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The Death of Science

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18

The Communist Party has been using a cleaver trick for decades and Conservatives continue to fall for it. The Dems always claim to be the Party of science even though there is no scientific proof for any of their proclamations. They have simply changed the definition of science to fit their Communist agenda so it becomes a club to force Socialism down America’s throat.

Follow the science is their main mantra even though they are doing everything except following the scientific model. The basic model is to develop a theory such as the earth is round and then test the theory like sailing around it until you prove it and then it becomes a scientific fact. How many of their scientific proclamations have been proven?

What the Communists do is academia or medicine develops a theory and then never evaluate it or prove it, they just claim the theory is fact and all agree it is truth. An example of this is the vax which they claimed it would protect people against the covid at a rate of 95% even though they had no proof of it being that effective. They then changed it to 60% and then 40% and now are admitting it has little or no effect at protecting you from the virus or transmitting it.

They now admit the vax is basically a placebo yet they are still requiring you to get it as a social responsibility to take it for the team. The same was done with the mask even though they still refuse to admit it is ineffective against the virus. It is so ineffective the latest studies are showing states which had lockdowns and mask mandates were less effective at stopping outbreaks than states which did not yet those Governors still claim lockdowns and masks work.

The facts are the mask cannot filter the virus particles since they run around 1/10th to 1/300th microns which is too small for the N95 mask which filters around 3/10th of a micron. So, for you Democrats this shows the virus is somewhere between 3-300 times smaller than an N95 mask can filter. This does not consider a bad fit which will run around ¼ inch or a beard which will take that gap to around a half inch to an inch which is like the Grand Canyon to a virus. Still our officials cry, "follow the science" and wear something which has absolutely no effect on the virus but plenty of Virtue Grandstanding for the Governor.

This fake science tactic began with evolution which was a theory devised by Darwin who was an agrarian scientist studying farmers breeding livestock. Breeding better and better stock led to a theory which the stock would get bigger and stronger until it became another species which explained how man developed from a single cell. He theorized that a species could adapt to the point of becoming a different species on up the ladder. The main problems obviously are where did the single cell come from and where are the billions of transitory species which developed from a single cell to man. Darwin stated if you could not find proof of transitional species in the fossils in fifty years his theory was false.

Rather than admitting this theory does not have any proof the atheistic scientists simply claimed anyone who does not believe in evolution is a flat earth imbecile. Rather than proving it they simply all agreed it was true and anyone who did not go along was kicked out of science or mocked until they left or changed their minds.

This became the main tactic of science which said you can claim anything under the sun and if you could get enough people to agree to it then it was a fact. This same tactic was used for abortion claiming the baby was not a baby but a fetus or an unformed blob of cells. Never mind everyone knows it would become a human being just like the mother and father, but they convinced enough people a fetus was not human and 70 million dead babies later the science says it is a fetus while the biology says it is a person. It is not going to become a cat or a dog but will be a baby according to biology but that does not fit the agenda so it stays a fetus.

They repeated the theory is proven science scam over and over from using extinction theories on untold number of animals which allowed them to stop all sorts of projects and industries as well as every theory conceivable to stop any project they do not deem worthy.

Some of their more damaging so-called sciences were the Spotted Owl, the Striped Minnow, Peak Oil, Acid Rain, the Ozone Hole, Global Warming and now the number of genders and the homosexual agenda. None of these theories have even been tested let alone proven yet the Communists claim you cannot argue with science.

The Communist Party is using this over and over perhaps a dozen times a year to force people to do what they want. Global Warming or Climate Change has never been tested or proven. You would expect the first thing someone would say is prove it but nobody is allowed to challenge one of their theories let alone be able to examine the proof. They simply claim you are moronic science denier and it ends all discussions about testing and proving their theories.

This is what happens when you have an atheistic cult which worships the Creation rather than the Creator. This happens when you no longer believe in God but Man and all of Man’s corruption. These same people expect the world to believe an ant evolved into a man over time but laugh at someone who believes in God. These same people believe completely in life on other planets or extraterrestrials coming to earth yet laugh at you when you say there is a God far more superior to mankind.

You would think someone who can believe life came from nothing and then defects itself enough times to becoming a human being with absolutely no fossil evidence of it occurring would have little problem believing in God. You would also think someone who believes there are a couple of hundred sexes would have any problem understanding Jesus came to earth as man and died on the cross as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Especially when they cannot show any examples in the animal kingdom of having more than two sexes or those animals having any homosexual tendencies. Where can they point to a dog, a cat or a rat having more than two kinds? They cannot which points to made up science.

This is the trick they have been using for the past fifty years and especially the last decade. Just like the virus where they claim to be following the science, they cannot show one example of their science being proven or backed up with facts. They have no explanation where the virus came from, why they made people wait until their oxygen got below 90% before admitting them to the hospital or why they used Remdesivir to treat them. The other question which has to be answered is how many actually died within sixty days of the vaccine, but that is being hidden like the combination to the Fort Knox vault. Where is the proof?

Next time the Satanic Party uses Science Says, the first thing out of America’s mouth needs to be, “Prove It!” It is a cute parlor trick they can turn a theory into a fact with no evidence or proof whatsoever, but enough is enough. Until they prove any of their follow the science nonsense, they need to be mocked and ignored. When they cannot prove the science then it is not science but more Communist promotion. There is no science, no proof and no truth, only lies.

God is science and truth. Science is simply a path to understand God and he never changes. Man’s science changes every ten minutes while God has been truth since the beginning of time. His Word never changes and only cares about man and loves him with all of man’s sins. This is why he sent his son to die for man’s sins and give him a path towards God. This never changes and can be proved by anyone who wants to search for the evidence. The Bible has been the same for thousands of years and will continue to be the same for the next thousand which gives you hope and peace.

Next time they claim Science Says it is time to say prove it, just like they need proof about God. In the end to believe in science and all of its lies and corruption you need far more faith to believe it than to believe God is the Creator of the Earth. They both require massive amounts of faith, then it becomes who you want to put that faith in, man or God.

He is Risen

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