Brayin Candy

Common Ground Hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. Romans 8:20-21

Notre Dame’s fall is now complete. The school’s Moral standing has now fallen further than its football team. By being a prop for President Obortion they are now in the same league as every bloodthirsty abortion radical in the Country. For a Catholic school which has such spiritual warriors as Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul is now in the same group as Margeret Senger, Patricia Ireland and Planned Abortion. Perhaps they can change TD Jesus to Late Term Jesus.

Barak Obortion said for issues like abortion we need to listen to both sides and try to find Common Ground. He said it is time to stop attacking the other side and sit down and talk to find that common ground. He never said how you find common ground between whether you believe that the 53 Million abortions was killing babies or not. He said he wants both sides to reach their hands out. Which is a noble gesture if he were sincere.

Perhaps he can find Common Ground on other issues. One issue he could find common ground is whether the gummit has any business in Business. We are seeing what is his obamination of the economy. Perhaps the most powerful man in this Country can talk about who wants the gummit owning the banking and car industries. The gummit has never shown the ability to manage or run anything efficiently, perhaps we can find some common ground on getting the gummit out of these industries.

Certainly we can find some common ground in the connection between cheap fuel and the automobile industry. Lets find some common ground in exposing the fraud of Global Scamming and how we can’t continue to choke America w/draconian energy limitations and taxation on energy. There has to be the need for making sure that this threat exists before we are willing to absolutely destroy the economy over a myth. We can have common ground on drilling our own oil rather than paying the Airabs. Where is the common ground on those who don’t want communism?

Perhaps we can find some common ground on why he is starving this Country economically. There has to be common ground on the need to bankrupt America by wasting Trillions on boondoggle projects that are only proposed to help the DNC. Why are we spending future American and Chinese generations money to make sure ACORN can provide enough voter fraud to elect more corrupt politicians. Certainly there is room for common ground for those who don’t want to be communist subjects.

Lets find common ground on the need to destroy the Healthcare Industry to make it a gummit run bureaucracy. There has to be some reaching out by obozo to the conservatives for common ground to maintain the finest care in the World and keep it that way. Lets start by getting those lawyers who breed like cockroaches, out of the operating room? If he can find common ground between life and death, certainly there is plenty of common ground for saving lives.

Obortion said that it is time for sides to come together and respect each others deep seated differences. Funny how he never said that when Miss California was being bombarded w/every vile name under the sun including having his dog named after her, for her having the same opinion he does. How cowardice is it to go to a college campus that is a liberal bastion and preach to the choir, compared to what Carrie Prejean went through. Where was his outcry for being able to express differing opinions then?

He’s plenty happy to reach out to common ground on an issue like abortion where America has pretty much decided whether a baby is being killed or not. Yet he is willing to destroy our economy w/o listening to opposing voices as he uses his one Party rule to have gummit take it over. He believes America must be punished for its past offenses and especially those rich who write your paychecks. Where is the common ground for the 51 Million who voted against this takeover? Where is our common ground who believe the best gummit is less gummit? Where is our common ground for the 51 million who believe that private enterprise is far better than a Premier nationalizing America? Where is the Common Ground for anything other than dropping our objection to abortion?

Pray for America