Brayin Candy

Apology for Obozo

...and I have the same Hope in God as these men, that there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked. Acts 24:15

To the entire World, we would like to officially apologize for President Obozo and his European Bowing Tour. The tri where he was as competent a Retard at a Mensa Meeting. He is not exactly Black Jack & Jackie. Kennedy went to Berlin and was a Berliner; Obomba goes to Europe and is ashamed. He does not speak for me or any of the 57 million Americans who voted against him. He does not speak for that many of the people who voted for him. He speaks only for those like him, Hate America w/every fiber of their being. Our Country has nothing to apologize for to any Freedom loving Countries, which is why he loves tyrants like Ahmacrazyraghed and hates people like Reagan, Bush, Truman and Churchill, who have done the unthinkable, conquering communist dictators to free souls. Did he apologize to the Iraqis for America setting them free from torture, murder and genocide?

We Americans apologize to the World for an egotistical arrogant angry Chicago thug and his corrupt wife they are our embarrassment. We understand how insulting he can be, since he thinks, thanks to Affirmative Action getting him into our best universities; he suddenly is the smartest man on the planet. We know he’s never accomplished anything in his life other than being in the right place at the right time. He only got the DNC nomination for Not being named Clinton and got the Presidency by Not being named Bush. That and a half Billion $$ from the Saudi King to brainwash the masses into voting for slavery.

So let’s see why he has to apologize for a Country who voted a mixed race fatherless kid to become the most powerful man in the Country he hates. He has to apologize for all the racism in this Country where something happened which couldn’t happen in any other Country in the World. He has to apologize for something which would never happen in Cuba, China, Russia, Palestine, Africa, France or any other Country he thinks is superior to America. He has to apologize for us having the nerve to fight and die for the freedom of every Country he believes our superior. No bozo, America has anything to apologize for.

Did he apologize to Kim Jock Itch for us forcing him to shoot the missile over Japan while he was reading his inept disarmament speech? He should know it was America’s fault for forcing the poor dictator to want to kill

Japanese and Americans. Did he apologize for forcing all those Taleeeban terrorists to want to kill us? Of course it isn’t because they were brainwashed since birth to hate non Mooselimbs, no it’s all America’s fault. Perhaps he should apologize for bowing to a Saudi Sheik? Isn’t he the one who is always talking about moving away from evil Oil? Does the Carpet Jock understand Alternative Energy means imported Oil? Or was his bow a quid pro quo for his starting the economic crash? An anonymous WH source claims he bent to read a Floor Prompter with a small font and made him say Allah Milkbar as a greeting.

So Mr President, you are not speaking for any Americans on our side of the political spectrum. We love our Country and know this was the freest Country on the planet and was the Shining City on the Hill, til you arrived. We understand you are nothing but a petty crook who wants to become a tyrant. We know you want to become Castro and will declare Martial Law at your first chance. He is change you thugs always believe in.

Perhaps you can start by apologizing to the people of England for giving another pathetic gift. Was K Mart out of DVDs? Do you really think one of the richest people in the world can’t buy her own little 2 bit gadget? Please tell us it at least had the Presidential Seal on it. Then how bout asking forgiveness for being the worst negotiator since Neville Chamberlain? You couldn’t get a lousy few thousand troops to help us in Trashcanistan. Guess they are, as anti-war as you were, til two months ago.

If anybody deserves an apology its America and the American people for being embarrassed by your look at me bow to every tyrant under the sun tour. Finally, how bout apologizing for saying America is not a Christian Country. Only in your dreams King Hussain. Those pesky Christians keep getting in the way of your gummit paradise.

What you don’t understand President Obozo is the World has seen your dictatorial act before, so they’re not impressed. They know you’re only about you and how much power you can acquire. They know a phony when they see one and only have to listen to one of your bromides as you pontificate all your disgust of your own Country. The problem is the World really doesn’t hate America as much as you do. Perhaps the Ayatoillet hates us as much as you, but everyone else understands Liberty. There really are few leaders in the World who doesn’t understand what America has done for the World and Freedom. Certainly every Iraqi who risked holding up a purple finger understands America and who Lady Liberty is. Too bad our President doesn’t, we apologize for that.

Pray for America and Our Troops