Brayin Candy

The District of Criminals

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Matthew 5:14,16 (King James Version)

The motto for the Barak Obiden regime is 10% for the Big Guy. Just like the first two Barak terms this turd one is nothing more than revenge on anyone who has a business and sending more money to the public employees to keep their votes. Trump was never supposed to happen due to underestimating ballot stuffing and he set their plan back nearly ten years but unfortunately were able to retake a Sledge Hammer & Sickle to the oil industry and reverse the Trump economy they so desperately feared.

Inside the Beltway of Pirates all of the Inner Circle Party Members live a life of luxury and decadence as they use their cultish proclamations to steal more and more money from the American middle class. Their latest one which they cynically named the Inflation Reduction and Save the Climate Act was as in your face as you can possibly get and going to put an afterburner on this inflation torture driving it to Venezuelan levels. You may suffer and lose everything you have but rest assured, everyone in DC will be buying up Dachas and Teslas like they were the last cats in Chinatown.

Everyone knows there are more Communists in the District of Collusion than China and Russia combined. Both of those countries know better and have long since instituted Capitalist incentives while the Commies in Washington are the last true believers. Why shouldn’t they be true believers since everyone in Capitol One has two jobs, the one you pretend inside a five-story agency and the real money maker advising foreign countries and enemies who want access into your agency budget and secrets which is where the real dough is made. Everyone in DC has a Paul Pelosi, Hunter, Michelle, or Jeb where all the bribes get laundered.

Of course, everyone knows about the multi-million dollar Burisma job Hunter pretended to have in Ukraine or the $3.5 million dollar check from the ex-mayor of Moscow’s wife let alone the $1.5 Billion the Chinese invested in Hunter, John Kerry’s sons and the ongoing bribes which are being hidden by the District of Changemakers, since like the Clinton investigations they were being closely investigated behind the scenes. Anyone need any Brooklyn Bridge stock? The dirty little secret is everyone in the Washington trough does the same exact thing 24/7/365.

A couple of oldies but goodies go back around twenty years when Pelosi was pushing for her San Fran Big Dig. This has nothing to do with the homosexual community but was the development of that great boondoggle BART Choo Choo which was a subway system in the biggest earthquake zone on the planet. It just so happened her real estate husband bought up all the slum property where the BART central hub was going to be making him millions. The same thing happened with a sweetheart deal for the Presidio and Ford Island which gave her rental income while you paid the maintenance on her buildings. Communists understand if Marxism is done right the Inner Circle make millions and millions while sucking the outer circle dry like a vampire on a neck.

Communism is shared misery for 95% of the country although if you are part of the 5% you will never have to work another day in your life. While the Commie media is hounding Trump they ignore all of the corruption which is really occurring inside the Beltway bubble. When Barack first became President and long before he became worth hundreds of millions of dollars passing the graft income of even Algore, he attempted to do the Big Dig in Chicago. America was trying to get the Olympics into Chicago…no really, they never explained wearing Kevlar during the marathon, and with all of his cultish love being darker than nearly half the world, he ran a scam to buy ghetto property in downtown Chicago before the announcement of hosting the Olympics.

He had his then good friend Oprah buy everything she could find with the help of slumlord Valarie Jarrett filling their cart with properties just waiting for the announcement which would drive those properties up ten times or more with all the pork coming to build the venues. After it was announced Peking was getting them he and Oprah had a multi-million dollar falling out as she lost millions by owning some of the worst properties in Ghetto Chicago with no market to sell them. Anyone want to buy a rundown project where SWAT would never step foot? Make offer. The good news is there is still a huge skeet shooting event going nearly every weekend thanks to his peacemaking skills. Still don’t think he is on Oprah’s book club.

The way it works in the District of Corruption is you launder all the bribes through the family. You have you family either get a choice job they never have to go to like being on a board or the Reid/Pelosi method where you give them undervalued real estate or some other type of subjectively valued asset and then have them pay a low price and sell it later for a huge profit making you filthy rich.

There is no interest in arresting Hunter or Slow Joe for corruption charges since everyone is on the same take. You think they were happy when Trump stopped the sex slave trade at the border while the Beltway was losing their 10% Cartel cash and pedo perks?

You think they were happy when that slave trade was shut down along with the drug smuggling which put billions in their pockets? Do you really believe this was a moral outrage to them to have children being kept in cages rather than in Pedo houses across the country? Where do you think Hunter was getting his crack and hookers? Every family in the District of Cocaine has a family full of Hunters. This one was so stupid that he filmed it on a computer and left it at a repair shop yet nobody has the slightest interest since they are searching for the Trump silver bullet.

This is why the oil drilling had to be stopped as well as the coal powered energy plants. It is why Big Pharma is allowed to force you to take their Clot Shot and change your DNA and immune system other than pure bribery. It is why there are billions of future laundered dollars heading for Ukraine the center of the European sex slave trade.

It is why every budget and decision is made to pad their nests and the nests of their masters. Graft and corruption is at the heart of the Global Warming campaign with a clever cult message they are making trillions off the naivete of their worshipers, mostly 15-year-old girls who want to mean something on Twitter.

This is why America has to suffer in a recession bordering on a depression or as Reagan said. "A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose your job and a recovery is when Biden loses his job."

America has to suffer so fat cats like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, China Mitch, AOC, and Romney can enjoy the fat of their budgets and perks. You can go to every problem in America and trace it back to some politician or bureaucrat taking bribes under the table either overtly or in a roundabout manner. You can bet Romney has gotten some sweetheart deals in all his years as a public servant.

There is only one real solution, fire them. There should not be one corrupt politician reelected under any circumstance. The Founding Fathers warned of this exact problem since they saw in in Britain back in the 1700s. The British wh9 occupied America were stealing from the people through every form of graft and corruption and understood you could only guard the gold mine for so long before the gold started ending up in your pockets which is why these dinosaurs need to go and be replaced every term or two. For every good one you may lose you cut 10 bad ones stealing from the mine.

If America wants to return to the path of integrity it will have to vote out the Pelosis, Clintons, and Bidens and replace them with regular people. This is their biggest fear that people not from Moscow on the Potomac would call the shots.

The next Trump needs to fire everyone from the top four floors of every alphabet agency and shut down A-M, then you will begin to have an honest District of Columbia. Until then, fire them all in November and read or listen to The Republic of Texas and imagine a world which could be while escaping this one. See what a Shining City on the Hill would look like.

Pray for Revival