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Marxists hunt Duck Dynasty

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Cor 6: 9-10

While Phil Robertson sits in a duck blind worrying if he brought enough shells and happy, happy, happy the Marxists are once again showing they are angry, angry, angry. The homosexual Gestapo which is simply another arm of the thought nazis overplayed their hand and is attempting another virtual assassination. The Stalinists of the 30’s had to waste their time and lead with firing squads when the new thought enforcers simply have to use their media might to line their victims up in a virtual firing squad. They isolate their targets and virtually destroy their lives to warn the rest of the thought dissidents of what could happen to them if they question groupthought.

Marxism cannot win in the real world on an even playing field so for the past fifty years they have created a mine field for the opposition to maneuver. They have created the Three Pillars of propaganda (media, academia and the DNC) to promote their agenda while eliminating opposing thought. They have thug agenda groups such as environmentalists, feminists, racists and homosexualists to help silence any varying thought with feigned outrage and disgust. The media amplifies that outrage with their professional executioners so whenever someone such as Phil speaks the truth he is put in front of their triggers and labeled a hater to be a public outcast. His opinions are then turned into hate speech to be dismissed and ignored in the battle of ideas. This allows the agenda to continue without having to actually discuss any of the pros and cons.

What Phil was really guilty of was being a Christian and praying openly on a TV show and connecting with the American people. He openly made fun of Marxists and the liberal agenda which is an unforgivable sin to the liberal cult. Nobody in America is allowed to speak sacrilege against the protected groups or the religious tenets of the cult, one being you must worship homosexuals and every other Marxist group as if they were saints. When Phil questioned why any man would want to have anal sex he spoke an unforgivable sin and had to be destroyed since this was not an argument they wanted to dibate on the merits.

The last thing the liberal agenda wants to do is get into a moral argument like why are they promoting homosexuality so exhaustingly. They have to paint the homosexual man as a victim of a homophobic society who simply wants to live his life with one lover like any heterosexual couple. This of course is the exception to the rule of the 2% who make up the male homosexual community. The average homosexual has anywhere from dozens to hundreds of partners a year since it is more of a sexual addiction than a lifestyle. This leads to thousands times higher levels of STD exposure and diseases than you find in the Christian hetero society and especially those living in a stable marriage lifestyle.

Male homosexuals have multiple times more instances of gonorrhea, mono, hepatitis C, HIV, drug addiction and a 250% greater chance of committing suicide. The agenda claims the suicides are caused by America disapproval when it is really caused by the depression of living an extremely addictive life and the inability to break out. Some studies have shown the male homosexual has a 20 year shorter lifespan due to the unhealthiness of anal sex. If it were not a sainted PC lifestyle it would be shunned like tobacco, but Marxism promotes it for the agenda.

If Americans were to begin to question whether the homosexual agenda was really about protecting the right to marriage or was it a destructive or sinful lifestyle, then the rest of the agenda could be questioned. That is when the GLAAD goonsquad stepped in and feigned their outrage and pretended they were being discriminated by Phil. They had to shut this discussion down immediately or the entire media homo façade could fall apart. What if people questioned the health aspects of the homosexual lifestyle and began investigating the truth of what their lifestyle looked like? What if they weren’t all these thirty to forty-five year old professionals living with their significant other, but were these victims of sexual abuse who were being used and abused by a nightclub scene which continued that abuse? What if they showed those results in the STD wards of the hospitals and the sicknesses which are chronic in that very small group of individuals and people began questioning the promotion of this unhealthy activity, what then?

The reason the homosexual agenda is being promoted is to keep the soccer moms voting for Marxists. They promote the façade of happy marriages in the homosexual community to make it appear that they need a bigger gummit to dictate their protection. This is done through feminism, the war on women, racism, student loans and the war against business to keep women voting for them. Women are very susceptible to wanting everybody to be liked and getting warm feelings from being good girls. Marxists are very good at pulling those strings and have used it to manipulate their votes for years inside the liberal cult. For a woman to be a good person she must walk lockstep with the victimhood agenda and vote Dem. This is exactly why they promote it and why they have set up thug groups like GLAAD, NOW and others to enforce their fundamentalist doctrine and keeping women in line.

Duck Dynasty and especially Phil Robertson with their growing popularity became an extreme threat to the religion of Marxism. With his unwavering belief in God and traditional American values he was the biggest danger in the last twenty years. He and his family not only enjoyed hunting, fishing and praying they made fun of yuppies and liberals while having fun. Having fun is a sin to the agenda. They reminded people of what was right about America before all of the liberal guilt trips and it was responding beyond anyone’s expectations which terrified the Three Pillars. He had to be destroyed so he was put in front of the virtual firing squad to be made an example.

Phil hit a nerve in America and was bringing out feelings they hadn’t had in a long time. His love of the traditional family and his unflinching belief in Jesus Christ went against the atheistic religion of moral relativism and fundamental tolerance. He had to be stopped since his growing popularity was a threat to their power and control. There is no way to actually argue the health issues or lifestyle risks so they had to go to the homophobe/hater card. If they win this one it will take a giant step toward eliminating any opposition to their religion and mounting one more bearded head on their media wall. It appears America may not be ready to have another good old boy crucified for simply saying something every man has said in the woods a hundred times in their life since the dawn of time. We are watching one of the oldest battles of mankind being fought between the most powerful virtual armies ever devised and a family of Rednecks. Millions of Americans are pulling for the Louisiana Rednecks.

Pray America is Waking