Brayin Candy

Soros and Nazi-Islamism

To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. Luke 1:79

Seems like the Dems love to throw around the term Nazi for anything they do not like as a way to delegitimize Conservatism. Fact is they have no clue who Hitler or the Nazis were or the fact that their own anti-Zionism echoes back to those horrific days in Germany. It has been well documented some of the major forces during the North Africa campaigns with Rommel there were over 200,000 Muslim Brotherhood troops spying and fighting alongside the Germans and swore they would not allow the British outside Alexandria.

The Muslim Brotherhood was very closely tied to the Germans with the shared hatred of the Jews and America. They and the Germans had a common goal of conquering Egypt and sweeping into Palestine to massacre the Jews in their homeland wiping them off the earth. They were both dedicated to conquering the world and only for the entry of Patton and America kept them from slaughtering Jerusalem.

Both were manmade cults which believed their god was the supreme god of the universe. They were both manmade religions which believed killing the nonbeliever was the highest worship a person could perform and slaughtered with abandon. Nazism was a foundation of both as every member of the brotherhood was required to read and follow Hitler’s book Mein Kampf and is still one of the best sellers in the Middle East as it preaches of his hatred of everything outside of the Turd Reich. These are two cults which have melded into one.

Before the surrender of Germany the Nazi hierarchy needed to flee, two thirds of the war criminals went to the Middle East and one third fled to South America. They were protected in Libya, Sudan, Iraq and other countries as they converted to Islam and took Islamic names and were admitted into and organized the Brotherhood. This and their more militant arm Al Queda was ran and controlled by Nazi leaders as they began their terror campaign throughout the world. This was their attempt to create a Fourth Reich using a blended cult of Islam or the conversion of these Nazis to Muslim and promoted their resurrection from there while being in communication with their movement and/or leadership in South America. There is plenty of evidence the South American group had worldwide communication abilities.

They had massive amounts of money even before they began being funded by the Saudis. As Hitler conquered most of Europe and especially the financial and historical capitals they raided and pillaged everything they could. Banks and museums were emptied of their treasures and taken to Germany as they were filling vaults with treasures of gold, cash and priceless art. When they fled they took tons of gold, currency and treasures giving them mountains of wealth to organize and arm this terrorist army. One such beneficiary of this cash and treasure who was and is connected with these Nazis is George Soros.

It is very likely that Soros is and was a money launderer for the Nazis. He still has tax free funds which are nothing more than laundries such as his International Crisis Group and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as well as a handful of others. These appear to be laundries for monies from investors and oil sheiks to pass on to the Brotherhood and fund their terrorist activities around the world as well as fund Islamic schools to teach this hatred to young kids growing up. Conveniently they only allow boys into these schools to become their future Nazi-Islamic army.

As the Nazi Brotherhood grew they were involved or carried out the assassination of Anwar Sadat of Egypt for his signing of peace with Israel as well as the overthrow of Mubarak years later with the help of the Obama regime. They ran Egypt for a short time terrorizing Christians and Jews living in Egypt until the military threw them out.

The MB also was the home of Osama bin Laden who formed a more radical branch of Al Queda from the Brotherhood who of course flew the planes into the Twin Towers. His organization was funded by the MB and very likely had monies funded through Soros shadowy laundries. Where exactly does his billions come from and how does his funds work outside of the currency manipulation funds? Was he and is he the money man for Nazi German spoils?

The MB also is where ISIS evolved. A minor MB member Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi was captured by our troops during the war and held for six months in our terrorist prisons where he formed his network. He believed Al Queda and the Brotherhood were not brutal enough and began a campaign of terror on the Iraqi people even Al Queda thought was too brutal. Once he began his campaign of rape and beheadings and had victories across Iraq and Syria they became the dominate terrorist group and now the world is fighting this branch of the Brotherhood as well.

In America the MB became the dominate force inside the Obama White House as Valarie Jarrett headed numerous high level people inside the administration with MB connections. In addition to the Soros ties, many claimed their administration was being run by the Brotherhood. Some of the people connected were Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council, Eboo Patel Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships and around a dozen other advisors in high level positions. Hilary had Huma whose family was closely tied with the MB, so their involvement and ties to our country are very well connected inside the halls of power during the last administration.

Their connection and organization inside the DNC is obvious and with the funding of Soros a major player controlling their Party. This has become a worldwide menace and was very close to taking over the power structure of this Country except for the miracle win by President Trump who has the job of weeding these terrorists out of our gummit.

This network is real and is hiding in the shadows taking over large portions of their host Countries. It works more directly in Mooselimb countries and more as a Nazi organization in Christian and secular countries. In America it is working as both since Muslims have been given victim status and are exploiting that portion of the movement as well as using many of the Nazi tactics with the Soros funded and organized riots. They use PC tactics as well as the thought policing adding verboten speak for sanctified groups such as homosexuals and the bathroom wars. These are the same tactics which were used pre-Nazi Germany only they vilified Jews and bankers rather than Conservatives who are considered sub-human. They would put a yellow C on your sleeve if they could, but they just censor your speech on campus and in public.

The Fourth Reich has been established and was very close to militarizing itself if Trump did not win this election. They have become a hybrid between old school Nazis hiding in the shadows running and advising the MB and Al-Queda. They have infiltrated our gummit and the DNC as well as large funding through MB member George Soros who controls much of the new Resist movement and wants to overthrow America which is its enemy. This movement against President Trump is extremely well organized and well planned having tentacles stretching way back to Adolf Hitler and Hassan al-Banna who formed this hybrid Nazi-Islamism. These are the true Nazis who have yet to be defeated.

Pray America woke