Brayin Candy

On the road to Brussels

Judges 4:16 But Barak pursued after the chariots, and after the host, unto Harosheth of the Gentiles: and all the host of Sisera fell upon the edge of the sword; and there was not a man left.

The latest PC version of the Religion of Peace is Radical Islam, whatever that means. How can you tell Radical from fundamental or any Islamic Christian hating zealot? When you believe in the sanctity of murdering Christians and Jews how is that not radical? This is just another PC method for liberals to force tolerance on the masses.

It is time to tell the truth about Islam that it is a death cult centered on the conquest and ruling of the world and the enslaving, raping and murdering of their conquests. The word "Muslim" means "one who submits to God”. There is nothing more to know about their moon god cult which was invented by a crazy madman in the sixth century.

If you come at the problem from that truth then you will treat each and every Mooselip in the world with the proper suspicion. You have terrorists, future terrorists and terrorist supporters and nothing else. All three groups want to kill anyone who is not Mooselimb is given the opportunity to attain sainthood and the afterworld virgins.

The goal of Islam is the overthrow of Western civilization and the death of Christianity. This overthrow is to be done through any means possible with any tactics no matter how bloody. Their most effective method is terror where a very small group of individuals can make as large an impression as possible. This puts the people in fear and forces the gummits to bend to their requirements and eventually their demands for Sharia law as we are witnessing in Europe.

To truly stop and eliminate terror you must eliminate Islam. They must be viewed through a lens of suspicion and everyone you see must be assumed a terrorists or terror sympathizer and watched accordingly. These animals have no longer earned the right to be assumed innocent and for the preservation of society must be fought the same way we do any other criminal/terrorist. For anyone to believe killing Christians and Jews is acceptable is a very radical and dangerous belief.

The reason we do not treat Mooselimbs as bad as they treat us is because the cult of liberalism protects them. For a liberal it is more important to be inclusive and tolerant than it is to be safe. They believe the only thing that really matters is forcing people to accept abhorrent behavior in the cover of tolerance. For them tolerance is sainthood and the only sin anyone can commit is intolerance. So liberals will risk theirs and everyone else’s lives to receive their tolerance fix.

In the Democrat mind they are the most tolerant and open minded people on the planet. Theirs is a world of superiority and elitism since they are truly evolved people by their definition. In their world there is no war or hate only them and the lower classes who fight amongst themselves due to religions and inferiority. They believe if you could only be like them in the secular humanistic world everyone would love and there would be no wars or hate.

Their world is basically a manmade cult for people to worship and feel good about themselves. They of course are full of hate if you dare challenge their world view as you witness riot after riot against those who dare to profess a different idea. When you question the safety of Islam in a Western civilization you watch their heads explode and they spew the most vile hate filled attacks imaginable. If only everyone would be as enlightened as they are they would not have to riot and shout F-bombs at women’s children.

Liberals have a lot in common with Mooselimbs when it comes to tolerating Christians and hardworking Americans. They both spew hate and rather than bombs they know they can use a relatively small group of individuals to humiliate and shame them into their way of acting. They know they can get on TV and use the power of the media to virtually terrorize the masses into thinking the way they think. They know this will be followed up by Academia and verify the error of the normal way of thinking and validate the rioters.

The leftist cult believes they are the next evolution of man just like the Nazis. They believe the only thing greater than man is a group of intellectuals or government. This is their true god and where everything good originates. This is why they believe they can confiscate all of your income, because they truly believe they know how to spend your money and run your life better than you can since they are smarter than you. So when it comes to making you tolerate things you do not believe in like abortion, homosexuality, Islam is peace and coddling criminals/immigrants you are just not aware of their truths.

This is why we are on the track to Brussels. In three to five years women will be kidnapped and sold into slavery from there and nobody will care. They have surrendered their country to the Islamic hoards and have lost the will and knowledge to fight back. Until they learn there is no such thing as Radical Islam and there is only Islam they are doomed to failure and terrorist act after terrorist act with the requisite mourning. To liberals this is the price that must be paid for tolerance and are willing to pay it.

America has to make a decision. Do they continue to worship at the Alter of secular humanism and all that requires or does it turn back to the truth and the one God Almighty. With secular humanism you must tolerate and ignore all of the terrorism in the false hope of awareness. Conversely under Jesus Christ you must accept the truth that there is evil and evil people wanting to kill you and Western Civilization. You must understand that Islam is a godless cult that organizes that evil into hatred and armies wanting to conquer the world through terrorist techniques.

We are at that spiritual crossroads and we must decide do we want to become Europe and Brussels or do we want to become Israel and accept the war we are fighting and just what we are at war with. Until we have people willing to speak the absolute truth rather than muddy terms like Radical Islam, we will be heading towards Europe and our own destruction. What does white American slave girls go for in Mecca?

Pray America wakes