Brayin Candy

Ashamed of my Country

Ashamed of America 

When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging, we finally gave up all Hope of being saved. Acts 27:20

For the first time in my life, I am really ashamed of my Country. We are witnessing the most corrupt and vindictive administration and media we have ever seen. Most patriots are idealists who believe in equality and fairness who understand the constitution was created to protect the weak from the strong and now we are seeing the most powerful force on the earth attempting to crush the weak. This is what happens when end justifying communists take power, they use that power to stifle dissent. This is the exact opposite of what the American ideal is all about.

In the last month we have had scandal after scandal revealed by the alternative press since the establishment media is every bit as corrupt as the ruling class. First, we had final confirmation of the complete fabrication of the ridiculous story invented about Benghazi and the video. Only the most moronic fool would believe thei lie of the attack on 9/11 of a US embassy was spontaneous, yet our dutiful Obamedia reported it straight faced and even bereted Romney for questioning the fabrication, even though they were hiding the truth about a murdered ambassador. This is pure corruption inside the administration and the media.

Now we have had it revealed the administration’s dragoons were systematically harassing groups that wanted to organize opposition during the last election. We had the IRS working as a wall to keep Tea Party groups from enjoying the tax exempt advantages DNC based political groups were given. They were singled out to keep them from the public forum to promote non-Democrat candidates. This was a well organized army designed to misuse the full power and might of the Fed to silence dissent. Anybody who values freedom should be outraged by this type of treatment by either party against dissent, yet we will not hear a peep from the left when it is their corruption on display. The media is a valuable part of their army.

The latest outrage is the targeting of reporters the Party considers a threat. Their spying on James Rosen of Fox News is an activity we suspect from Cuba, China and Russia, but not in America where we have such a thing as Freedom of the Press. Apparently, those Rights only apply to the friendly mediots. This is as outrageous a behavior as any we have witnessed as we all remember how often they cried foul during the Bush years, but we will hear none of the outrage from the most transparent administration ever. We are simply seeing the tip of the dictatorial iceberg.

The corruption when it is approved and encouraged from the top will permeate the entire organization and this is what we are seeing. This same activity was most likely happening in the elections offices around the country as people either looked the other way or encouraged voter fraud and corruption. Ever since the Tea Party stood up against his phony stimulus plan and Obamacare we have seen a war on these Patriots using their vilification and humiliation tactics. They even harassed Billy Grahm’s son. As most suspected these tactics were being followed throughout the agencies to the point of harassment and persecution. It appears we have lost both Freedom of Religion, the Press and Speech which asks the question, what next?

If we had the harassment of political dissent and organization through the use of gummit agencies such as the IRS and the Justice Dept, what would stop them from using the elections division? It is pretty obvious there is massive election fraud at the city level in most states, but is it being mandated from the federal level too, just like the IRS? You would have to assume that it is which means that if they have the only three or four states that matter we have effectively lost our Right to vote. This used to be what separated us from the rest of the world and now we are nothing more than slaves to the ruling class who have found an ironclad way to steal elections.

We now have a communist form of gummit which has organized the federal gummit to be an army against dissention. There is no longer a guarantee to free speech, elections or the freedom to gather together as an advocacy group. Anyone who believes in freedom is now an enemy of the state and the state is in complete control of your lives from birth to death. This brings us to the final solution which just like the IRS, they will now control your very life. This IRS will now decide if you live or die thanks to the death matrix in Obamacare. Welcome to the Soviet Union.

There is only one way to beat this unholy alliance. You have to organize your street and town and begin to win local elections. If you can find enough people who are willing to work harder than they ever had and stop watching the TV, there is a way to beat back this unholy alliance. You have to start yesterday and you have to be dedicated to taking back your neighborhood, county, state and country. There is a way to go around the media and these forces, it does work and it is effective. If you are interested, send me an email, if not stay low and hope they don’t build the Gulag.

We can either, run and hide or we can stand and fight. Everyone has to make this decision for themselves, but there is a solution to this and America is able to see the corruption. We have to organize and fight this war for America the same way they have and look at the short term local solutions followed by the long term national solution. It does start locally and it does start with you standing up and leading your neighborhood towards the return of our Rights. Send an email and I will send the manual to get you started. It seems most Republicans just don’t care about apathy and are willing to suffer the consequences. The first step is the hardest to take, send that email and begin your journey back to being proud of America again.

Pray for America to Wake Up