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Teapot Dome Brasil

...if you continue in your faith, established and firm, not moved from the HOPE held out in the gospel. Col 1:23

According to CBS’ anonymous source inside the WH, there was a conference call between Rham Emanuel, Nazi Pelosi, Red Reid and $oro$ put the Teapot Dome Brasil in motion. On Aug 7th with the HC bill in trouble $oro$ agreed to give the Unions/ACORN $5 Million for busing rent-a-mobs to Town halls in exchange for a $2 Billion loan for the Brazilian Oil Co, Petrobras. In addition, since he needs to recover some of his $250 Million in losses the WH and congress agreed to eliminate any chance of oil exploration in America which he hopes will push the price of that oil to $250/bbl. At the end of the call they had a huge laugh that in a year he would fly them all down for an expense paid week in Rio during Mardi gras.

Unlike the buggy whip media, I will admit there was no source, yet is there any question this is a bribe for a loan? The Teapot Dome scandal in the ‘20s was an oil exploration Pay to Play in WY where Warren Harding loaned US money to a member of his cabinet who made a fortune developing those wells. The main difference here is that George $0R0$, who has this President in his hip pocket is perhaps the creepiest Billionaire on the planet. This is a man who made his first fortune selling Jewish gold teeth in the free market. He is continually manipulating our dollar for his own greed now is going to profit from the strangulation of our energy exploration as well as Cap & Tax speculation. We are going to become even more enslaved to foreign oil in our supposed search for “alternative” sources that always end up being Arab Oil.

During the Premier Hussain campaign, one of the largest contributors was $0R0$ who is rumored to have contributed over $100 Mil. While he was making all those generous contributions he was purchasing $800 Mil of Brazil’s Oil Giant Petrobras to go along w/his $60 Mil of Halliburton stocks to manage the exploration and development of this future oil reserve. Now we can see what ropes were attached. Since then Daddy Warbucks has lost $250 Mil in the market value of his Petrobras shares. He knows it’s only a loss when he sells so he needs to raise its share price. To do this he needs to develop the huge find off the Brazilian Coast except its deep water exploration and expensive to exploit.

To develop this deep ocean find they’re going to need 100s of Billions so he had to find a sponsor, guess who. Besides the obvious corruption of this gummit bribe, the rank hypocrisy of a DNC who has outlawed drilling our oil reserves for the past 30 yrs to the point of bankruptcy is willing to loan $0R0$ and Brazil money to drill. While Hussain vilifies our Oil industry he props up Brazil’s. At a time when we are borrowing from China we will gladly loan to Brazil to get $5 Mil to pay for his thugs to fight the Tea Parties. You can’t cut this craven hypocrisy w/a Diamond Blade.

For $0R0$ to make this work he is going to need to convince world investors that oil is going to continue to rise and the world’s largest consumer is going to need to buy this oil, thus the agreement. He needs more foreign dependence so having bambi and the DNC force through Cap & Tax will eliminate any drilling of our own precious resources. In addition they will eliminate any future exploration as we chase after Butterfly Wing Energy to eventually force us to use more foreign oil. He already has Nazi Pelosi and Co agreed to continuing our offshore Drilling moratorium which puts everything he needs in place.

His one problem as they know is the enviroterrorist movement. Pertrobras is the leading producer of Sugar Cane methanol in the World. They were the shining star for alternative renewable fuels. The original goal was to produce enough of this high quality alcohol to fuel their entire Country. Sugar is 10X more productive than corn to make Methanol. The goal has just gotten scrapped and could upset the Extreme Leftwing of the Party. Perhaps the Cheney bone will satisfy them as well as being a smokescreen for this Scandal. Yet if the Enviroterrorist crowd sink their fangs into this, who knows?

This is such obvious Pay-to-Play it would make Gov Blagovich shake his head. The $5 Million comes in Aug 12 and then a week later the day they leave for vacation the gummit loans that guy $2 Billion. More $$ than was given to the UAW cash for clunkers, more than was given to ACORN and even more than was given to Dirt bag Reid’s train to nowhere. The most corrupt regime in the histoir of this Country just keeps on back stroking in the DC sewer. If there was any question this was a simple bribe to get Federal Loans, between the time he paid the Union thugs bus/sign money and got this Loan, he repositioned himself w/Preferred Stock to get a higher dividend knowing that the loans would be coming in. $0R0$ can add insider trading w/his Quid Pro Quo corruption w/this gummit.

After lecturing us continually about how it is better to develop “green” energy rather than develop Oil, Coal and Nuclear obozo is helping Brazil drill Oil. At a time when our Country is in a deep recession he is going to send good paying jobs to Brazil while we are trading Clunkers for Payments. Not only is this absolute Chicago Machine politics w/one of the wealthiest men in the world it’s simply outrageous. He is willing for us to go w/o enough energy from our own oil fields while he allows his Sugar Daddy to make another fortune at our expense. Is this Hope and Change?

The Ohbummer regime says it’s ok to drill for oil off the coast of Rio de Janeiro but not off Miami. It’s fine for Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, China, and Russia to drill off our coasts but not for US. Not only is it ok for every Country in the World to drill our oil reserves, we are giving loans for them to drill, just not for US. Rather than loaning the $$ to Exxon or Shell, they give it to another Country to compete and defeat our own companies. This corruption makes the Teapot Dome Scandal look like a Springtime Picnic. This President is not only completely corrupt, he has such a deep seated hatred for this Country he will do whatever it takes to destroy our strategic industries. If he would loan our oil companies $$ we would see an immediate improvement in the auto industry and every other business, which is why he never will. It’s time for America to stand up to this completely crooked President.

Pray for America’s Freedom