Brayin Candy

Killing Bonds

Be joyful in Hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

The death of the USSA was quick and painful. Premier Hussain destroyed the economy w/the destruction of the basic foundation all business builds. When he eliminated the value of the most basic and secure contract he eliminated the ability of business to conduct agreements. There is now no rule of law to conduct business in the usual manner. America can no longer be trusted to stand by its agreements which has gotten every partner including the Chinese questioning our value.

The basic building block of business is the agreement from one person to pay for a good or service and the expectancy of the good or service to be provided. In the old days most commodity business agreements were simply done w/one’s word or handshake. For simplicity sake this keeps business moving quickly and efficiently. Once you have an agreement then you have a snapshot in time as to what that item is valued at to the buyer and the seller. When you have their word or handshake you then have a concrete agreement on both sides.

As the transactions become more complex or extended lengths of time you then have formal contracts that slow transactions and its efficiency. The addition of lawyers complicates this further and make for more cost and expense yet even the cost of these parasites is a commodity cost handled w/a handshake agreement once the price is negotiated. This is why America has always worked far more efficiently than most other Countries.

This is how America has worked for hundreds of years since our economy is basically the largest open air market in the history of mankind. Everything in America was a negotiated market, from the cost of an automobile to the largest skyscraper in Manhattan. This allowed buyers and sellers to work quickly w/o the interference of hired liars to keep the costs down and maximize profits since everything is purchased at whatever the market would bear at any given moment.

The reason this system worked pre-obama is American businessmen were honest men. They were people who believed they were men of their word. They understood not only was their word good but the people’s they dealt with was just as good. The bad apples were disclosed at a pretty early date and their lack of honesty and integrity was discounted into the price. Dishonest businessmen were exposed and ran out of business they dealt with and eliminated from the herd. The Madeoffs and Enrons were the exception to the rule as they were crooks lasting as long as they could, yet in reality were a very small minority compared to the thousands who dealt in the same markets. How many times Madeoff did obozo just steal from Chrysler/GM Bondholders?

When Premier Hussain dictated the elimination of $Billions in the Auto Bond markets he destroyed the security and integrity of all bonds. When you destroy the value of something as concrete as a bond you have destroyed the basic foundation of our economy. A bond represents the safest lowest risk investment in the marketplace. If he makes a bond not worth the value of the paper it was written then he has made every agreement worthless. We no longer have an open market economy but a closed market completely run by the gummit and particularly Premier obozo. We are now working for the gummit and are all communist slaves.

This is why there has been a parade of gummit officials flying to Beijing/Arabia. Harpy, Gackner and now Obummer all trying to convince China our bonds are valuable. They not only own a large amount of the worthless Auto bonds but Trillion$ of gummit paper. The Chinese see what he has done and realize his word is as worthless as GM paper. They want to know why they should believe he won’t just say the US Bonds are now worth .20 on the $ and walk away from the debt. This is making those bonds nearly impossible to sell thanks to Premier Hussain making those contracts basically invalid.

We have now gone from an open and free market to a closed market run by a corrupt Central Gummit. Rather than the market determining the prices of goods and services we are going to have a series of CommieCzars who will price both goods and wages. We see them in the Auto, Banking and soon will be throughout the entire economy. Premier Obrother thinks he is more intelligent than the markets and is showing it by punishing Republicans, Whites and industries he believes need punishing like Auto, Banking and Oil. He has effectively destroyed the Auto and Banking and is looking for his opening into the Oil industry. When he’s done we all will be and are working for the gummit. The reneging on the Chrysler and GM Bonds has destroyed the worldwide trust in America’s word which is what separated us from the Turd World.

Pray for America and Our Troops