Brayin Candy

Drunk Drivers

Husbands LOVE your wives and do not be harsh with them. Col 3:19

Present Ohbummer has been selling the story he pulled the economy out of the ditch. The economy isn’t in the ditch it’s been wrapped around the Liberty Tree by a drunk driver while he and his fellow partiers want to crack another bottle of Jack Daniels. We need to sober these drunks up before we even think of letting them have the keys again. This meltdown isn’t completely his fault since we haven’t had a sober driver at the wheel since Reagan and since then it has been one big socialist Party swerving all over the road passing out the party favors until they finally wrapped it around the tree.

Our gummit is going absolutely nuclear on the private sector. It has one goal and one goal alone which is to destroy as much as it can before the election so there will be as many invalids on the dole. They believe the more they have receiving checks the more will vote for their own self interest and against the interest of the taxpayer. We can only pray the American people will see through this destructive scheme and vote for the revival of the American dream. There is going to be some rocky road to travel back but that road is going to have to be traveled eventually and will only get steeper as we climb deeper into debt. We are all alcoholics now and we are going to have to go cold turkey while the DNC wants to open another bottle of Wild Turkey.

How did we get here? It all started with the myth of Karl Marx and the new leaders who came to power after WWI, the war to start all wars. All of the leaders back then believed in Marx to one degree or another. FDR, Stalin, Hitler, Franco, DeGaulle and Mussolini all sworn Marxists. They were all One World followers who all wanted to be the leader of that world with Hitler and Stalin double crossing each other and starting WWII. FDR believed he could turn America socialist through his New Deal plan which extended the Depression far longer than it should have and only ended when the banks insisted he release control of them so they could loan money to the weapons companies. The renewing of capitalism pulled us out of the Great Depression by letting the human spirit do what it does best, invent and create.

He accomplished what he needed to do by starting huge Federal projects, in Dams and roads as well as all the CCS projects with their workers unite propaganda. His biggest socialist foundation was Socialist Security which has grown into a federal monstrosity enslaving millions of retirees to the addiction of socialized retirement. This program has worked so well for the socialists that it not only makes the retirees enslaved to the federal trough but it allows the DNC to use granny as a political pawn for their bigger and bigger programs as they shift funds from one Ponzi to the next.

For the past 40 years they have been shifting money out of the SSI fund and dropping it in the general fund to waste on pork barrel projects. Now the fund is underwater and there is no way to return the money so granny is waiting for the bottle to spill its final drops while she has nowhere to stagger. This is a truly evil scenario developed by some truly evil politicians. When you look at this $14 Trillion deficit ignore the President since he is simply a figurehead and slave to the system. President Bush was afraid to be made into the SSI and Mediscare Boogeyman so he went along to get along costing us Trillions. No the place to look is Congress where all the hardcore alcoholics live. These sloppy drunks like Pelosi, Schumer, Reid and McCain have been swerving all over the road where they finally went over the cliff, totaling our economy. We need to elect a President who’s not afraid of the establishment communists who run skid road and take their bottle away. They can’t even take a baby step of defunding an FDR era CCS project like NPR. Do we still have fireside chats next to the radio? Can they even free themselves from subsidizing the Victrola or RCA? Sure, these are the serious politicians looking to cut spending.

Not only are we not out of the ditch we still have the drunks fighting over who gets the keys if they can ever get the engine started again. Now you are going to see the tried and true blame game as to whose fault it is, well it is FDR’s and every politician since thens fault. Right now we have a couple of Tea Partiers trying to do the right thing starting with Paul Ryan and you can see what an outcast he has become. Until we have people willing to stand up there is no reason to pull this car out of the ditch so the drunks can take another joy ride. We need to allow the debt limit to expire and let the proverbial to hit the fan and let the world know we are going to kick our habit the hard way and start down the narrow road to sobriety. There will be delirium tremors and shakes but in the end there will be a freedom and productivity we have never imagined. It is time to throw away the bottle and go into the Drunk tank to begin our 13 step program to begin our crawl towards sobriety. The party’s over.

Pray for America