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Capitalize On Education

Capitalize on Education 

…but I know you. I know that you do not have the LOVE of God in your hearts. John 5:42

We have been brainwashed into believing the only way to educate kids is a socialist monolithic system that is as effective as the Gulf Cleanup and Medidontcare. We are told if we make any changes we will destroy a system which fails our kids in every way and especially boys. We have a monopoly that pretends every kid is the same and are all being prepared for college whether they have plans to go or not. Whenever someone suggests private schools the Teachers Unions scream how they will take $$ out of their pock…er the kids education.

We've built giant warehouses which are supposed to prepare kids for their lives like a Detroit assembly line making Cadillacs. The problem is these kids are all different so unless the kid is built to fit into this system they are bound to fail which is why we pay more per child and are barely in the top 20 Countries. In a math, science, reading comparison the United States while they exceed everybody in spending per child. A recent study had HS seniors take the 1920 8th grade exam and around 30% of them passed. Every educator in the Country should be embarrassed for our mediocrity yet it is not completely their fault they and we have been brainwashed into believing Socialism is the only way to educate. If we are serious about teaching our kids the 3 Rs rather than the 3Ds Darwinism, Diversity and the DNC, we will bring Capitalism to the battle.

Schools have moved from teaching how to read and write into Temples of the cult of liberalism. These schools teach atheism so Evolution is their Creation of mankind while ignoring any other religion. They teach moral relativism as their version of the 10 Commandments and are fundamental to their faith in Global Warming. They are so Fundamental in their belief they will not allow any other theology in their midst. How can you consider yourself a learning center if you won’t allow as wide a variety of thought as possible. Of course homosexuality and vegan lifestyles are lifted up as a moral lifestyle. The students who believe in God simply barf out the clichés on their tests and move on w/o any thought or process while the remainders are converted by these liberal evangelists.

We need to eliminate the public school system and replace it w/private schools. Rather than spending 9,500 per child per year the private system can provide a better education for around $7000 or less. These schools tend to be smaller and more personal than the big assembly lines in the suburbs. The large mega-schools would have to be split up to offer more flexibility. One half of the school could be pre-college while the other half would be vocational. Businesses like Microsoft or Ford could provide funding to make the vocational schools geared towards technical or mechanical to prepare these kids for working at MS or some other technical occupation. This would allow technical training for the kids who would otherwise dropout basically putting them in vocational schools rather than coke dealerships.

We have to replace the teachers who believe it is more important to be priests in the Church of Gore than to teach the basics and the importance of Capitalism and Freedom. Any science teacher who taught Global Warming as truth needs to apologize to his students and any who are still preaching it need pink slips. It is not their fault they waste valuable time teaching their religion since much of the curriculum has been decided by collectivist unions. We have to stop brainwashing our kids about this horrible form of enslavement and teach them to value individualism and opportunity from capitalism. We need to find teachers who are not afraid to break away from the clichés of the socialist dogma.

To spur new private schools we need to move away from public payment. This is the least efficient way to pay for education since it is an open invitation to waste and corruption. It is time for people to pay either all or a portion of their own education like it was done at the turn of the century. To do this you need private schools to start up to allow people and the market to begin the miracle of competition or Capitalism. Of course the monopoly czars will say you can’t take that funding away from Public schools since it will hurt the public school kids. Isn’t a 50% dropout rate punishment enough? No, let’s fund our schools individually and when you are done you no longer pay for any more education. The first step could be tax credits for private schools to encourage the building of more schools taking pressure off the public right away. For the low income kids you give scholarships just like the private schools to pay half of the education and give those families a sense of ownership to get the kids studying. If mom and dad are paying a portion they will make sure the kid’s homework is done.

With more small schools you are able to not only allow competition but you can have specialty schools providing education and vocation for kids not geared towards a formal education. This way you can have flexibility to reach the kids where they are rather than pounding round pegs into square holes. The first place to institute this system is the inner city where the schools are falling down already. You can reclaim buildings and make facilities to give targeted education in areas these kids will more likely flourish. Rather than being pushed into a program targeting for a college they are never going to go to, you can give them a vocation from computers to culinary preparing them for the real world they are going to be living in having a skill they can sell as they enter that world.

Not only will the schools compete to attract students, the teachers will compete to make their subjects and students the best in the district. The invisible hand of competition will force these schools to perform as parents will view their students’ progress on annual tests and compare their students to other schools as they make their selections. Parents will be empowered to have a real say as to which schools are preferred for the benefits their kids will receive which will make the students appreciate their studies and areas of interest. The schools which have 70% dropout rates will be ignored while the 95% graduation and college scholarship guarantee will be turning students away. This will bring a sense of pride to the teachers as they are allowed to expand their lessons into more creative areas.

We have been brainwashed into believing the only way to educate kids is in a huge kid factory that was modeled after the Model T. Problem is that Model T is sitting on blocks and rusting out. In a computer generated world there is no need to strap kids down to desks 8 hrs a day forcing them to learn some useless liberal cult that will cause more harm in their lives than good. Sure they will become votes for the DNC as they swim in the public trough waiting for their next feeding of corn cobs. A better way is to teach them about individualism and freedom through capitalism and how capitalism can give them the job and life to improve their job skills. Rather than being held down by the chains of communism they can break those shackles and grow the wings of capitalism.

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