Brayin Candy

Trump is the only outsider

Romans 11:31 Even so have these also now not believed, that through your mercy they also may obtain mercy.

We have never seen a Party declare and fight an all out war on any candidate like we are seeing now. The GOP has had nearly all of the onion skins removed to reveal itself as one of the most corrupt organizations in DC. What we are watching is the fear of a Party petrified they will lose their power if an outsider was to do the unthinkable and win their Presidency. This is Tea Party times ten.

It is obvious to the Party Donald Trump can not only win the nomination, but would dominate it. Their biggest fear is they would have to fight in the election and get ugly which is not what they are comfortable doing. Worse yet they would have to fight after they are elected. They are far more used to losing with dignity than having an ugly win. They are used to being the Washington Generals to the Globetrotters as the gravy train continues to roll over the taxpayers.

The entire election apparatus is one big money machine and they can see Trump is not going to use it. First the managers have been given a big no thanks and he is basically running it himself. These managers can expect to make upwards of twenty to thirty million or more in an election plus perks. When they make 15% booking ads, it adds up pretty fast.

Managing a campaign means memorizing elevator speeches which can be given in thirty seconds telling who you are to this group and another thirty seconds saying just the opposite to another group. He organizes which group you meet and which lie you tell.

The media is expecting to make between $500-750 million on commercials this presidential season. This explains why Fox News and conservative radio does not want to see Trump win the nomination. There are hundreds of millions of radio ads that by all appearances Donald Trump would not be running. Trump would rather dominate the news and call in on the national TV programs and talk live than have a thirty second ad people will forget five seconds after they hear it. This would be a huge dent to Rush/Levin/Beck/Fox’s cash flow this year. Those obscene profit centers would become less obscene if Trump ignores running ads.

I am the only one to predict the final two would be Cruz and Trump although I overestimated Cruz at the beginning of the election. Unfortunately even though he is hated by the Sinate, he is actually an insider and now cozies up with the establishment in their need to find someone to beat Trump. His close ties to Goldman Sachs is especially troubling. He forces people who want the establishment defeated to understand when push comes to shove he will crumble to their will and everything will continue uninterrupted.

Can we end these debates? If there is a worse way to choose a leader it has yet to be invented. The winner of any debate is the biggest policy wonk on the stage. The person who can discuss and describe how things work in the District of Corruption looks like the gifted one, but we are not electing a wonk. We are electing the leader of America who has wonks do what he wants to get his visions done. The President is the CEO of the USA which is a visionary rather than someone who accounts for every dotted “i” and crossed “t”. His job is to find the best people available to in his case, dismantle those rat holes.

There is no question who the born leader is on that stage and it was not the ones worried about hiring a few foreign maids or lawsuits by slip and fall lawyers. Imagine what Rubi8 or Cruzie Universities would look like by a couple of guys who have no idea how a business makes a profit. They believe you only have to open a door or put up a sign and the money starts rolling in. Their combined business experience and depth of knowledge rivals Bernie Sanders’. They both brag how their parents came over from Cuba to work in America but attack Trump for hiring those same people to make his hotel run, hello!

Their anti-business attitude rivals anything you hear from Occupy Wall Street as they vilify Trump for running his businesses like every other businessman runs theirs. Not every company succeeds which is what makes his empire truly amazing. He has some of the finest hotels and golf resorts in the country with the hallmark of being the most luxurious with the finest service. You do not get that by hiring every drug addict that walks off the street. It is easy to point at Trump’s sins while ignoring the fact your wife makes over half a million per year from one of the biggest lobbyists in Moscow on the Potomac.

Trump is going to take voting blocks away from all of the Dem groups. He will do especially well with the lunch bucket union workers who have seen their jobs shipped overseas. He could easily get union endorsements in the Rust Belt states who like what they hear on trade and immigration. He has brought an additional 25% Repub voting even if he is not doing it the right way. He is bringing new voters, youth voters, blacks, Mooselimbs and Hispanics which is driving the GOP insane. He has rewritten the rules of elections and will beat Hillary like a rented donkey, but that is not enough he is not holy.

Conservatism has become a cult. There is a self appointed Sanhedrin filled with Pharisees who believe only they are pure enough to speak for the conservatives in this country. You must say so many Hail Reagans per day and of course you are the most pure with abortion, cutting taxes, pro second amendment and worship at the feet of Rush. Apparently there is a new tenant that you must be Conservative since birth or you are actually a liberal, there are no true conversions which asks what these preachers are trying to do? Only they can declare absolution.

Trump has figured out a way to take the lumps out of the abortion argument. Rather than making everyone take a hard line stance and get killed at the ballot box on the War on Women he gives them a choice. The War on Women means closing abortion clinics by using their famous word phrase techniques so he is using it against them. He is saying Planned Abortionhood is fine as long as they stop having abortions. That is like saying you can play baseball only you cannot have baseballs or bats. Of course they will never agree to that and gives him an acceptable reason to defund and avoid the war and gives PP a choice. Pretty brilliant, except not pure enough for the Sanhedrin.

There is only one outsider left. Unfortunately, Cruz has made a bad decision and has thrown his hat in with the establishment in his craven need to win the presidency. He has allowed himself to become the donors’ candidate and with his wife’s relationship with the biggest donor on Wall Street there is no question he will be twisted to do what they say on issues like immigration and building the wall. If the Sanhedrin does not think those millions are without cables then there is a bridge across the Potomac they would like to sell them. You always launder your money thorough your spouse in DC.

Trump has millions of people horrified they are going to have their money machines taken away. These machines have taken over a hundred years to build and he wants to make it all come crashing down. There are cottage industries like books, magazines, TV and radio programs which make millions preaching to the opposition and the followers. There are lobbyists and corruption feeding the Marxist model losing sleep at night wondering if they will be able to afford their mistresses and Dachas in the country. They may hate what Cruz has said, but they are terrified of what Trump would do. What if Trump is really telling the truth and would do rather than tawk, tawk, tawk?

Pray America wakes