Brayin Candy

Delete the Minimum Wage

Then the owner of the vineyard said, ‘what shall I do? I will send my son, whom I LOVE; perhaps they will respect him.’ Luke 20:13

It’s time for America to turn from its communist ways and turn to Capitalism. We have been brainwashed into believing socialism has the ability to take care of 300 million people when it couldn’t possibly handle half that many. Capitalism on the other hand has the ability to care and advance not only America but the entire world. To make this step it will require an entire reprogramming of our minds which have been forced into being anti-capitalist from birth. From cartoons through school and the establishmedia we have been taught to hate the business owner. We will have to learn to be individualistic and self starting every day and every way. We need to begin by understanding we can all be self employed if we can learn to trust ourselves rather than our gummit god.

In a capitalistic society everybody is self employed trading their set of skills for a paycheck or like value. In a fishing village a fisherman trades the number of fish he catches for a like amount of fuel and supplies. The better fisherman he becomes the more supplies he receives and may have a surplus that he puts in reserve. He may become so good he can hire other fisherman to man the boat and increase the size and efficiency of the boat. He may specialize on one species and become the best at that species and become wealthy from his skill. Or he may be a terrible fisherman and either move to another craft or work for another fisherman. Capitalism uses an invisible hand to make you more efficient to be as productive as possible through either greed or fear.

In capitalism you trade your skills in the marketplace for a paycheck. The more rare your skillset the more you receive for these skills. As you improve your skills you become more and more valuable to your employer and vice versa. This makes the business run more efficiently and just like the fishing boat it either sinks or swims on how effective it is at producing the good or service it provides. As these skills and workers improve so does the product the company is producing making the company more competitive in the marketplace.

If the workers or company doesn’t improve while competition does and become more efficient this company falls behind and is left on the rocks of the ship graveyards. This is where America is heading from having too much ballast weighing down the once proud liner.
If a kid wants to start out in the working world w/o any skills or knowledge there is only one way to get a foot in the door and that is to work for less than anybody else. For the gummit to tell him it is against the law to take a job for less than minimum wage hobbles those looking for unskilled labor.

Likewise for a company trying to get off the ground and being required to pay a person more than his skills are worth hobbles unskilled and labor intensive industries. For decades capitalists have been telling the DNC that minimum wage increases cost us jobs and now those Chickens are coming home to die. In addition to minimum wage they have put all sorts of taxes, fees and regs and now HC making the minimum wage for a new hire somewhere around $20/hr. How come the employee isn’t receiving $20/hr rather than the $8.65 minus taxes?

The way we need to look at employment from here on is that we all are self employed. We are all trading our skills for a paycheck. Rather than being beholding to a corrupt gummit telling us we can only make minimum wage why not work for less and improve your skills on the job to the point you renegotiate every 3-6 mos and over the long run receive more than minimum waiting for Daddy gummit to require more pay. This way you can focus on making yourself more valuable to the boss and also make the company more valuable to the marketplace. As you become more educated and skilled there is no way the owners can afford to let you go since you will then have the skills to go to the competition at a higher pay and skill level. Just like the fisherman an experienced deckhand is worth far more than a greenhorn allowing you to go to the highest bidder.

This rethinking needs to cross over into all areas of the job market. We need to rid ourselves of unions so we can negotiate our wages ourselves rather than a corrupt mafia. This way you can cross train yourself to different areas and move up the wage ladder at your own pace rather than a stagnant political system which not only hobbles you to a dead end career but takes anywhere from $50-300/mo for the privilege of holding you back. Is there any question 90% of the employees of the Auto industry would look at their jobs as a ladder to move up rather than a trough to eat from? This would make the industry more flexible and efficient at the exact time in its history it requires this flexibility and dynamic.

We need to eliminate the regs which hold back our advancement of suing over every slight real or imagined. This will allow companies to hire the people they want rather than meeting some arbitrary quota of PC protected groups to make some lobbying group in DC happy. If some guy wants to start My Brothers’ Rib joint and wants to hire all Black men, he should be able to do that w/o some Stalinist saying he has to hire some homosexual Jews to make quota. Owners need to be allowed to make whatever mix of talent they want to reach the goals they want to provide w/o the gummit interfering. We need to reprogram our minds from believing the gummit has our interest at heart, they are far more corrupt than any business other than those in bed w/the District of Corruption.

We need to eliminate the minimum wage as a first step at tearing ourselves away from the socialist mindset we have been brainwashed. This will be the initial step towards making ourselves a capitalist society rather than socialist. We have been told socialism works since FDR and now we see how false this thinking is. As we throw off the shackles of gummit control as well as collectivist labor chains we will begin walking more and more into freedom and individualism. We will not only make ourselves more $$ and less dues, but make our companies more efficient and successful. This is an ever increasing cycle that will make more and more jobs creating a larger pie rather than smaller pieces. Our industry will become more efficient and creative as American ingenuity is allowed to flourish. With more jobs comes more people able to buy more goods growing that pie until the entire Country and World is put back to work. The first step will be the hardest but eliminating the mentality of a Minimum Wage is a giant step to becoming self employed.

Pray for America