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For why should my FREEDOM be judged by another’s conscience? 1 Cor 10:29

Obozo has cost us 5 million jobs since he was sworn in last year and 10 million since Nazi Pelozi took the gavel as the leader of the congress. To make sure this is only be a good start Energy Secretary Chu moves to cut off any development of our own Oil reserves. He makes the unfathomable move of closing drilling for another 3 yrs. Stephen Chu is a Global Scamming cultist who makes algore look level headed. He was a climate scientist in Bezerkly who was the most extreme of extremist’s worshipers in the myth of Greenhouse Gases.

At his confirmation he said he didn’t like oil even though it was a perfect fuel, it produced too much CO2 for his liking. He believes the world is going to end tomorrow from our using fossil fuels so we need to be starved from those fuels. In an economy that’s lost over 20% of its private sector jobs isn’t that like telling Karen Carpenter she needs to lose a few more pounds?

His extreme belief in GW even after the email scandal revealing the fraud behind the theory believes CA will no longer be able to grow food in 10 or 20 yrs. He believes the eart’s temp is going to rise 5-6 degrees from the 2 he falsely claims it’s moved. Hey doctor, the globe has dropped in the last 8 yrs so save your scare tactics. Now as a Nobull Prize scientist he would certainly have seen or collected the real data so he knows better than anybody, he’s lying. The fact is, he wants to starve America from having plentiful energy or jobs to turn this recession into a depression. This ban on drilling will cost us millions more good paying jobs as well as a raising of our gas and diesel prices towards the $8/gal he wants.

He is an extreme cultist who believes America is the source of the so called GW disaster. He continues to falsely claim the oceans are rising, glaciers are melting, hurricanes are stronger and the Brazilian forests are disappearing. He claims the Sierras will never have the snow packs they once had even though this year is over 100% of avg. once again proving scientists are more politician than objective observer. We witness another warmist w/an agenda who’s trying to help destroy this Country.

In a Wall St interview he said:


We are beginning to see the sea level rise. We are just beginning to see species extinction and disease, especially water-born disease that are affected by temperature, like malaria. [These diseases] are expected to increase and be killing millions more per year.

Forests are already retreating, glaciers are melting, and rivers are running dry. Climate-caused water shortages -- one of Chu’s greatest concerns -- could "affect most people of the world."

The US must act: "The richer countries have to set the example and have to do the lion’s share of the reduction."

On coal, Chu states: "We need to minimize our use of coal, but we are beginning to go back to coal -- and that’s an issue." (The WSJ Environmental Capital quotes him as saying that, "Coal is my worst nightmare.")

Like every other Warmist he puts all of his faith in Wind/Solar the biggest boondoggles on the face of the planet. He exaggerates how wind is nearly as efficient as gas although gas costs around 7 cents a kilowatt while wind costs 10 cents. This is a false claim since gas works 24/7/365 while wind only works when the wind is blowing. An avg power plant would need 1500 windmills to replace one covering 100s of sq miles and extremely unreliable. Inefficient and unreliable is a bad combination for an energy source. Apparently his office would be a great place to set up a windmill.

Solar costs over 40 cents and takes massive amounts of land for example replacing a moderate sized gas or coal plant would cover over 10 sq miles of solar panels. Of course solar only works when the sun shines or the panels aren’t dirty or destroyed by weather. Never mind the amount of wiring and connections required to bring those millions of solar cells to the grid. How commie of him to be a fan of Wind/Solar rather than a practical source like Oil, gas or coal. How long we supposed to starve while he finds an alternative to the oil he just locked up?

In a time of deep recession and severe job loss this group of extremists are doing everything they can to make this crisis last as long as they can. Led by ohbummer we are seeing the most coordinated attack on the American economic system we have seen in its histoir. Their continued attack on our strategic industries has brought us to the point we are today. While every other Country in the world is developing their self sufficiency we are hobbling ourselves to Butterfly Wing energy snipe hunts.

We will waste massive amounts of $$ on solar and wind so 10 yrs from now we will be in worse shape then we’re in now. Good thing these commie clowns are not trying to improve our economy but deepening this crisis as hard as they can. While Brazil/$oro$, ME, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Nigeria and every other Country are trying to develop their resources to generate jobs and revenue, were spitting in the wind.

Pray for America