Brayin Candy

Silencing Rush

 Like always the only people who seem to care about Freedom of Speech or the Press are the Conservatives. Why should anyone be surprised that the Samestream Press would not be concerned with the attempted silence and intimidation of Rush Limbaugh? After all they will never have to worry about censorship since they are on the same side as the Black Boots in power. Why should PravdABDNCBS ever be outraged by an obvious attempt at censorship as well as an abuse of their precious 1st Amendment they hide behind so often, yet when they witness such an obvious abuse, CRICKETS.

Whether you love Rush or hate him everyone should agree he has the right to speak his mind if you truly believe in Free Speech. Since he also is America’s Anchorman as well as a commentator he easily falls within the bounds of the press. You can bet he can get press credentials for nearly any event short of a HilaryCare rally, so this letter by the Senate was a direct attack on Freedom of the Press and the universal outrage should have been obvious if we truly had a Free Press, but as we all know we don’t. We have a Propaganda Machine run wholly and completely from the Clinton Chinese Mafia War Room. They are no longer a news service so much as they are active accomplices in this crime machine.

Two weeks ago Rush had a caller call in complaining about all of these planted soldiers who were all of the sudden surfacing and making the same claims that Yaaawn Kerry’s Winter Soldiers made in Nam. Falsely claiming our soldiers were being savages and attacking innocent women and children, in a fashion reminiscent of Jinjish Khan. Difference now was they were being exposed as liars and phony soldiers who either had no war experience or fabricated their atrocities. HilaryCare’s listening rooms, which monitor all Conservative radio similar to Stalin’s secret police, jumped on the term phony soldiers and misapplied it to all soldiers who disagree with the war. They fed it to their allies in PravdABDNCBS who continued and expanded the fabrication through journalistic malfeasance to damage Rush.

The next thing you know and you have one of the most powerful men on the planet, the Leader of the Senate warning Rush he’s going to send a letter to his employer. Never mind that Rush is his own boss; Crooked Harry hoped he was going to get him fired. Basically, Dirtbag Harry and 40 other Sinators were going to shut down a major radio broadcaster due to their disagreement with the content of a newsman. In addition they had to completely fabricate the words and meaning to make the statements in any way offensive. If not for the seriousness and power of these members of the Senate it would look like a Tempest in a Teapot.

The fact is this was an attempt to strip an American Citizen of his Right to Free Speech. This is something that would look more familiar in the old Gulag or Pol Pot’s regime or Castro’s Cuba not the Senate of the United States of America. To imagine that Real Americans have given their lives for this precious Freedom so some power mad people like Reid, HilaryCare, Obama and Drunk Uncle Ted for a total of 41 Senators could try to strip an American of his 1st Amendment Rights. What next reeducation prisons or the shutdown of newspapers or the burning of books?

The most egregious outrage of this entire fiasco was that the Stone Age Press would not even report this abuse of power. Do they think it’s ok to silence their opposition since they believe it could never happen to them? What they don’t even consider is after the opposition is silenced then who is next?? Today’s press are just like the intellectuals in Old Russia who wanted their communist utopia and were the instigators and agitators of the communist revolution. After the murdering of the Royal Family those same intellectuals became the second wave lined up in front of the Pockmarked Walls. So for all of the workers for PravdABDNCBS who feel so smug with the attempted silencing of Rush, who’s going to be left to speak up when they sign letters to silence you?

Pray for W and Our Troops