Brayin Candy



(And for this we labor and strive), that we have put our HOPE in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, and especially of those who believe. 1 Tim 4:10

So the world gadfly is going to sell the RezkOlympics tied to the Chicago Machine for the 2016 Obamolympics. Not to worry though, he says that he will make sure it is Corruption Free just like his HC will be Illegal Alien Free. Perhaps the ObamOlympic Mascot can be a giant Acorn? Those lucky Olympic International Committee members get to be wowed by the Rockstar tour of Diva Oprah, Angry Michelle and the Cult Reader as well as Slumlord Valerie Jarrett. Now how could anybody think there would be corruption in this entourage? Apparently they have added a new event for these Games, the 100M Dash for Cash.

Never mind that he has to take time from doing anything that would help our businesses like tax cuts or listening to our Generals about our why best and brightest are being killed by his military ignorance, he needs to bring home the ChicagOlympics. Shouldn’t he be standing by last weeks statement that no Country should have a better chance than another Country? Why does Chicago deserve it more than Rio, Madrid or Tokyo? Funny how he just loaned Brazil $5-10 Bil when he punishes our CEOs, is there a connection between that favor and the CorruptObamOlympics? Just another coincidence like Angry Michelle getting her UofChicago pay raise of $200K the day he was sworn in as Senator. Was there an under the table agreement made?

Could there be a worse match then pairing Chicago and the Olympics? Isn’t this like giving Al Capone the key to Fort Knox. Who we going to watch over this boondoggle ACRIME and are the Unions going to make sure the construction is on schedule? Why don’t we just take the $$ and give it directly to the DNC and the Corruptobama re-election campaigns? This is going to be another giant $$ laundering machine to pump cash at corrupt politicians.

What jobs are being created by building a bunch of stadiums in Chicago that will be filled during a 3 week period and then sit idle most the time? This will however enrich cronies in the Daley machine and especially those involved w/the union and planning committees. The kickbacks will be flying from all the usual places. There will be grease and graft being spread through the Transit Boards, Urban Renewal and those special Development Boards that will guarantee at least 25% will be creamed off the top. The good news is that there will be no evil profits. The fact is Valerie is the engineer for the Chicago Daley Machine and will manipulate every $ that goes through it.

The not amazing coincidence is that the main developments will be right where Slumlord Jarrett made her $Millions Many of the stadiums are going to be built right on the sites of many of the Chicago Projects. The question most should be axing is how many of these pieces of cheap real estate does Valerie and her friends still have? Did she or her family speculate on properties that could be future Olympic locations? The moment that the OIC announces the awarding of the Chicago hosting those property values will increase anywhere from 3-10 times. She likely has the chance to make 10s of $Millions as she holds some property that will have gone from worthless to some of the most valuable in Chi-Town.

The South Chicago Ghettos have been a corrupt cash cow for the CDNC for decades. They have been nothing but a graft project to enrich CorruptocRat politicians and pols like Jarrett and Daley’s other thieves. These slums are going to become the venues and villages that the RezkOlympics will occupy. The people living in these projects will be moved out to either new projects or temporary facilities till they can move back to the refurbished buildings restarting the cycle. Either way, this is going to be a brand new cash tsunami for the Dailey mafia. It will likely take somewhere around $15-20 Billion to construct the ObamOlympics depending how much Graft is skimmed. There will be huge battles between the pols and the unions as all this grease is smeared into the most corrupt city in America by the most corrupt sports organization in the world.

Do we really want to have an Olympics in a place that represents everything that is wrong in politics. Do we really want to bring our athletes to this cesspool of corruption as the stories will be uncovered while America holds its nose ignoring the 300 lb ACORN in the room. Isn’t this like having the Olympics in Iraq? Are you really going to have Daley in the reviewing stand representing the Olympic ideals? Will we have the before and after pics of the slums that will be converted into condos for the tourists and athletes that was built and skimmed w/public $$ while the inner city Blacks are pushed to the back of the bus?

This is nothing we could be proud of like the Salt Lake or LA Olympics when we know the Rings will be tarnished. The races for the Gold will start from the first day this boondoggle is awarded. After all, Obozo just said in his Imagine Bromide, "No one nation can or should try to dominate another nation. No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed."

Pray for America and Our Troops