior intellectuals like gummit. The two Vaticans of liberalism is Academia and Government which work hand in hand in the cult with the same ultimate goal which is a manmade utopia. So far those utopias have become giant killing fields.

The latest Academic decree is that homosexuality is good and we are not actually men and women but our gender is fluid like water. You can bet they have a bunch of data manipulated studies using the same tactics as GW and have decided that the only people who are normal are cross dressers and homosexuals and if you do not believe that you are an intolerant denier. Never mind there are reams of data showing these people have elevated levels of mental and physical issues, they are normal and we must worship them. We must not only accept this abnormal behavior, we must celebrate their empty lifestyle and promote it. You must allow them in the women’s changing rooms and showers to show your tolerance. If there are a few rapes along the way they will only prove our loving tolerance.

The fact of the matter is homosexuality is an addiction that leads to depression and death. Homosexuals’ life span is fifteen years less than heterosexual men. This is due to their massive rates of STDs and suicide rates that are off the charts. They end up spending more time in hospital beds than party beds. When men enter into the homosexual lifestyle, usually by rape of a trusted figure they enter into an out of control sexual addictive lifestyle filled with drugs and alcohol. Since there is no pregnancy regulator these men engage in hundreds of partners per year and expose themselves to the most unhealthy activities imaginable leading to sexual diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis C, Mono, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and anything else that is being spread. These are the Saints of the Church of Liberalism who they declare as a healthy lifestyle. If cigarettes shortened your life 20 years they would be outlawed, but homosexuality is celebrated as healthy.

The crossdressing and homosexual agenda is perfect for Marxism. It attacks the two biggest enemies of the Democrat Party, Christianity and Businesses. The ultimate goal is to close down all of those intolerant churches and marginalize their close minded belief and end businesses. Once they require churches to marry homosexuals or be sued out of existence or even jailing pastors they have won. There are lawyers lined up waiting to file these suits and only have to find one judge to begin that process since they can site Academia as their ultimate witness.

The cost of added bathrooms is going to eliminate many small businesses like restaurants, hotels and bars. The goal of Marxism is no private enterprise and this is one large step towards that utopian society. The elimination of the right of privacy is a step towards that goal which says the gummit decides what right you do and don’t have. Now that all knowing power says that girls now have to take showers with guys because they think they are girls even though they are not. Sorry buddy, if you have a penis you shower with the other guys.

The reason God gave us the Bible and Jesus Christ was to protect us from this confusion. He knows man is inherently evil and when left to his own desires will go to the worst places ending in death and suicide. He has warned us about homosexuality although never told us why, just stay away from it. Now we know that it only causes destruction not only to the person, but now we see it leads to confusion and destruction of society. We have evolved to where women and girls have to show their naked bodies to a man to prove our tolerance. This is exactly what God warned us about and are seeing the thorns of his warning. Welcome to our Marxist utopia, so take your clothes off and submit to the Church of Man.

Christianity says just the opposite. It is not what you do that makes you a good person it is what he did. He died for man's evil and his perfection is what sanctifies you and makes you a good person. Rather than spending all that time and energy chasing man's definition which is windswept smoke and ash, he died so you can live free. The most simple task of asking him to forgive is all it takes and you enter his utopia.

Pray America wakes