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Close the Border and Kill the Economy

My latest post Close the Border and Shut off the Engine was an eye opener for this Bootstrap Conservative. Many of if not most of the Bordersharks are willing to send this great Country into a recession to deport the Mexicans. All of them are for bankrupting businessmen who have used Mexican help over the past 10 years as punishment. They are also universally for raising wages for low skilled labor to make these jobs more attractive to Americanos. Finally, they are very good at calling you every name under the sun to eliminate any discussion of this subject.

The Thought nazis are firmly in control of this subject and any deviation from the deportation of Mexicans will be enforced to the hilt. They believe everyone agrees with them because they are the only ones who visit their threads to pat each other on the backs. Fact is nobody dares to go on those because nobody wants to be bashed for trying to open debate. The simplest question will turn into 100 insults. So they go around believing everyone agrees with them when the silent majority disagree with much of what they demagogue.

To believe what they believe you have to firmly believe that the Mexicans have no business doing here and the jobs that they are doing are not that important. If they are deported they wont be missed. The truth is that many of these workers are well skilled in their positions, some who have done their jobs for years and are irreplaceable. The businesses will be damaged for years until they find and retrain new workers. If they don’t find new workers they will go out of business and many will immediately.

This potential crises doesn’t affect most Bordersharks directly so they are willing to allow these businesses to suffer. The President of the United States does not have the luxury of their cavalier attitude to these bankruptcies and potential Recession/Depression. He has to worry about the economy and takes his responsibility to these industries seriously. This is why he believes these hard workers are necessary to the health of this Countries Economy.

If the Borderwarriors do admit that these jobs are important than they will go to the Living Wage argument. They will go to the Liberal PC argument that we cannot exploit these people because they are unskilled. They believe that people weeding in the fields, changing the sheets or mowing the greens should all make a Living Wage so they are not a "permanent underclass." They believe that these greedy evil farmers and small businessmen should pay these workers a higher wage and then Americans will gladly go weed those fields. Are we willing to play golf on unmowed greens?

So let’s say these so called Rockrib Conservatives get their way and have a Federal Amendment installing a Living Wage for every worker in America. Let’s say that every worker is given $20/hr minimum with full benefits no matter the market value of that job. What will that do to the supply of illegal immigrants? If Manuel Mexical is scratching his dirt and making pots in Old Mejico hears that workers are making 1000 times what he is making, how fast do you think he is on his fastest Burro heading Norte?? "A little Mexican lingo for those in River Pretty." How fast will that 11 million turn into 50 million? But our self proclaimed conservatives will feel good about not having a "permanent underclass".

What we have found from our previous posts about the labor issue is that the Bordersharks cannot answer how you replace these workers with a legitimate argument. There only dodge is to pretend that these workers are not important and these jobs can go away with little or no outcome. Nothing could be further from the truth since many of these jobs take years to be done properly and will have severe outcomes. Losing these workers will cause a severe economic outcome that will reach into places nobody would expect them to reach. Are these Bordersharks willing to lose their jobs over this issue?? Many have forgotten the pain of the Carter recession and the 12% unemployment that goes with it. President Bush does not have the luxury of allowing that to happen.

Screaming CLOSE THE BORDER AND ENFORCE THE LAWS is easy to yell but the details are hard to explain. Many of us are basically optimistic Republicans who cannot wallow in the negativism of these Bordersharks. We have a huge opportunity to get this right and until we are allowed to disgust this we will never solve this. America want us to solve this problem and we are the Party that can solve it. The Kennedy/InSane billge needs to be thrown out and replaced with a bill that closes the border and allow Guest Workers w/o the opportunity for Citizenship or some variance of it.

We can solve the Border issue and we will have a majority well into the future. Americans expect Conservatives to be the problem solvers in this Country and have put their faith in our hands. We need to address it like adults w/o the Thought Cops shutting down anyone who does walk in lockstep with their way of thinking. This victory can lead to more Justices, Social Insecurity Reform, Tax Reform, the Marriage Amendment and the end of Roe. We need to address this issue without having to play on Unmowed Fairways.

Pray for W and Our Amazing Marines