Brayin Candy

State of the Union

Stand fast therefore in the liberty where with Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Galatians 5:1

What a week for America and freedom. It was bookended between a State of the Union speech magnificently delivered which was highlighted by a young man holding his crutches high in the air like Lady Liberty’s torch and finished with the removal of freedom for a presidential campaign like the Soviet KGB. We now know why all of those clothed in black were sitting for the story of the heart yearning for freedom as he walked on crutches across Asia to breathe the cool breath of liberty; they have more in common with the North Korean Politburo than they do with him. When they sit in disdain for his freedom they sit in disdain for yours.

For Americans who understand the beauty of its Constitution guaranteeing freedom to the individual they appreciate the stories from those who are oppressed by most of the gummits around the world. Ji Seong-ho was a young boy in North Korea who was starving during the worst famine to strike that country. Living under a purely Marxist dictatorship the people were eating grass and he was stealing pieces of coal from the trains to trade for food.

One day when he was 16 he passed out on the tracks and a train ran over him severing his lower left leg and hand. When he was taken to the hospital by his mother they were going to kill him, but she begged to save the boy which they did by amputating his leg and hand without pain killers. They held him down as they sawed through his leg bone. He told of seeing other children with similar injuries being taken away to never be seen again.

His father made him some crutches and they crossed the Chinese border searching for food. When he came back across the border he was caught and tortured for his crime. During that torture he vowed to find freedom and he and his brother escaped in 2006 as he walked on crutches through China two thousand miles to freedom. This is the hunger which beats in the hearts of souls around the world hoping for one day in America while nearly half of America does not even understand how precious these freedoms are. Those in black sitting while he held his crutches in the air have no idea or want that freedom and as we learned would prefer a system more in line with the North Korea than America.

Friday we heard the rest of the story as the memo was released confirming what most freedom lovers knew, there was an organized cadre inside the District of Corruption which was rigging the Clinton election and when that failed, began the Russian collusion story. They were shredding the Constitution and attempting to steal an election using the FBI and Justice Department to spy on people inside the Trump campaign using illegal means. By the looks of the depths of this organization it is one of the biggest miracles of this country for President Trump to win this election and survive this framing. God has given America one last chance.
As you digest the memo which was released and is a brief synopsis of the investigation you wonder what happened to America and realized we were being transformed into the Soviet Union by a bunch of hardcore Marxists. The heart of Marxism is its evolutionary beliefs, which is the basis of moral relativism. This is what motivated the Barak regime and they believed they needed to use the FBI and Justice Dept. as their own policing apparatchik to move the country into their way of thinking. They wanted to have a communist country where they could dictate from DC and a third and fourth term of DNC control would transform America into their Marxist dictatorship they prefer and an end to free and fair elections for the good of the people.
The way to measure any bill or event in the gummit is does it make you more free or less free? This memo proved the DNC is willing to strip people of their basic freedoms to take away everyone’s freedom. They made up a fake story about Carter Page who was on the Trump campaign as a minor player and got a judge to allow the bugging of his phones and computers stripping him of his basic Fourth Amendment Rights. They justified this elimination of freedom by knowing America cannot have a President Trump in office since it would move it away from the direction they preferred. The other piece of evolutionary belief is they are superior beings to the rest of humanity so they need to be in charge or the world will fall apart.
So they believed they needed to defeat Trump and failing that have him impeached since they are so much superior to those who voted for him. There is now the Four Pillars of Propaganda (Academia, Media, DNC and FBI) who are attempting to make this a Marxist country. They were working in tandem as one unit attempting to rig an election by spying on the opposition campaign and passing that information directly to the Clinton campaign or leaking it to the media as unnamed sources. These stories were to amplify the Russian scandal and ultimately produced the Mueller investigation in a coordinated attack on Donald Trump’s freedom.

The heart of this investigation is the fake Trump Dossier which was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign to be used by the Four Pillars. The Dossier was used to issue the search warrants to begin spying on the Trump Campaign and is the basis of this investigation.

The FBI lied about the validity of the Dossier and incredibly verified it with a news report about it. Whoever the judge was is an idiot, but everyone involved in this injustice needs to be fired in front of a pock filled wall. The top of this chain needs to have the most severe punishment imaginable since this was an attack on the basic freedoms of the individual which is the basis of America and why that boy fled Korea in the first place. Are we going to justify being drug from your home in the middle of the night for being a dissident?

The Four Pillars are going to be full on Alinsky, “Sluts and Nuts” defense as they justify their actions, yet the bottom line is they were taking a person’s right against illegal search and seizure away to steal a presidential election. Hillary had fixed the Democrat election with Bernie Sanders and was going to use the full power of the Federal Government spy agencies to steal the Presidential election. This is why she was shocked at losing and why she and Podesta upon finding out began the Russia collusion campaign. She knew her allies in the FBI had the search warrant and could leak information to Old Media and eventually frame Trump as a traitor and be impeached.

The State of the Union was the perfect backdrop for the two versions of America. One is a man standing on one leg in victory holding his crutches high to his God and freedom. The other is sitting in hatred having more in common with his oppressors knowing if you could just take more of people’s freedoms away you could have your perfect country. One side wants more freedom as President Trump listed all the regulations and taxes he removed from people and businesses, the other was justifying the stripping of someone’s God given rights to privacy for their craven need for power. This week Lady Liberty’s torch is burning a bit brighter and lighting the way for another Ji Seong-ho’s path to freedom.

Pray America wakes