Brayin Candy

The Culture of Pelosi

 If Nazi Pelosi wants to end the Culture of Corruption perhaps she should begin by looking in the mirror. As horrific as that may seem, Lola Peloosi is the poster boy for the District of Corruption. San Fagsisco started as a city where Gold Miners would get robbed, Shanghaied or lose their gold in the whore houses and then it became corrupt. Nancy has used the SF machine to go to DC and build a $100 Million empire through graft and gummit theft. Her primary cash machines are the Presidio and beneficial zoning for her real estate/grape growing businesses. She also enjoys being able to pass some graft to her relatives and you have the corrupt family business rivaling the Corleones.

Her most lucrative business is the Presidio. The famous Army officers’ quarters is connected to the Golden Gate park and was the scene of numerous movies. This property is the most scenic and valuable piece of land in SF became an exclusive industrial park. She was instrumental in the turning the piece of the park over to private maintenance ironically called the Presidio Trust, which she’s a primary owner. She had the gummit invest $200 Million and received nothing in return other than empty promises. The Presidio is Enron w/o the oversight. She had it written into the law there would be no verification or oversight of the properties. Consequently nobody knows what the property is bringing in for leases or how the buildings are being maintained. It is a nothing more than a cash cow for Pelosi and her partners in the SF political machine. Her nephew conveniently owned the land rights to the property when it was turned over to the private sector.

When the Army base was given to the Pelosi family and her partners during the Nixon administration she wasn’t even a millionaire. Now through graft and corruption much of it from sweetheart gummit deals she is worth nearly $100 Million. Thanks to the Porkulus bill she can easily finish becoming a Billionaire. No wonder she is for us paying more taxes.

She has attached into Porkulus the San Fags version of the Big Dig, the Doyle Drive Freeway and the TransBay Hub. This is a giant freeway and bus/transit center a multi-level Oboondoggle which goes straight to the Presidio.

This will make the most valuable property in SF 10 to 100 times more valuable. In addition Candlestick Park was built on her Hunters Point Naval Base property as well as a 1500 housing development. Unlike the rest of us who are watching our 201Ks disappear, Nazi Pelosi is about to see her investments skyrocket thanks to being in the Inner Circle.

In addition to the value of the property skyrocketing in value, the SF Big Dig will be required to use Unions and mafia labor. Since her family controls the construction Unions and SF mafia she will receive under the table bribes and kickbacks to make her the west Costa Nostra. The DNC is a very lucrative career since there is no media to worry about like the RNC.

Course the Jumbo jet liberal is pro-labor pushing the mandatory union law Labor is demanding. She requires that every business must be hobbled by the union bosses. Every business except Nancy’s. She owns about $30 million in vineyards which are non-union as well as her exclusive hotels both have been caught w/illegal aliens. Now there is nothing wrong w/being non-union except it is completely hypocritical she require every other business to be handicapped but not hers. Like all Gulfstream Libs, they require sacrifices from everyone cept themselves.

In the most recent Porkulus debacle she wrote a $90 Million earmark to set aside some valuable real estate for a mouse. No not Mickey, but a Salt Marsh Mouse. Now everyone knows how important mice are and nobody is going to question San Fran Nan, but once again she is far more generous w/our money than she is w/her own.

She is a major owner of one of the most exclusive golf courses, the Corde Valle Country Club she built in an environmentally sensitive area outside of San Jose. There were two endangered species, a turtle and a lizard on the protected list. If this were a farmer or home developer there is no way they would be allowed to build. Nazi Nancy was able to convince the local board through threats of funding cuts to get a building permit.

Part of the permit agreement was she would build some environmental ponds to protect these endangered species. The $250,000 per member course has been built for 15 years and no ponds were built due to the costs associated w/the ponds. She spends $30 Million of our $$ to protect a mouse, but won’t spend a few $1000 of her own to protect some turtles and lizards. Like all Gulfstream Libs, they require sacrifices from everyone except themselves. Course nobody dares to ax her for fear of having the life expectancy of a Polish Crop Duster Pilot.

Stopping the Culture of Corruption were words and nothing else. Like all good political campaigns she uses the ol sleight of hand, where she distracts you into calling corruption something outrageous like toe tapping in a bathroom, while she lifts your wallet. She is about to make one of the biggest hauls in the history of this Country. The only stimulating going to be happening in Obozo’s bill will be happening in the Pelozi Savings and Loan. She is about to make Capone look like a Boy Scout. At least Capone provided Booze and Broads which we would be far better off if he was in Congress rather than Alcatraz. Is it too late to make a trade?

Pray for America, Our Troops and Gov Palin