Brayin Candy


While George $oro$ has the Rats dancing like Pinnochio jitterbuging, the Stone Age Press is focused on chump change lobbyist Abramoff. To believe that $oro$ is not buying the DinoRat Party lock stock and barrel is to live on an Egyptian river. To dream that these 70's burnouts are all driving the train into the side of the mountain by themselves is to live on an overdose of psycho tropics. The gang that can’t think straight has goose stepped in unison since first hit the net.

Everybody to the left of Lieberman has corkscrewed into the deck with their WMD/Abu Grabass mantra that has proved to America beyond a shadow of a doubt that these Mooreons are not serious about our security. If the Abu Grabass film was produced in SoddomWood it would be a lock for Cigarette Girl’s Academy Award especially if she was a he. No matter what the question about the war or their lack of seriousness about security, you will get the brown shirt knee jerk, Bush Lied, WMD, Quagmire, Gitmo, Nam answer. Basically underlining their untrustworthiness to the American People, but they absolutely can’t stop themselves. They are crack addicts to their $oro$ fix.

What is it that makes $oro$, the ultimate capitalist want to destroy President Bush and America? Perhaps he is like Joseph Kennedy who was so greedy he was willing to Short the Banking Industry into a nationwide Depression to make a quick Billion? Perhaps $oro$ is on the short side of American business, knowing that the Dems would help bring down our economy? Most likely would be the loss of his cash cow in the Oil for Food Program? Even a billionaire would miss the skimming of a $100B that was coming from his buddy Saddamn. How simple would it be to laundry this money through his empire?

So here they are, after 6 years of attacking Bush and quoting Fraudulent 911 like pod-people pretending that everyone cares; they continue their masquerade. Losing election after election they continue to congratulate each other in the Old York Times convincing themselves of what a great job they are doing. They have become the over-the-hill All Pro athlete who is still trying to convince himself he can play at 55, while the World sees that time has passed him by.

What makes politicians continue to jump off a cliff like a terd of lemmings? The reasons are numerous but a major one is $oro$. They believe that they have to carry every ridiculous charge that comes down the pike to receive the mothers milk of politics. If they are proven wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt, it will never see the light of day in PravdABDNC so there is no risk of retribution. The one problem they have is that the Space Age Press has filled this vacuum and is exposing their lies for what and who they truly are.

So to the Rats, you keep on protecting muggers, rapists, murderers, terrorists and our nation’s enemies while President Bush and our military continue to protect America’s men, women and children. You will find what America thinks of you next election.........again.

Pray for W and Our Freedom Givers