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Mara Lago Panty Raid

The Mara Lago Panty Raid

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10 (King James Version)

The Communist Party is always accusing everyone else of being Nazis and Fascists, yet they have no problem with them when it is their own Police State. America lost all of its Rights on 8/8 when the DNC’s Gestapo knocked down the doors of Mara Lago and would not allow his lawyers to witness their ransacking of his home. The FBI and Wray has officially declared war on Trump and the freedoms of America. The dirty cops inside the FBI gives the other 5% a bad name so the FBI may as well toss Lady Liberty into the bay.

At least this time they had their little subpoena signed off by a Cracker Jack judg…er…Magistrate which is one step above County Clerk. Of course, Pravda is repeating everything the Dept of Justice spews and claiming he had some Presidential papers he is not supposed to have. They make this ridiculous statement and then do not list the papers he possessed. Never mind a President has the highest level of security on the planet or no other President had to endure this outrageous attack, or has the power to declassify anything he wants, he is Donald J Trump so the ends justify the means with these Jackboot thugs.

These are the same Marxists who burned the families in Waco, shot the holdouts at Ruby Ridge and could not find the other bombers at Oklahoma City. The same Bureau who missed 9/11 and have botched investigation after investigation. They have cost far more lives than they have saved which is why America is trashing them. When it comes to honor and integrity someone needs to tell Wray both of them are earned and not given which is something they have not done.

The FBI has actually been at war with America since the Clintons and now that Obama is President, they believe they have carte blanche against freedom loving patriots who they hate. Trump is only half of what the 8/8 raid was about, the other half was telling the American people they no longer have the right to their own homes and never will. The FBI or any other agency including the IRS can kick in your door for anything they deem illegal and can stay until they find something to jail you for. This is now the Soviet Union of America and these agencies could not be more pleased.

The war on the people really began during the China Flu when all of DC declared Fauci was Cesar and whatever he proclaimed was to be followed without question. Now they are in panic mode as Trump is winning election after election in blowouts and their last hope for his prosecution is about to go down in a Wyoming grassfire. Those sources inside the Obama Whitehouse are saying it is a circular firing squad happening as they are pointing their guns at everyone for suggesting and carrying out the FBI Jackboot raid.

The most interesting rumor is they were hunting for Trump’s copy of the Epstein visitors list. That rumor has all sorts of interesting names besides both Clintons and the entire Biden family although why that would concern them is a mystery. Has Chris Wray’s boys figured out the password and has it scrubbed the laptop with bleach or something?

Director Wray is rumored to be one of the names along with a who’s who of DC royalty in both politics and media. You know, all the people who are in a constant state of outrage over slavery and women’s rights? How would it look if a few of those claiming there would be a whirlwind of violence and attacks were ones contributing to young girls' rapes?

Amazing how this rumor sounds so familiar to the John Dean Watergate rumor the FBI broke into the DNC HQ to retrieve pictures showing Mrs. Dean was actually a call girl and they did not let that scandal leak out. What are the odds it happening on 8/8 the day Nixon resigned or 8/8 the dog whistle the Dems claim means H/H or Heil Hitler, take your pick? According to the source both of these are the reason they picked the day and they were letting the Trumpsters know the Nazi Police State is here and be ready for complete abuse of their power as retribution for Trump’s wins.

What Fascists don’t understand and cannot comprehend in their pea brains is God is still in control and allowing them the power to destroy America. They do not understand how big a miracle it was for Trump to win against the entire hurricane of the One World Gummit or the Agencies, let alone the DNC and media, yet he did, twice. God used Asyria and Babylon to teach Israel to trust God and not their Kings.

They also do not understand how their hatred of Trump exposes them to the entire world for what evil people they truly are. They watched Trump sweep Arizona and the entire Obama administration exploded and Michelle said they need to send a message to Trump before everything is exposed next year. They know their entire network from China to Ukraine with all of the bribes and laundries are out in the open and when these Trumpsters are elected they will have the power of investigation setting up 2024 for full exposure throughout the Smelly City on the Swamp.

The source says Michelle’s nickname is Mud now as she did not realize people would not cheer and applaud the raiding of Trump’s house or relate it to their own homes and families being invaded by thirty fully armed goons. Why did they spend nine hours in the home when all of the docs were stored in one secured room which the Secret Service had the key? If they can break down the ex-President of the United State’s door over a few pieces of paper then what is stopping them from your door? Show me the man and I will show you the crime is the new DOJ motto.

After the country was locked down over Cold-19 the District of Criminals believed they had ultimate power to abuse you at their leisure. They watched Trump getting more and more powerful as the 1/6 Kangaroo Court was mocked throughout the world. They watched their poll numbers plummeting while the economy did too while nothing they were doing for Cold-19 made a difference, unless you call healthy young men dying of heart attacks a good thing.

That is when they decided to double down like they did against General Flynn pulling out an obscure law nobody enforces and charge someone. This is when they found the hundred-year-old documents law and sent a SWAT team to get it rather than a library card. This is what happens when you have Centralized Gummit and Marxism where you advance people on their treachery rather than their accomplishment. The Barak regime is all political hacks who got their starts inside the corrupt Chicago machine and now is running America the same way.

Everyone knows Barak is a Manchurian Candidate who was groomed his entire life. He was an Affirmative Action candidate and has gotten to where he is by the amount of melanin in his skin than the horsepower in his head. He can read speeches pretty well if you are into staccato prose, but he cannot answer a question impromptu if his life depended. This is why he did not tell Michelle this was a really bad idea, not to mention Michelle could bench press him, so he went along with it and had Wray carry it out. Now all they got is boxes of worthless paper which means nothing and if Trump does have the list the source says it was not at Mara Lago. Only this crew would think Trump would be that stupid, he has it right next to Barak’s real Birth Certificate.

God works in mysterious ways and in the middle of the fire is where the darkness is revealed. As it turns out, God is showing you cannot govern on hate and revenge. You may be able to fool a certain number of your cult, or your paid echo chamber, but once you go outside the church of secular humanism there is nothing to grab onto.

Calling people names and vilifying only gets you elected but once you get there you expose yourself for the emptiness of your ideas. The Trump raid is simply an example of what is wrong with hate and anger rather than finding solutions which work and have for centuries.

The Trump raid is a perfect symbol of what Barak is doing to the entire country, breaking down doors and occupying it like the Gestapo terrorizing people and coming up hollow again. November is coming President Obama and no amount of Soviet/East German SS tactics will stop it this time. You have caused the once loved FBI to be hated by cop loving Americans.

Pray for Revival