Brayin Candy

Mao and Mother Teresa

He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the HOPE of eternal life. Titus 3:5-7

Anita Dunn or the Lizard Lady as most people now know her makes one of the most idiotic yet moronic comparisons in histoir at her son’s graduation at a Lutheran HS speech. She compares Chairman Mao to Mother Teresa of Calcutta as her favorite "political" philosophers. What? Was the Hitler and Gandhi pairing already taken? To compare a Sainted Nun who rescued babies from trash cans to a murderous dictator who forced women to drown their newborns in rice paddies speaks volumes of who this lady and the rest of her comrades are. She cares as much about Mother Teresa and her abortion stand as she does one of those babies floating in the rice paddy?  Mother Teresa was merely a smoke screen.

The last time I was so uncomfortable watching a speaker was at a baseball game where the announcer had a serious harelip. We felt sorry for him and the team as he introduced all of them as we bit holes in our cheeks. We all understand about hiring the handicapped, yet there are certain jobs you need to understand your limitations, like one legged kick boxing, becoming a Priest w/Tourette syndrome or skydiving w/no arms and legs. Becoming a WH communication director w/a tongue that has a mind of its own is one of those limitations. At least bring your saucer of water.

Using Mother Teresa as a shield to cover your love of Mao is sophomoric yet unconscionable. First, abortion is not a political belief; it’s a moral issue for everyone except the radical left whose religion is communism. As much as we know about the early development of a baby, there is no question either you value life or not. Mother Teresa did, and gave her entire life for her cause, saving baby after baby, Dictator Mao didn’t, and murdered somewhere between 75-100 Million dissidents and babies likely passed Stalin/Lenin for largest killing field.

That’s one of the problems w/a state run press, there’s no way to find how many were in those mass graves around the camps. He also had a state run healthcare plan took care of you right up until the bullet entered the back of your head. Actually that is an exaggeration; he stopped shooting dissidents/Christians when he found that it was cheaper to starve them to death, just like Stalin’s Gulag. They learned if they cut your calories to around 250/day w/in a year of hard work, you were fertilizer for the next crop.

The other great thing Mao did Lizard Woman must have really admired were his population controls. Women were and are only allowed 1 baby. If she wanted a boy or already had a baby, the girl or 2nd baby was to be killed at birth which was the Turd World form of abortion. This is why millions of babies were drowned in the rice paddies or abandoned into the woods in Mao's population controls. This was disregarded in many of the rural areas, however if a family was found to have too many children they were sent to the camps and the mother would be killed. If she wasn’t killed, she or they would work as slaves in the factories that are still running. We can see the program that Dunnbell and Premier Hussain are planning for America in the next 3-4 yrs since he and his entire circle of Czars are Mao worshiping comrades which doesn’t bode well for Americans.

How typical this piece of commie dunng would make her first appearance on the national stage to censor a news organization investigating the WH commie connections. To boldly go out on DNCNN and spout FOX is a wing of the RNC knowing she made this speech takes some real nerve or idiocy, she likely thought it wasn’t taped. This is a new world for burnt out 60s radicals, who no longer can hide their SDS perversions. We know who they are and there are so many cameras out there we will find out what they are.

Here’s how it will work if we let them push through their revolution. This has all been planned decades ago as these comrades, who are all members of SDS; have been dreaming since the 60's. They need to kill the economy by nationalizing all industries. This step is nearly complete after taking over the auto, banking, education, gummit and soon healthcare and energy being controlled by WH CommieCzars. They took over the elderly by destroying their investments and soon Dr Soros will destroy the currency leaving them at the gummit’s ahem...mercy. The next steps are a bit trickier, yet when the economy is completely destroyed, very doable.

They will take over the media officially and set up State news, many say is already done. They only have to close FOX at this point since the ABDNCBS are simply puppets. NBC is owned by $oro$ through GE. The final step is to round up all dissenters who are enemies of the state for re-education. The first wave will be purged as we will never be heard from again while the second wave will be the outspoken libs who may be a threat. Elimination of extremists in the Party is done to maintain the "peace".

Like all good commie dictatorships, the second wave has the intelligentsia who may not have absolute Obie beliefs. Ironic, the American university is the last place on earth who believer communism works, yet they're always a threat to the Party. Once this is complete they will have their workers’ paradise, where Premier Hussain and his Inner Circle will have all the fruits while the workers get the pits. This is what their hero Mao did when he wasn’t forcing women to drown their babies for the Party. The difference between Mother Teresa and Mao is she never saw a baby as worthless, he and she do. Not only would they kill the baby, but also Mother Teresa for being an enemy of the state. She said, "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." Those words make her an enemy of The Party.

Pray for America and Premier Hussain’s Salvation