Brayin Candy

Loving MS-13

Mark 12:5

And again he sent another; and him they killed, and many others; beating some, and killing some.


At what point does your average hard working Dem voter say enough is enough? Over the last couple of weeks you have twisted yourself into so many pretzels you have to be looking for some more rock salt. You support Hamas over Israel which is one of the largest terrorist organizations in the Middle East because Israel had the nerve to protect itself from armed gangs trying to breach their walls. You have to hate the fact three American prisoners were released from North Korea since Trump thanked Rocket Man for their release. You support MS-13 because Trump may have hurt their feelings making them want to go to their safe place so they can machete an innocent and you now are rooting for North Korea in the peace negotiations. Now some people are understanding you hate America.

Apparently, the only thing the DNC stands for is if President Trump is for it we are agin it. To the average voter it is looking more and more like Trump is for America and they are agin it. When you are forced to say a savage group of animals who get into a gang by killing someone or gang raping a girl as initiation are going to be offended by calling them what they are, you have lost 75% of your voters. This is not an election strategy it is a viral hatred for someone to the point of having to be on the opposite side of any issue no matter how absurd. A smart stand would be to agree with the President and say you want to deport these monsters and work with him, but they have painted themselves into the resistance box and cannot do anything but object.

What the Dems do not get after eight years of their messiah, is America is tired of PC censorship. The reason you cannot call these monsters what they are which is animals, is they want to control your thoughts. It is ok for them to label everyone who disagrees with them Nazis, homophobes and Deplorable racists, but don’t dare call one of their groups a demeaning name. They have called President Trump and his supporters every disgusting name under the sun, but let’s not hurt the feelings of MS-13 who has the moniker of rape, kill and control through terror. What genius in the DNC made the decision to support this murderous gang over average Americans?

The only thing dumber than supporting MS-13 is being on the side of Kim Jung Un, now that is a stroke of geius. The same guy who was threatening to nuke cities in America and SE Asia is now their best friend. True to form the DNC has never been on the American side of any enemy and could always be counted on being their best buddy. To be on the side of North Korea is just where you would expect them to be after decades of conspiring with Russia, Cuba and China. To be against the peace negotiations may be their natural position, but average Dems have to wonder what is to be gained from always being against America and for its enemies.

The final straw could be their supporting the spying on the Trump campaign. These are the same people who point to Nixon as the most evil politician in histoir when he did nothing in comparison to the FBI hiring spies to gather inside information on a campaign. Their position is nearly comical if not dangerous. They and PravdABC are saying Trump and Russian collusion is guilty until proven innocent, but the FBI is innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, where’s the proof? It is so obvious even many Dems are noticing the double standard.

At what point does America just dump the entire media complex? There is only one small network which actually reports both sides of a story and the rest of the Ink Well and Quill Media wants to shut them down. How can the very people who reported and pushed the Watergate story not be interested in the actual spying on a campaign by the FBI? This is wrong and illegal on so many levels you have to conclude the media is corrupt beyond repair. Their core hatred of Donald Trump and his supporters has driven them completely around the bend to where they cannot contemplate fairness. They are now accomplices to a crime and will fight it 100% since it reflects poorly on the FBI and Mueller and their, "Peach forty five" pipe dream.

They have become nothing more than political harassment officers. The Russian fraud was cooked up by Hillary and Barack to hamstring President Trump and to give legs to their Resistance campaign. It has served her well as her cultists have combined with the Obamanites to make the running of this gummit more difficult. There is no such thing as collusion with another country since we have an entire State Department formed to collude with govts around the world including Russia. If you want to convict for a Russian conspiracy you could look at the past 50 yrs. of the DNC and see plenty just like we are seeing with them and North Korea and Iran yet the mediots are fine with that.

The real issue with being a resistance movement for the DNC complex is you have to be against everything no matter how right it is. To have to defend the most bloodthirsty gang on the planet which makes its mark with murder, rape and child sex trafficking then you have a hard time being taken seriously. If they are for murder, rape, drug and sex rings and are calling people racists and Hitler you have to wonder where their morals lie.  When you support a gang which requires its members to murder someone or rape and then murder a girl and then are outraged Trump calls them animals, your average Joe just laughs at you for your sissy sensitivity.

The truth is the Stone Age Media and the rest of the Marxist cabal has more in common with North Korea and MS-13 than they do with everyday Americans. They can relate to any gang or country which hates America then they can with anyone who loves her. To imagine people can love America after what it did in its histoir is beyond their comprehension so they go around pointing out her faults, pick the scabs and point out imagined injustice to continue to despise it as unworthy of their love. Just as they ignore the rapes, murders and sex slave trafficking of MS-13 they ignore the terrorism of Hamas and Iran or N Korean brutality since they all have a common enemy, America and especially Patriotic Americans who are always under their microscope of social morality.

The circle of America haters is getting smaller and smaller as the truth of America’s compassion and generosity leaks out through the New Media. This media is getting larger and larger with a bigger megaphone countering Dinosaur Reporters. Add to it the Trump Tweets and it is getting harder and harder for the Marxists to control the messaging so people can judge both sides for themselves. The last two weeks have been devastating for the DNC as they pushed their knee jerk reactions looking like maroons who care more about criminals than they do about hard working Americans. The hyped Blue Wave is quickly turning into a Yellow Stream as Americans will be voting for their own safety over the feelings of savage murderers. President Trump speaks the truth to Dems which is like a cross to a Vampire as they curl in pain.

Pray America Woke