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My Virtual Execution

My Virtual Execution 

Does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you because you observe the law, or because you believe what you heard? Galatians 3:5

As most know I resigned as Chairman of the Washington County GOP after two weeks so here is how and why I did what I did. I wasn’t planning on running for the office and was planning on being my partner’s Vice Chair who would handle the organizational issues of the Party while he took care of the politics. I had worked up a pretty good enemy from the county establishment so there was no point in putting me in the crosshairs. The primary reason for the contention was our unconventional campaign and Get Out the Vote methods which they did not agree with or understand. In our last election our method got five people elected and they lost all their elections using the old methods. After I was elected Chairman they were bent on getting revenge which in our county is far more important than winning elections.

After I was elected my first priority was to begin getting candidates named and ready for the upcoming local elections. These elections were going to be held in May and we had to begin from scratch to organize and prepare our candidates for their elections. One of the primary reasons for our losing elections has been our horribly prepared candidates against the Dems and articulating what Repubs stand for and why capitalism works better than socialism/communism. Our candidates always are taught to repeat the words jobs, jobs, jobs and saving education. This campaign phrase are the same clichés every other candidate uses and in no way distinguishes them from the opposition or give a voter a reason to vote. Is anybody against jobs or education?

This was the reason I began an email education of what Conservatism is and who your enemy is. It was to be a series that began with how to argue the anti-abortion stand which will always be used against Republicans in the last thirty days of an election. We have not given a coherent argument to this anti-woman charge no matter which sex our candidate is. My first post showed how to argue it and turn from defense to offense explaining the biology of our argument and make them explain why they are not consistent by being for late term abortion. Later we were going to explain how having girls explain how abortions have ruined their lives emotionally to combat the war on women commercials.

Next, I sent the now famous Cult of Atheism email which raised a firestorm of outrage from both sides of the fence. Of course my enemies turned it over to the Oregonian without my permission so they could ruin my leadership since they couldn’t beat me at the ballot box. That email was to educate the PCP’s on who exactly they were fighting against and understand what lengths they will go to and why. When I sent it there was some outrage from the PCPs and I gave one a chance to speak at our Executive Committee thinking it could be handled inside the Party and we setup a system to screen and edit my emails before they went to the PCP list. This was not good enough for the enemies so they fell back on their public humiliation tactic of giving it to their friends at the Oregonian to destroy their enemies. They knew they couldn’t defeat me in the world of ideas so they used their surrogates.

This was supposed to destroy me but it ended up being God’s will. That email was read by more people than I could ever imagine by the very people it was directed at. These are the people who are manipulated by the media complex to vote for those DNC candidates and how it is done. Once I was contacted by the reporter I knew there was no point in talking to him since he would simply twist my words into what he wanted to hear. Everything I wanted to say was in the email. We had just finished some voter analysis and found that these type blowups have no influence on our voter turnout and in fact something like this may improve them. We won’t actually know for two years and if the Party would realize it they would have ignored it too or turned it on the Oregonian by pointing out the parts that they knew to be true. If we don’t give them ammunition they have nothing to use. Of course the managers who lost all those elections this season told our politicians just the opposite so they were lining up their little firing squad to give their moral outrage, vote for me speeches. That was when I realized it was time for me to decide what to do.

I was sitting at home making my decision when I had a choice to apologize and say I didn’t mean parts of it while convincing the politicians I wouldn’t send anymore emails. So I had a choice to make knowing there would be politicians I worked for trying to use my potential corpse as a soapbox to make political points which is why I made my decision. Was I going to scratch and beg to keep a job that was going to require me to work fourteen hour days or do I pull the rug out of all those politicians looking for cheap political points? That night I decided and at 5 AM the next morning I wrote my resignation so when they yelled fire in their circular firing squad I ducked.

Everyone played their part in the email just as I said they would. The media virtually lynched me for having the audacity to speak out against the status quo just as I said they would. The secularists in our Party used the relative morality I spoke of when they broke an unwritten rule about emails that you don’t forward them, for them the ends justified the means. The internet loons made my point far better than I could with their screaming and yelling about everything except the charges I made. Even the politicians went to the consensus groupthink to do what they have always done ignoring how many times this strategy has failed for their own personal gain.

For the two weeks I was the Chairman being a part of God’s plan and once again he showed his plan is not man’s plan. The people working for the enemy may have had a short term victory in some form, yet there is no question there were victories for the people who were represented by that email. In addition it let people know what the cult was about and what purpose it served. Finally, it separated people distinctly of which side they were on once and for all. We have too many secular atheists in the Party who want to keep on losing by leaving God on the sidelines. They will continue to work as long as we don’t have people who put God in front of secularism. So in a month God allowed me to help win 5 elections in a Dem bloodbath, win the Chairmanship and have my writing printed in the Oregonian unedited. God is so Good!

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