Brayin Candy

Cap & Kill America

Premier Hussain and Nazi Pelosi are proving they have the UnMidas Touch. Everything they touch dies and now they are reaching for the energy industry. This Friday the vote on Cap and Tax will finish this Country completely. It will wreck the Auto Industry, the Power Companies and likely the Oil Industry in one swoop. This is the dream of every DemoncRat who has walked the planet over the past 50 yrs. The collateral damage will be bankrupting millions more families around the Country and especially in the Rust Belt. You know, all those union out of workers who voted for obozo.

There is no Global Warming or Climate Change, it sure isn’t caused by CO2 like Lola Pelosi is pushing. She has stolen over $100 Million so a few thousand $$ a year isn’t going to bother her, it will destroy families across the Country. Their latest Booger Man, CO2 is pure Methane gas. There is no danger in CO2, as a matter of fact it is a beneficial for plants around the World. Thousands of scientists have signed a petition stating this bill will have potential detrimental effects to plants and the environment as well as other industries if implemented.

This bill will not only continue to kill our economy as well as force more well paying jobs to leave the Country. This will literally tax everything and everyone in America. Everything has an energy and/or transportation cost built into it so will raise prices from food to skyscrapers. There is no damage from burning energy into the atmosphere, it’s too immense to be affected. The same people who can’t predict the weather next week are pretending they can predict it 10-50 yrs from now. Of course these same snake oil salesmen blame most of this damage on America and need to fleece us for those imagined sins. This is the exact opposite of what needs to happen to help our Country. They are doing everything they can to cause their hoped for Depression.

If there is no Global Warming or potential damage which is a fact, then an accelerating of our energy usage will be no danger. This means that all of our Green Guilt we’ve been subjected, is nothing more than flatulence from a bunch of Stalinists who hate our standard of living. It’s only Earth Worship Guilt, since there’s nothing wrong w/increasing our usage and bringing more energy on line. This means we need to build more Coal Fired plants to generate more electricity to power more industry for more jobs. We need to drill more oil to drive down the price and increase the number of cars on the freeways. These cars should be bigger and faster to improve time efficiencies and rebuild the auto industry. Corporate Jet travel should also be accelerated by the use of cheap oil which will be in plentiful to make ourselves more efficient. We have been sold a fraud and is time to make decisions on economics rather than earth worship. It is time to break our Green chains.

There is absolutely no chance the emissions going into the atmosphere will cause any difference in the amount of CO2 or climate change. Carbon dioxide is in every breath we breath so if those who are concerned want to stop producing it, knock yourselves out but don’t tax the rest of us out of existence. For those who are having a problem w/guilt, a long walk on a short pier will cure it. This is a plentiful gas which is used in photosynthesis of plants. Every plant on the land and in the ocean needs CO2 for its growth and health. If the amounts were to drop we would have food shortages as well as the death of plants and trees around the world. This is nothing more than a scam to tax and control our way of life.

This bill will have absolutely no positive effect on the environment and they know it. Nazi Pelosi and the commiecrats want to end our way of life. They hate America and are out to punish us every way they can. The auto industry has always been one of their enemies and they have nearly killed it. They have banned nuclear for 40 yrs as well as the exploration and drilling of the most productive oil lands in the Country. If we would have been adding to our energy for the past 40 yrs like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, Europe, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, Iraq... we would not only be energy self sufficient but would be economically healthy beyond our wildest dreams. Rather the liberals have us starving for power/jobs with their Green Guilt. That and the Billions algore plans to make on this scheme.

If they pass this we need to hang it around their necks in every election from now on. No matter which safe district they are in we will need to show who the real enemy of the working man is. We will remind America exactly how they have cost jobs throughout this Land and explain how to throw off the shackles of the oppressors. It is time to become anti-Green to remind the people it’s nothing but a campaign to cost you your job, house, car and life. America is opening its eyes and in a year there will be nowhere to hide for the Rats as there will be no Bushes. They’ll continue to criticize the Cowboy diplomacy and Republicans when those Cowboys have fed, freed and employed more people around the World than any group in its history. Nazi Pelosi and her Party are doing just the opposite w/their Smiteus Touch.

 Pray for America