Brayin Candy

Global Warming Closes Six Power Plants

We are from God, and whoever knows God listens to us: but whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood. God’s LOVE and Ours. 1 John 4:6

The second biggest threat to America’s freedom is the Global Warming scam. This week FirstEnergy Corp announced it is closing six coal fired plants since they cannot afford to meet the EPA’s global warming standards. Never mind there is no manmade global warming or greenhouse gasses the EPA is using it as an excuse to destroy the coal industry. This is going to drive up the cost of energy for millions of Americans across the Midwest and further destroy the economy and just the beginning of over a hundred plants in the next decade. Add this to the Keystone Pipeline decision and you have massive job losses heading across the grasslands over junk science.

While we are closing our coal fired plants and replacing it with massively more expensive eyesores like windmills and solar panels, the Chinese are opening one coal fired plant per week. The Chinese are far more forward thinking than our gummit and understand the necessity of having cheap dependable energy without the handicap of the earth cult we have to defeat. We are watching our country disappearing through the biggest fraud ever designed on America.

Global Warming was originally designed by Shell Oil and Enron as a way to insure themselves against their feared disappearance of the oil reserves around the world. They were heavily involved in the Acid Rain fraud and wanted to expand it beyond just the coal energy industry and make every exhaust pipe around the world forced to pay a massive tax for every BTU they burn. They then discovered some scientists in Britain experimenting with a CO2 greenhouse theory and promoted it with algore’s movie marketing to the weak minded as a scientific reality bringing us to where we are. These people were not able to make trillions on the carbon trading but are driving energy costs up high enough to make wind, nuclear and solar seem feasible.

Making wind and solar cost effective due to outlawing coal then the winners just happen to be GE, Solyndra and all the crony buddies of this bankrupt administration. This regime completely ignore the growing evidence of the agenda driven junk science that is being hidden from the people thanks to a corrupt academia, media and gummit. This trilateral confluence has tricked the people into believing if they make sacrifices they will save the earth from destruction when they have been sold a false belief. This is not built on any science but a faith in science and the religion of earth worship. Scientists are the priests of the cult of atheistic liberalism and the followers believe them completely without questioning anything they say like every other cult.

In the case of global warming they had a basic theory that man was causing the earth to heat up due to excessive use of carbon energy and created some unrelated experiments like a plastic covered jar to represent the trapping of heat. They then found some temperature readings and ice melting to back up their theory and sold it to the rest of academia generously salted with Marxist redistribution theories to solve the problem and instantly they had a coalition of fellow Ivy League commies. This is the exact same tactic they used for evolution which has as many gaps you can drive a train through, but they all agreed and declared it truth making it the promoted theory without questioning. Anybody who dares to question are declared a heretic and virtually burned at the stake. Academia resembles the witch trials of Salem more than science in today’s colleges and media.

This type of junk science has not only destroyed people’s lives and careers but now is going to do real damage to real people throughout America. It cannot be overstated how much it is going to cost people in jobs and livelihoods that a small group of scientists have fundamentally followed this agenda driven fraud to destroy an entire country’s economy. How large an ego does someone have to have to let something like this occur to not at least open their findings to those who disagree to their theory? There are real talented scientists who have real evidence that these results were exaggerated and in many cases completely falsified to maintain their theory. How large an ego or hatred do you have to possess to work at the EPA knowing CO2 is not a poison yet go ahead and punish millions of people to promote your religion? They also know each and every one of them exhale CO2 so perhaps they should start there?

We are about to see five perfectly fine and dependable power plants about to be taken off line and scrapped over a fraud religion. When they declare the separation of church and state they conveniently leave their religion in the state, schools and gummit while kicking God to the curb. Of course the people who are enforcing these draconian laws have nothing to worry about since their state jobs are never going to be touched while those millions of Americans who are about to be punished will do all the suffering. Just like the old Soviet Union, the Muscovites ate caviar while the workers lived in multiple family apartments while freezing. Just like Valarie Jarrett’s tenets in her slums who froze while she used the heat money to fund Obama’s campaign, the have not’s will starve while the inner circle parties on caviar.

It is time to take off the shackles of enviro worship and go back to God. It is time for man to be the manager of his world and use every tool at his disposal to make an energy independent country. We have been slaves to their gods for far too long and there is no reason for us to be forced to worship their cult when we have the one true God to worship. Their politics is their worship and gummit is their church so they mix their church and state so we need to bring ours back. It is time to throw these bums out and rewrite every one of their laws and begin to use economic decisions based on economics and freedom rather than if it makes you feel holy towards mother earth. Once we free ourselves from worshipping the earth, water and wind gods we will turn this economy around and once again light that City on the Hill.

Pray for America