Brayin Candy

Close Harvard, Yale and Columbia

Husbands, LOVE your wives, just as Christ LOVED the church and gave himself up for her… Eph 5:25

How far ahead would America be if they never had Harvard, Yale and Columbia? These three institutions have done more damage to American than any other institutions in the Country. When you look at where communism started in this Country as well as its institutionalization you have to look no further than these schools to their indoctrination of the most wealthy and powerful children who go on to destroy the foundations which brought their families the success and lifestyles they enjoyed. Whether they go on to become the elite in politics, industry, teaching or journalism their brainwashing from their Marxist professors make up the groupthink which has brought us to the brink of destruction we are at. Harvard, Yale and Columbia are the only places on earth that believes communism works while the rest of the world is trying to escape it.

Our Ivy League schools where people pay hundreds of thousands to attend are the breeding ground of this commie hatred of America. It is where Bill Ayers and the Students for a Democratic Society was formed which declared war on America and still is. His extremely wealthy daddy helped fund his activities and inherited more than enough to finance his later plans. He and his group, the more militant Weather Underground bombed military and National Guard armories around the Country until they realized the better way to overturn the Country was from within and through the colleges. They realized they had young idealist minds what could be twisted with the proper wordology, to be convinced communism was a superior form of gummit; so has organized forty years promoting that strategy through the elite schools.

These radical communists were trained at Columbia, Harvard and Yale which were the schools that began the fight against America and its involvement in Viet Nam. The schools were filled with commie sympathizers as well as card carrying communists long before the war began it’s just that the war emboldened these professors to become more outward and vocal with their dogma. Since then they have bought into the SDS liturgy pushing the America is satan politics and becoming a recruiting program for hardcore leftist philosophy. Not only do they push it but if you intend to graduate or go on to grad school you will be required to parrot their thoughts and beliefs until you are one of them to spread their gospel throughout the land.

Their graduates go on to become politicians or upper level bureaucrats who write the laws to strangle business and industry to conform to their draconian ideas. Most of the NE politicians which are a large share of the population are grads of those schools and are instituting their form of gummit which is more and more socialist every year to the point of their pinnacle; Obamacare. Many of them have the behind closed door goals of bringing this economy down to be replaced with their commie utopia and now have us going over their cliff. We saw this week that it is Congress who spends the money and writes the rules which is filled with these Ivy League grads pushing for our destruction. Other graduates go into journalism to report how wonderful these commie politicians are and promote the socialist lifestyle. They have the same goal and all of the Old York Times and NEstablishMedia are graduates of these schools and especially Columbia. These reporters have been brainwashed by the most radical professors on the planet into the belief that communism is superior to capitalism and that the Free Market is unfair to the poor. This couldn’t be further from the truth but has been spun over the decades that there wouldn’t be poor if there was a communist gummit to level out the incomes of the people. Never mind they are making million dollar salaries and clawing for the multi-million salaries, they believe people all making the same stipend living in their gummit housing riding mass transit will eliminate poverty. It’s easy to believe that way up in your Central Park condo waiting for your limo to take you to the studio knowing how proud your professor must be of your success spreading the gospel.

Then of course the other major graduate of these schools are professors to spread across America to repeat and regurgitate this dogma to students throughout the land. This process is then repeated and repeated to the point that most colleges are 98% commie lib professors spreading the gospel of socialism to their naïve students soaking up this destructive message. The most valued and highest paid professor has Harvard, Yale or Columbia behind his name and the process is repeated until it is fully saturated.

This formula is being repeated over and over to the point there is very little free thought left and when it emerges such as FOX news it is attacked unmercilessly by the graduate army of one way believers. This has united the most powerful forces in America to declare a silent war on her that has been very well organized and executed to slowly but relentlessly take her to the forced utopia the elites have been planning. They have no use for the Free Market even though they have enjoyed its fruits they believe those fruits will not disappear since they are so elitist they can make rewards happen through Central Planning and communism. After they find out it failed like we are just about to do, it will be too late and they will find they were nothing more than tools in a giant plan by some dictatorial fascist.

America would be well off to close Harvard, Yale and Columbia then bulldoze the buildings and salt the land. These institutions have caused more damage to this Country than perhaps any other in the world. These professors are pure evil in what they preach and would prefer a Soviet Union and all its oppression than a free and open society we have enjoyed throughout our history. They spend their lives pointing out the warts and blemishes on Lady Liberty and ignore the beauty of the rest of her being. To them she is one big blemish rather than the symbol of Freedom and Light who has changed the world and released the enslaved throughout the four corners. Harvard, Yale, Columbia and their graduates are the blemishes of this Country and should be exposed and voted out so America can once again lift her Lamp to light the way of Freedom’s path.

Pray for America