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Free the Farmers

 Free the Farmers

Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the he who LOVES me. He who LOVES me will be LOVED by my Father, and I too will LOVE him and show myself to him.” John 14:21

America needs to bring capitalism back to the farm. We could feed the world 3 times over if we would allow our farmers the ability to use the tools they have developed as well as bring free market principles to this valuable industry. The first step towards turning farmers to capitalists is to close the Agriculture Dept taking their yokes off farmers. We need to let the market determine what to farm and where as well as stopping the wasteful subsidies like milk and ethanol. We need to let farmers develop their lands by letting them work their farms and put a bounty on envirostalinists. Not only would these bounty hunters make a nice cottage industry they would cause our economy to flourish. The final step would be allowing the use of DDT a completely harmless pesticide which would grow crop production overnight.

Our farmers have turned into nothing more than giant subsidies providing crops the Gummit centrally plans. The worst case of central planning is the wasting of land, fertilizer, corn and oil for the production of ethanol. Back in the 60s a bunch of tiedye hippies convinced America it could reduce its use of oil by growing oil and rather than drilling, distill corn it into alcohol to put in our gas tanks. This boondoggle has become a valuable subsidy for the corn farmers in Iowa it now decides who the next President is going to be. Rather than someone being courageous and saying we need to quit paying $1.25/gal from the taxpayer to make an inferior fuel, we can to drill for free. This would immediately lower the cost of corn, bread, beef and nearly every other food. Rather than spending 7-10 Billion to make a worthless fuel these farmers can sell their corn to the market.

We need to eliminate every subsidy we are paying to farmers. The argument is farmers will stop producing milk if they don’t get subsidized since the price is too low. Then they need to change crops and raise beef which will lower the milk production and raise the price. Right now we have the District of Corruption paying farmers to produce crops there is not enough demand to justify. Soon after the Gummit gets out of the Ag business these farms will adjust their crop mix to meet the demands, it’s called Capitalism.

The other major boondoggle is letting the enviro-cultists decide who and where farms will be allowed to locate. The worst case of this is the starving out of farmers in Central Valley. Thanks to a bunch of St Gore scientists the farmers have been destroyed in a Depression era water war they can’t win. A couple of eggheads from the UofCal decided a minnow needed the water more than the farmers thanks to the Global Warming fraud and has turned off the water for over 1000 square miles of prime farmland. This only 5 yrs ago was the most productive farmland in America and now looks like Grapes of Wrath thanks to a heartless Gummit. There is absolutely no science validating this move other than scientist like Nobel Prize Winner Energy Sec Chu said the Sierra Nevadas would become snow free and there would be no water in CA in 20 yrs due to AGW. So he convinced the Fed to turn off the water to Central Valley over another fraud. This year they have had the largest snowpack in 50 yrs and they still won’t allow the water to these desperate Americans. Their livelihoods have been destroyed by some commie scientists cooking the books to make the data fit their models. Liberals hate farmers and will do whatever it takes to destroy them just like CV.

We have to close down the EPA who has done as much damage to the Ag industry as locusts in Ethiopia. The latest draconian law attempting to regulate DUST is an attempt to end farming in America completely. These Stalinists see the breaking up of the family and corporate farms and turning them over to the collective has led to famines around the world. Whenever you see these commies take over a Country you will see famine and starvation right behind it. The closing of the EPA will not only end the idiocy of monitoring Dirt/Dust but would perhaps allow the return of DDT. This is the most perfect pesticide ever invented in that it is extremely effective against bugs then turns to water after it sits for a couple of days. It is harmless to the birds and animals in the area so farm production would increase as well as controlling insects like mosquitoes. Another perfect example of why we need an enviro-bounty. There has to be a complete end to the endangered species and wetland protections which have been the most corrupted laws ever written. There are examples of an agency finding a 3 ft sq wetland/mud puddle and the owner either being banned from using the surrounding acreage or costing outrageous amounts of extortion $$ to these agencies. Unless there is absolute proof these species are near extinction then the cases need to be thrown out and let these farmers farm.

We need to close much or all of the Ag Dept to eliminate the corruption which runs throughout. It can no longer be used as another tool for the Enviroterrorists to close down farms which are simply trying to earn their livelihood of feeding America. We need to eliminate subsidies starting w/the ethanol boondoggle. These artificially decide the market for the farmer as he adds Gummit $$ into his production decisions. We need to allow farmers to go back to producing the crops people demand and let market forces decide what those are. Eliminating the EPA in relation to its latest rulings is the only way to rid ourselves of this business hobbling group. The streamlining of our Gummit would not only save us untold Billion$ but unburden our farmers increasing production and lowering the cost while stabilizing their long term viability. Bringing capitalism to farms will help both the farmer and America just as spraying DDT will eliminate the other bloodsuckers.

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