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Olympic Suicide

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living HOPE through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 1 Peter 1:3

It seems the Olympic suicide flu is spreading through Chicago. Michael Scott another dirty political partner Slum Queen Jarrett to blow his brains out. We all know the Daley motto, dead men tell no tales and Scott won’t be telling. Of course we also know suicide in Chi-town is like going for a swim w/lead sneakers in NJ. This is the second Daley inner circle pay-to-play thugs to die. The first was convicted dirtbag Kelly who accidently took an overdose of aspirin and rat poison the week he was heading for prison. Rumor was both of these were singing like canaries. Where in Chicago could anybody find someone to make a murder look like SIEUicide?

Michael Scott was a longtime partner of Jarrett who rose through the ranks of the Daley machine in the same Black Power slumlord circles. They both owned Real Estate companies just like Rezko who are used as a business to launder bribe $$. He was also on the same Chicago Boards where all the power and Pay to Play is funneled into the machine. He was also a force in the obama circle of commie black leadership who ran their side of the Daley syndicate. He was so deep in the corruption he was being investigated for his taking bribes and favors as Chairman of the Chicago Public School Board.

The real corruption he was being investigated was his connection w/Jarrett on the Olympic Committee which he was a board member, which was to develop properties near the village. This was in the slums which were going to be condemned and developed for $85 million if they got 2016. He was even on the flight to Copenhagen Bozo and First Aunt Esther made their failed pitch for the Games. They all owned lots in impoverished neighborhood where they all stood to make fortunes. He was "cleared" of wrongdoing and wouldn’t make any $$, yet we all know there are many ways to enrich yourself. If you know where the sites are going before anybody else, you know where to buy those undervalued lots and he owned 80 of them, for the children of course. We don’t know how many Valerie or Oprah owned.

He was what was called a fixer in the Daley syndicate.  He was the same thing Lucky Kelly was, which is the person you go to to make bids for jobs. If you want to bid on a Chicago project you go to the fixer who tells you how much how and who to bribe. Many of the contracts Kelly was caught with had over $Million bribes attached. Many were laundered through the campaign committees; it all ends up in the same place to get the job done. These dirtbags were being investigated as part of the Rezko/Blago investigation. Its awful convenient Jarrett now has Executive privilege just in case more of the WH is involved in these crimes.

The other area being investigated was the Teachers Retirement Fund. This Fund was used to bribe corporations as well as fund most of the DNC state/city campaigns. They would use it as a slush fund and borrow the $$ during the campaign then pay back after the election. All the DNC candidates use it and w/the drop in the market last year the fund has had a huge shortfall. This is why a number of these officials are being arrested since the funds that were stuffed w/cash are turning up empty and getting audited. Since Dead Scott was Chairman of the Education Board it’s likely that he was being axed questions about those funds.

He was one of the more creative suicides in some time. He shoots himself in the temple in the heart of Chicago falling into the Chicago River which is only a mile long. He never left a note and those crazy city cops pulled the body out of the river before it could be looked at by the coroner the area hosed down by the fire dept before the area could be photographed. In addition the cause of death was ruled a suicide almost the day before. The police are still investigating it, which means awful suspicious. Gee, who could want him dead besides everybody in the Machine? Those Friends of Obama are stacking like cordwood.

Make no mistake, this is not only about the Chicago Machine, it’s about the corruption in the 2016 Committee. These pols who were led by Jarrett was about making these crooks rich beyond their dreams, so their Greed killed them, morally, ethically, financially and in this case literally. They were going to siphon millions from HUD as it restored the Chicago downtown making their properties 1000X what they were purchased. When obama failed to win the Gold their real estate crashed, causing many to go bankrupt. Fortunate for them, they are Dems and Pigment Protected so there will never be a media investigation into this obvious scandal. If they were White Males they would already be indicted, welcome PC set asides.

To anybody feeling sorry for this piece of communist human debris, save it. He is the exact reason the inner city schools and neighborhoods are a disaster. He held down his race so he could stuff his pockets and get the power bennies. He was a corrupt official who made a fortune off Plantation Politics. He has made a career of hiding behind his race and getting favors because he is given Affirmative Action that corrupted these cities. He no longer cared about the poor Black kid who had no future since he could sell that picture like Sally Struthers milking the kind heart and guilt of White people. If he cared he would have stood up to the NEA and said, NO we want to test out some other paths to see if they could educate these kids better then the failed kid factories we are sending them through. No, this Chicago River floater was the problem, not the solution so good riddance, he or they, finally saved taxpayer $$.

These two suicides were people who were directly connected to the WH Chicago Pay to Play Politics. Scott worked directly and was likely being questioned about these members of the Ohbummer team: Jarrett, Axlehole, Rham, Michelle, Barak as well as Rezko and Blagovich. This scandal needs a special investigator to find out what the 2016 Committee was about and how it was tied into the real estate of South Chicago. This would expose who we are dealing w/in the WH. It will never happen while DNCBS needs to destroy Palin, even if bodies are starting to float in the Chicago River.

Pray for America