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Fire Wyden

Fire Wyden 

Greater LOVE has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

So now the commie tyrants see the value of Tax Cuts but only as a wedge issue to make more hate of the private sector in America. If we can’t afford Tax Cuts for the successful how can we afford Cuts for the middle class? Why is one Tax Cut a good idea to stimulate the economy yet not a good idea for the people who have the means to hire? They claim that these tax cuts will drive up the deficit although had no problem exploding the deficit w/their Stimulus, Healthcare, Cap and Tax and Bailout bills. The real reason they can’t afford Tax Cuts for the job creators is they know it will stimulate the economy for real and prove all of their lies false, exposing their fraud on America.

America is in the hole we are in from career politicians like Sinator Ron Wyden who has been destroying our economy in the District of Corruption for 30 yrs. His terror reign on our industries has forced companies to leave the Country to find friendlier and more cost effective environments overseas. His latest wrecking ball has left our economy in a smoking crater with the mandatory HC coverage. This was his idea to make everybody pay for mandated coverage w/the threat of fines and even jail to make sure everybody was forced into his DC Ponzi Scheme. The last thing this Country needs is any more career politicians who have been corrupted by the machines they are plugged into. Like Wyden these hacks are nothing more than Organ Grinder Monkeys dancing for campaign contributions from Big Unions or whoever has a few coins for his tambourine.

These career politicians have put strangling regulations on the industries to choke them and now that these industries have fallen are trying to blame them for their failure. This is like a fire station going to a fire and spraying it w/gasoline and then blaming the owner for it not withstanding the flames. While we sit in this burnt ruin these pols attempt to point the finger at everybody but themselves. If they had simply stayed out of the way of business we would still have the greatest economy ever devised. No people like Wyden, Wu and Blumenidiot are pure socialists who believe central planning is the only way to plan an economy. They are so wrapped in their own power they have no idea how much damage they are causing.

Name an industry from banking, energy, agriculture, healthcare or resource management and you can’t find anything they have done positively for any of these businesses yet after decades they say they shouldn’t be fired? Every person in America who had their record of incompetence not only would be pink slipped but in the case of SSI and Medicare Ponzi Schemes would be looking at 3 hots and a cot. This is where Wyden, Boxer, Reid, Murray and the rest of the DC thieves should be serving rather they believe they deserve another bite out of our….er….apple.

The Repubs need to fight to the death on Tax Cuts for everybody. If the Dems were serious about Cuts rather than buying votes and dividing America they would be against Cuts for everybody. If it costs too much for keeping the rates for those making a decent living than it costs too much for those making a moderate living. We don’t have to keep playing the class/race/sex warfare game it is time to work together and the Repubs need to make their stand. If we don’t stand for cutting taxes and spending we don’t stand for anything politically. Let them use the same old Tax Cuts for the Rich cliché vilifying the rich just like they have done to every other part of our economy from oil to banking and energy they continue to cause destruction through vilification.

The last thing this regime can afford to happen is to make the Bush tax cuts permanent and the economy begin to rally like it did for Bush or is now for China, Germany, Canada and Australia. This would completely expose liberalism for the tyrannical fraud it is. The redistribution of wealth is nothing more than shared poverty as has been proven in N Korea, Soviet Russia, China and Cuba/Venezuela. If they were to keep the tax cuts for the wealthy and the wealthy began to reinvest in America w/the hopes of deregulating we would see a real recovery and job creation. This would renew the American spirit as people would once again start to rebuild their lives. Perhaps the wealthy could live the Obama lifestyle? Of course this is the reason Wyden, Reid, Boxer and Obama will never allow this because the people would not need Gummit to rebuild which is their livelihood.

Repubs need to take this divisive middle class tax cut fraud to the people and let us vote on it and the rest of the Dem platform. If they believe marketing will overcome a good argument to truly stimulate the economy from a Free Market stand then we have the wrong people in DC in the first place, but I repeat myself. If we don’t keep tax cuts for everybody we don’t have tax cuts for anybody, only DC welfare for some. If the Free Market isn’t allowed for everyone it’s allowed for no one. It is time to Fire Wyden, Reid, Boxer and Murray to take the first step of replacing corrupt career politicians w/competent people who have lived outside DC and know hoe Oregonians, Nevadans, Californians, Washingtonians, and Americans live. America, the world is watching it is time they were introduced to Freedom. Fire Wyden!

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