Brayin Candy

Green Slavery

If this Global Warming doesn’t stop we’re all going to Freeze to Death. There’s no such thing as Global Warming or Climate Change, they’re scams for corrupt politicians to get leverage to raise taxes and enslave us. The liberal mind needs everything to love them, even inanimate objects like trees, water and air. Since they are living immoral lifestyles their Earth religion is an easy way to be morally superior w/o having to change their lifestyles. Earth worship is an opiate for the braindead masses. Global warming is a war that even liberals will fight since the only casualties are capitalists....& their employees.

The Green movement is really the old Red Movement w/better marketing. The sad part is most capitalists have fallen victim to this feel goodism the farce brings. Just as there was no hole in the ozone caused by man there is no greenhouse gasses either. These are scientist hypothesized and then conveniently declared consensus to eliminate discussion or further research. The research has shown not only is there no Global Warming but the earth is actually cooling. Nobody has to tell NE, WI or DC this year. Well, DC has its own excess Carbon Emissions.

Why does the scientific and political world continue to tell algore’s myth? There are a myriad of reasons but the real one is that the Dems want to use the issue to club Repubs w/for their expansion of gummit. They’ve been nurturing this Green fib for decades. If they are the Green Party then everything they say having to do w/the earth will be considered truth. Having the Establishment media an Hollyweird promoting their claim America has accepted it. Libs have become the self appointed protectors of the earth and all that is relates to that stewardship. If the truth is there’s no GW using fossil fuels, then there would be no reasons not to use our resources. This is their ultimate fear, America’s Freedom.

Earth worship is made to order for liberal women who want to be moralistic w/o self discipline. They merely stick a No Oil sticker on their car, recycle their water bottles and carry condoms to be ethically superiority to everybody who doesn’t. These women are so believing this cult they mindlessly follow the Global Warming dogma like blind baby seals in a Polar Bear den.

The hook for these braindead libs with their Junk Science is they can say anything they want and since there is no fact checking so they make the most ridiculous claims and never be challenged. Everyone remembers how we would all die from Acid Rain when the only acid we’re suffering under is all that acid at Woodstock. We also hear how green Windmills are, when in reality they don’t hold a candle to Nuclear or Coal power. Nuclear is far more dependable, cleaner and cheaper than wind, yet these same braindeads have poisoned the nuclear well on fictitious fears. Coal has even fewer reasons for not expanding due to plentiful supplies so they need the Global Scamming argument. The consensus science will shackle this entire Country into oppressive electric bills that will soon triple.

Just like recycling is an inefficient way of remaking materials costing far more to collect than it’s worth, so too are the boogeyman industries of the Left. By far the most efficient and cleanest way to move people over distances is by car. Oil and gas are the easiest and most perfect forms of energy available. The simplicity of moving oil from the well to the tank is one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind. The Earth Nazis are destroying man’s greatest invention for purely selfish political reasons. The Earth Zombies want to destroy Freedom and enslave us to their universal poverty.

The most sickening display of complete idiocy is their war on the housing industry. God’s most perfect solar panel, is the tree and they have made harvesting these solar collectors a crime of the highest order, right down there w/drilling for oil. The Earth Nazis are dictating the only type of house you can own is a Green house which means only petroleum products or dung. The tree is the simplest most efficient method of producing materials to build houses. All you have to do is plant a seed wait 20 yrs and you have the most perfect material to build a house. There are thousands of square miles to grow these forests outside of Manhattan and DC cept those Earth Nazis will not allow you to harvest these trees. In some cases trees that are already dead and only need hauling to the mill yet must be left to rot and burn. That’s the logic of the Earthists. Trees are the only truly Green building material.

The Earth Thugs are attempting to put us all in their economic Death Camps using Global Scamming to reach that goal. They’re enslaving us to high priced gas/electricity that will be in short supply. They’ve not allowed the development of our resources which was a huge factor in this economic crisis. They will not allow any form of energy development no matter how clean claiming Climate Change. They hide behind their mythical alternative energy facade which is decades away if ever. They need us out of our houses and cars living as a Turd World Country to gain power. This is their means to an end since they believe when they destroy America they have done their Earth goddess’ will. There’s no science behind this myth, only a consensus of corrupt scientists who all believe and want the same outcome, destruction. God’s earth is fine, it’s the Green Earth Mamas who have eaten too much Acid Rain. Rather, we need to break the Earth Nazi’s shackles and let Freedom Reign.