Brayin Candy

CommieCzar Browner

...pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the Hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints,... Eph 1:18

Not since Yoseph Stalin have we seen as corrupt a Politburo as we have in Premier Hussain’s gummit. Not only an administration has its ethical standard measured by Harpy Clinton but has more corrupt czzzars than all of Russian histoir. The latest corrupt czar is ex-clinton EPA head Carol Browner who has become obozo’s Energy Czar. She made her fame by running one of the most mismanaged EPA’s ever. The reason she became the overseer of energy is her connections to both the International Socialist Party and her abuse of power while director of the EPA. She will be able to institute most Cap and Tax measures w/o congress’ approval.

The only mystery so far about this corrupt group is how Govs Richardson or Blago were never able to get on board? W/their ongoing investigations they appear to have the Right Stuff and once you get into the WH the obamedia will provide cover. Extreme Left Wing Browner will institute draconian measures as she stops Drilling, Nuclear and Coal. As an extreme environmental socialist she will never allow any of those liberal Boogermen which will be tabled for the next 4 yrs. Look for her to push Tax and Kill as well as the destruction of both Oil and Coal.

One of her first meetings as Energy Czar was w/the evil Auto Execs. Her direct instructions were to make sure and to not put anything in writing. Most likely this came from the WH since it so goes along w/their lack of transparency. The last thing they would want would to have record of who was there or what was said. Now we have heard for 8 yrs about the meeting between Cheney and his energy experts and when to start the impeachment hearings, now w/obozo transparency just isn’t that important. We will see the transcripts of those critically important meetings right after we see the Birth Certificate. This gummit is as transparent as a lead wall.

BiCzar Brownout knows something about not writing things down as a public official from her time at the EPA. She was known to use her office to influence people in both industry and science w/graft from the EPA. She gave favors and grants to those who would give business support to her radical leftist ideas. She had to hide her corruption by destroying hard drives in her computers before President George W Bush took office. She was brought up on Contempt charges although as always in the District of Corruption this was squashed and swept under the rug to protect the guilty. This is why she told these people to not write anything down since she was likely passing out favors in her new Fiefdom.

Nut bags from MSDNC and the Daily Kooks will love her since she is an avowed Communist. She was a member of Socialist International and one of 14 leaders in a select group called Commission for a Sustainable World Society. She is a Kyotoite who said, "Rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change". Well it looks like the Hussain regime has done just that, so if anyone thinks he is upset w/five million lost jobs, they should know he and she ain’t. She now has the power to do exactly that as the controller of the lifeblood of our economy. All she has to do is apply a tourniquet on energy so we will be strangled into "shrinking" our economy. All the pieces to the puzzle of the destruction of our economy are falling into place. A lingering crisis is a bonus to institute their Stalinist reforms.

Carol Browner is an advocate of the Kyoto Agreement who is also disciple of algore. She is the one who instituted the bogus mercury standards which were signed into law by executive order when the clintons left office and then accused President Bush of poisoning Americans for revoking the ridiculous law. The political firestorm created forced cities to tighten their standards to absurd levels which forced them to spend funds they didn’t have upgrading their treatment plants. She is an extreme Leftwing Radical who wants to eliminate offshore drilling anywhere throughout America. She will force energy prices to levels only the Europeans have been forced to endure in her quest of her Earth Worship called Global Warming.

As the Energy Czar, Brownout has unchecked and unimaginable power, she can institute energy policy & make demands of energy industries w/the stroke of her pen. She has every bit the power of the President w/o the pesky congress or press to oversee her even if they weren’t as radical as she is. We are looking at some of the highest costing and least supplied energy we’ve ever had in the histoir of our Country. As an avowed communist/socialist she will institute the worldwide distribution of our wealth through overpricing/taxing of energy.

We now have algore in charge of our energy. She believes in Global Warming every bit as deeply as algore and likely co-wrote his Incoherent Lies. Having her as our controller of energy will continue to deepen our dependence on foreign oil as we chase windmills hoping for their Holy Green. Even if we retake congress there is absolutely nothing they can do to contain the damages Czar Brownout will cause. Never waste or fail to cause a crisis, to welcome us into the USSA.

Pray for America's Freedom