Brayin Candy

In the Belly of the Beast

But by faith we eagerly await through the Spirit the righteousness for which we hope. Gal 5:5

I Spent the last two days in the Belly of the Beast. This FReeper got an inside peek at the halls of learning while going through registration at the UofOR. They are no longer a institution of learning but a Seminary for the religion of Liberalism. Everybody both student and professor appear to reach for the perfect 100% PC rating. All the female professors are Butch while the men are completely feminine, especially those w/beards. If we were given $1 every time we heard the word diversity they would be owe us tuition $$. I thought my church services were based on faith and religious dogma until I sat through a sample classroom. The only thing he didn’t do was stone a Heretic.

Sitting in a mock science classroom, of course I figured there would be evolution since it was a science class so I was ready to just accept it. Problem is there was no way to sit through the dogma filled speech he gave. The class started w/the obligatory statement that

Global Warming was a fact and science was the canary for the unwashed masses. He then went on w/a very manipulated set of examples. He had to show the usual visual parlor tricks making you think one thing is something it isn’t. Basically making the case we weren’t paying attention while the "tiger was at your back".

He then manipulated some stats to show certain things more deadly than others. He drops in how high the hourly rate of dying in Vietnam out of the blue yet leaves out Iraq since that number would be too low for his agenda. His final point was childbirth is the most dangerous activity of all. Course he leaves out the part about Turd World prenatal care and makes it sound like our childbirth is excessively dangerous. His political agenda couldn’t be any more clear. The irony of the speech was it was a speech on Bias while he was the most biased person in the room. He then went into the evolution tirade. Starting this portion w/the statement, "there are people who think the earth is only 8,000 yrs old, does anyone know how old the earth really is?" "4.8 billion yrs, does everyone realize what the % of error that is? Over 1 million percent wrong" mocking anyone who didn’t buy the Big Bang theory. Then he started going into the ol Darwin time line showing the different mileposts as dates in the year and the ape of course was in late Dec. Gosh, how enlightened this man is to throw the old evolution cliché at us while underlining his absolute hatred of Christians.

That’s when I had enough and axed a question. I axed, if someone doesn’t believe in a subject like evolution does he have freedom to express his opinion in your class or would you rather he just memorize the points and regurgitate it on a test?

He said that some girl had taken his class a couple years earlier that had never heard of evolution and had only heard from her Christian school it was some type of evil theory. He said lots of schools don’t teach it and he was doing a service to open their minds to a new idea.

I interrupted and asked how many schools don’t teach evolution, all schools teach it. We went back and forth a bit but in the end he said that he expected students to challenge thought and he said it was fine for them to question old theories. What he didn’t say is his speech was so intimidating there is no way a kid would dare to put themselves on the spot w/someone who was so Fundamental about his beliefs. A kid would be afraid of this guy and to put their grade on the line to make a point, there is little chance of him getting questioned. A couple parents thanked me after the class and said how biased guy he was on a lecture about Bias. Then the fun began...

Walking back from dropping my car off to the next lecture when who is walking down the street but Professor Biased. I said hope I wasn’t too hard on him and he said it was fine he needed to be challenged on students being able to exchange ideas.

Then I opened the box when I said science has become corrupted by the argument on Global Warming. I said, when science becomes political then the people can no longer trust it. I then went on to say that scientists are so intimidated by Group Think anybody who goes against the group are basically destroyed politically.

He asked me about my politics and told him I was a Conservative. He said there were a couple at the UO but not many since academia tends to attract Liberals. He explained people who are willing to challenge conventional wisdom and go against the established thought more than Conservatives. I piped in, Or vice versa! His flunky laughed at that one while it flew right over his pointy head he was so enthralled w/his navel lint.

He said Group Think was not true and scientists not only like being challenged but always try to challenge their own theories. He went on later to call scientists who disagreed w/GW non-scientists and discredited them professionally. This is the old evolution scam where anybody who disagrees is not really a scientist and the ones who decides which ones count are the ones who agree w/GW which is why they have consensus. This is desperate tactic of someone losing the argument. Later he used the term consensus when he talked about evolution being accepted by all real scientists. At least he was consistent.

He then went on and on about the credibility of GW and how he has attended all of these conferences that were non-political Climate Change conferences. He stressed how he was apolitical and how he never knew the politics of anybody in science. Funny how I knew not only what Party he belonged to in the first 2 mins of his lecture but am sure he’s never voted for a Republican in his life. He was nearly as hard to peg as algore. Imagine what a hero he is on campus carrying a Holy Sacrament like GW. Even though he was apolitical he was going on about Cap and Trade and how a better program was Cap and Share/Marxism.

He then went on how there was a plan in the offing about salting the clouds w/zinc to make them rain and cool the earth. He was saying that the oceans are so bad there is a momentum theory which says even if we stopped producing evil CO2 the oceans would keep increasing and the planet will superheat. Kinda like the Dr who tells you you've got lung cancer and you have 2 weeks to live, smoke em if ya got em. All he needed was a "World Ends Tomorrow" sign.

I asked him about how credible was the data and he said 90%, how convenient. We already saw how he was manipulating the numbers in the danger of dying portion of the lecture, so we know he is a liar and is manipulating that 90% like Enron in an audit. Turns out he is using ocean temp data from 10 yrs ago that have been discredited by more accurate measuring methods that show no heating of the ocean. Even if it were 90%, do you destroy an economy w/a 10% chance of being wrong, especially w/their track record?

Then I brought up rain increasing if the temp of the ocean increases which would cool the eart. He had no answer except that El Nino or La Nina I can never remember which one was the worst for us. The real doomsday scenario I found was the end of Niño’s which is about to happen and then we’re all dead, blah, blah, blah. Anybody want a smoke?

What an eye opener. Speaking to one of the true Fundamentalist Priests of Liberalism w/his blinders switched to blackout setting. His faith was enshrined in his belief in science. He had a lot to lose since if he was wrong his entire life and smug hatred towards God was a fraud, then what? A life wasted. After I had time to digest what he said I caught him in a number of lies. Basically, he played a couple of cheap parlor tricks to say you should ignore your eyes and believe what he had to say. He had no proof and only the same ol arguments that Libs have been using for years.

He was able to drown me in phony facts and figures but when he said the data was excellent he was making it up. He gave me a website to look at which turns out has some counter sites which show the data was being manipulated to say what they wanted it to say for political reasons. It may be the most biased website on the web. This is a website set up by a media group to promote Cap America. Those close minded scientists must hate the internet? He said he was not political when he knew more about Cap and Trade and his favorite which was Cap and Share than he should. He said he was willing to bankrupt the Country to avoid the coming crisis. He brought up Green energy to replace our economy like it was real.

In the end the only thing we agreed on was we needed more Nuclear. He finally admits we Conservatives were right about Nuclear for the last 30 yrs. Well it and the Ice Age scare, the Ozone Layer scare, Acid Rain scare and Now Global Scamming scare. Scientists have more faith in their gods than I have in mine. It’s just I’m honest about my religion. He was a Priest at the UO Liberal Seminary whose calling was to convince as many kids as possible GW was real and we needed to turn to Marxism to save the World. Sadly it was a peek into most of the professor’s lives. What a day!

Pray for American Freedom