Brayin Candy


I ain’t no Redneck, but all my Friends are. Black Racist Oblack ain’t any Jew hater but all his Friends are. If all my friends were KKK and I went to rallies it would be impossible to not hate Blacks. When your Pastor of 20 years preaches Jews are Zionist White Devils who should be pushed out of Israel, you have to know he agrees. When he has serious friendships and business relationships with Rev Wright, Billy Ayers, Arab terrorists, Saddamn Bathists, Tony Rezko as well as other Jew Haters the answer is clear. We all know the outrageous hatred that Rev Wright spewed from his pulpit, which has a relationship with Farrakhan an outspoken Jew hater. Wright not only spots the same of Jewish hatred the Klan spews yet hates Whitey every bit as much. The more amazing issue is the Middle East connections that surround Obama.

When you see the billionaire Carpet Jocks there is no question where half of his $700,000,000 comes from Tony Rezko is one of the more interesting sleazy convicted bagmen that has deep Iraqi connections. Rezko was one of Oblack’s main money men in his Sinate campaign and may have given him money to buy his $1.5 million mansion. What did Rezko get for all of his cash?

 Rezko was a con man in Chi-town who fronted as a slum lord. Since he is part of the Dem Daley money machine the press is hiding who he is. He’s completely immersed in Obama politics/financing. The money man behind Rezko was an Iraqi who was a loyalist to Saddamn named Mr Auchi. He is a billionaire who made a fortune in a French bank that laundered the UN Oil for Food money for Saddamn. He was one of the Bank’s executives that were convicted on a $100 million graft scandal laundering that money.

 Auchi wanted to build a $150 Million electrical plant in Iraq reconstruction and Tony Rezko was going to finance and build it with Auchi. Rezko never had the finances or the ability to enter into the contract yet signed a contract w/the Bremmer occupation gummit.

They brought in an ex-Iraqi Minister of Electricity who was convicted and jailed for 2 Billion corruption case in the rebuilding of the Country. This Iraqi named Aiham Alsammare was actually jailed in the Green Zone who later escaped using "Chicago style" techniques. These billionaire ex-bathists are likely where large portions of Oblack’s funds are coming. What did they get for their money? They needed to have a secure Iraq to build their electrical plant Barak Obama was their connection to the American troops. They needed to be assured America wouldn’t Cut & Run so Obama was their front man. In 2005 as a freshman Sinator he went in front of the senate and made this speech:

"I believe that U.S. forces are still a part of the solution in Iraq. The strategic goals should be to allow for a limited drawdown of U.S. troops, coupled with a shift to a more effective counter-insurgency strategy that puts the Iraqi security forces in the lead and intensifies our efforts to train Iraqi forces. At the same time, sufficient numbers of U.S. troops should be left in place to prevent Iraq from exploding into civil war, ethnic cleansing, and a haven for terrorism.We must find the right balance — offering enough security to serve as a buffer and carry out a targeted, effective counter-insurgency strategy, but not so much of a presence that we serve as an aggravation. It is this balance that will be critical to finding our way forward.

Second, we need not a time-table, in the sense of a precise date for U.S. troop pull-outs, but a time-frame for such a phased withdrawal. More specifically, we need to be very clear about key issues, such as bases and the level of troops in Iraq. We need to say that there will be no bases in Iraq a decade from now and the United States armed forces cannot stand up and support an Iraqi government in perpetuity — pushing the Iraqis to take ownership over the situation and placing pressure on various factions to reach the broad-based political settlement that is so essential to defeating the insurgency.

 No, that wasn’t President Bush it his twin Obama being a puppet for his money men. Then the power plant contract fell apart for Rezko and the Iraqi billionaires so two weeks after the final nail was in the coffin of the power plant Pinochiobama said this in front of the congress:

 "The time for waiting in Iraq is over. It is time to change our policy, “It is time to give Iraqis their country back, and it is time to refocus America’s efforts on the wider struggle yet to be won."

 He has been anti-Iraq war ever since they turned down the power plant. He has done everything he could to undermine the Iraqi gummit and the security effort for the people of Iraq. The Bathist billionaires wanted our defeat to take their Country back and we can now see the relationship between him, Tony Rezko and ex-Bathists. We can also see where all of his money was coming from and why he turned down Federal Campaign Finance. He was likely assured he would have a half Billion when he said he wouldn’t need the $$.

 We now see he was up to his oversized ears in Bathist/Rezko corruption. There is a strong chance he will be fighting the fallout of the Rezko scandal for years to come. The bigger issue is we know he’s bringing 100s of Millions from foreign sources and we now know who those Billionaires are. They are two Iraqis and their friends who were in the Bathist gummit after fleecing the Iraqi people of their Oil Revenues to finance our Presidential election. What more do we need to know about Bathist Achmed Oblack. 

I may be a redneck and a racist, but just not as big a racist as RezkObama. We have not seen anything like this in our lifetimes and may never will. We have a bought and paid for candidate who will be a Pinochiobama for the Bathist Party in Iraq. Could there be a more dangerous person to run the Iraq war? He ain’t any Jew Hater, but all his Friends are.

Pray for W, McCuda and Our Troops