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Was the Gulf and Accident?

Woe to you Pharisees, because you LOVE the most important seats in the synagogues and greetings in the marketplaces. Luke 11:43

Could the leftists be craven enough to cause the Global Horizon disaster? Does their moral relativism reach deep enough to destroy the Gulf to stop drilling and pass Cap and Tax and nationalize the oil industry? Would they sabotage an oil well in the middle of the Gulf to change public opinion enough to promote their multi-Trillion $$ scheme? Sadly the answers to all of those questions appear to be yes.

After 911 most of us Conservatives were amazed braindead libs would go on for years claiming that GW had secretly wired and blew up the WTC to get us into war. After giving the conspiracy all the attention it deserved most of us believed our eyes and couldn’t really fathom a President doing something so horrific. To blow up a building that contained as many as 50,000 people was not on the radar for most Americans. The reason most of the Truthers could believe it was they could accept the ends justifying the means no matter how horrible. They see they could do it so why couldn’t Bush now we have the Gulf disaster; could they do this?

This started w/BP back in the early 90s when they were searching for a profitable business when the oil ran out. They had some incomplete data showing it running out in 2020 and diminishing supplies now. They got together w/poodlegore and Ken Lay of Enron fame and concocted Global Warming and Cap and Tax through the Kyoto agreement. This is a $10 Trillion a year commodity using CO2 credit exchanges which of course is a worldwide fraud. As everyone has found out this was a fraud designed by BP, British Shell, Goldman Sachs, the UN, Gore, Dr Evil $oro$ and Obozo to steal the industrialized world’s $$ to enrich themselves beyond imagination.

After Climategate exposed the fraud for what it was as well as new information showing the Eart is actually cooling these people were watching the chances of the people agreeing to this fraud disappearing. What a year ago was a slam dunk for the people enslaving themselves to GW and the Green movement in short order have turned their backs and have become hostile to the idea. The Climatiers have their entire livelihoods invested in this scam and were pretty desperate to make this happen. Would they stage a disaster to make it happen?

Premier Insane Obozo received over $million in donations from BP and they were both on board to pass Cap and Trade. BP would make money from both C&T as well as the increase in demand for Natural Gas and Oil from the destruction of the coal industry. In addition Dr Evil had to get his Petrobras stock value above water as he had nearly a Billion invested in deep water drilling as he was Obozo’s largest contributor next to the Saudis and Russians/Pakeestanis/Iranians. Dr Evil needed those rigs in the Gulf moved to Brazil since there was a 3 yr waiting list for those very rare machines. Would someone who earned his first Million turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis for their gold fillings stage a disaster like this?

This disaster began a month prior when the rig nearly had a blowout which should have shut it down. There was a gas leak which nearly caused the same problem they ended up having. The normal procedure was to shut down drilling for a month to run tests to make sure this wouldn’t happen when they capped it which is the riskiest part of the procedure. The rig was running behind schedule for a variety of reasons and when it exploded was costing BP an additional ½ million per day. This was only the beginning but did BP/Obama know it was a disaster waiting to happen?

After the near blowout happened the CEO of BP sold $2 Million of stock 2 weeks prior to the blowout and Goldman Sachs conveniently got rid of $250 million worth of those stocks or 45% of their holdings at the same time. The timing is extremely suspicious of insider trading which they are famous.

The days before this disaster were filled w/mistakes and shoddy work. The Blowout Protector did not pass design inspections at the gummit labs and was still allowed to be put in. How in the world to you put in a faulty BOP when it is your last line of defense in 10,000 psi of water and 30,000 psi of oil/gas? This is what happens when you have a nationalized oil company being overseen by a corrupt gummit who may or may not want this to happen. This is what happens when you are pushed out to deep water drilling before the technology is perfected on shallower drilling. This is what happens when you are being overregulated by a corrupt bureaucracy.

In addition the concrete seal they installed did not have time to set properly and Halliburton was axing for more time to let it set and make sure there were no gaps or creases which methane bubbles could escape. Apparently a bubble the size of a pin down there can get into the pipe going to the surface and as the pressure decreases the bubbles enlarge to house size and blowouts occur. This is very likely what happened.

This is where it gets interesting. As they were capping the hole and getting ready to move to another site the night before they had a big party. Lots of people from BP and the gummit were there celebrating the safety record of this rig. Could one of these people sabotaged the rig? The morning of the explosion there was an argument between the head driller of the rig and BP’s Houston office. The Houston office was ordering them to do a procedure that is not done since it is too risky to attempt. They were replacing the heavy drilling mud which keeps heavy weight on the oil and wanted it replaced by filling the pipe w/seawater. The head driller was seen screaming into the phone that if they did this it would cause a blowout and didn’t want to do it. He was finally ordered by BP Houston to do it anyway and he stated, “Well, that is what the Blowout Protector is for!” Did BP and our gummit cause this disaster on purpose? Does the end justify the means?

Since the disaster started we have seen the worst attempt at cleaning up this spill we have ever seen. The gummit has done everything in its power to make it worse rather than better. We have seen a complete sabotaging of the state and Coast Guard attempts at stopping the spill from reaching the beaches or the allowing of skimmers to clean the oil out of the Gulf.

Finally, we have seen the shutdown of the drilling which will destroy the livelihoods of millions of workers in the south as well as the freeing up of those rigs for Dr Evil $oro$. For the Premier it is a win-win since he helps his cash machine as well as gives him a platform to push his Cap & Tax while pretending he is the protector of the Country’s oceans. Could he really be this cold? The answer is yes and the discussion between the head driller and whoever on the other end of that call needs to be discovered to find out if these people are willing to destroy the Gulf for their personal gains. We need to investigate this and put the people responsible in both gummit and industry in jail for fraud starting w/Dr Evil.

Pray for the Gulf