Brayin Candy

Double Dipping for DeathCare

While the army of the king of Babylon was fighting against Jerusalem and the other cities of Judah that were still holding out—Lachish and Azekah. These were the only fortified cities left in Judah. FREEDOM for the slaves. Jer 24:7

First they went after the Logging Industry and I didn’t stand up. Then they went after the Oil Industry and I didn’t stand up. Then they went after the Auto Industry and I didn’t stand up. Now they’re coming after my Industry and there’s nobody left to stand.

The same week that OB announced his new plan to keep the Post Office $$ pit running he pushes Reconcastoration for DeathCare. Never mind it will be the biggest boondoggle in the histoir of the World bankrupting taxpayers, the gummit and China, he has a statue to build. At a time when he has cost America over 15 million jobs he wants to force another Ponzi scheme costing us another 4-5 million jobs and $5-10 Trillion. If he would say how many jobs he needs to lose we can plan. Is it 20 million, 30 million or 300 million before America has paid the price for his imagined sins? This bill isn’t his Waterloo it’s his Hiroshima and it doesn’t matter how much he destroys for his communist utopia.

We all know how are lives are going to be impacted by the all encompassing gummit control. Big Gummit will control everything we eat, drink or sleep as a connection to our HC. Angry Michelle is already setting fat standards since she will be one of those in charge of regulating our food intake like cattle in the gummit stockyards. What they’re not telling you is for the first 4 yrs of this scam you will be paying double for your HC. You will be paying your premiums you or your employer adds to your salary plus you will be paying additional taxes for the plan you don’t have. For the Rio Lindans, you will be paying double for your HC.

The first thing that will happen after this disaster is passed will be your premiums will increase by 30-50% due to the unneeded coverage everybody will have to purchase. Big Brother will make sure everybody will have herbal aroma therapy as well as mud bath therapy since they were such generous donors to the obozo campaign. Add to this the heavy restrictions the insurance companies will be shackled to keep their doors open as well as the no underwriting of risk laws attached so those uninsurable will have to be paid for w/your premiums. They have already raised their rates in anticipation of this industry killing bill. It’s called gummit destruction just like banking.

Then taxes are going to be raised to pay for the future ObamaCare plan. So your premiums have gone to around $13-15,000 per year and now so are your taxes. Well it’s just on the Rich you say, really? The Rich who are going to be paying for KatrinaCare is going to be your employer unless you’re self employed. Every employer is going to be required to pay for HC tax even when they already have HC. They will be paying around $5000 tax per employee per year for the benefit of having an IOU of insurance since this $$ is going into a congressional Trust Fund. Employers can either this or pay a $7500 per employee fine for not having the correct plan. This means your employer is paying for insurance twice. Good, you hate your employer since he drives an Escalade.

Here’s the dirty little secret, you’re paying for your gummitCare yourself. The employer is going to be forced to cut costs to pay for this benefit since he has to make a profit to pay more taxes. Every employee has a cost attached besides just their wage. There is everything from HC to mass transit to SSI to vacation time going into the cost of his employees and now he is getting hit w/a huge addition. There will be only a few options available, raise prices, cut costs or close the doors. In this climate raising prices isn’t a real option so that leaving costs or closing since most companies are in Survive Ohbummer mode, closing the doors is going to look more attractive. Why work 150 hrs a week to be vilified and punished by a corrupt gummit? There is no way this plan will work which will likely cost 3-10 million lost jobs and likly more.

So whats the solution? Call your congressmen one more time and vote this disaster down doing the jobs we sent them to do. Then find the corruption in the system to lower Medicare costs 10-15%. Close all the Law Schools and put a bounty on all the John Edwards' and have real tort reform. We have to stop making hospitals into lawyer Casinoes.  This leads to CYA procedures from doctors to nurses and hospitals driving up defensive medical costs as well as wasting doctors’ precious time. This won't happen as long as the DNC is being corrupted by the lawyers' union.

Clean out the corruption in gummit. Eliminate Red Tape and documentation for Medicare and lawyer protection would lower costs for hospitals and doctors. Make the District of Corruption do its job by firing 25% of the deadwood turning those jobs over to computers. Most DC bureaucrats are simply computers w/o the personality. The final move is to eliminate the bells and whistles on these HC plans, get gummit out of the way. If a person  just wants to cover for Catastrophic care they should be allowed to. You should be able to raise the deductibles and have HC savings plans so a 2000 deductable may be the way to go. It may be painful but so is $15,000/yr taxes/premiums.

We have to find real solutions rather than this Pelozi scheme which is nothing more than the ol gummit method of throwing taxpayer $$ at a problem rather than fixing it the hard way. It’s certainly not a Change for the better since it eliminates all Hope? We are Americans so rather than looking to the gummit to solve our problems it’s time to look in the mirror. Grab your bootstraps and let's get back to taking care of ourselves. We can solve HC by freeing the markets and the people to create new plans, ideas and jobs. Man the phones Tea Patriots, we've just begun to Fight for America.

Pray for America’s Freedom and the Tea Parties