Brayin Candy

The Failed FBI

But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

James 3:17-18 KJV


Every Repub and Liberaltarian should be outraged that the FBI and intelligence agencies were working with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to spy on the Trump campaign. This has been the greatest fear of every freedom loving American since J Edgar Hoover designed these agencies that it would spy on American citizens. To have them corrupted to the point they would try to influence a free and fair presidential election is the greatest fear any true American could ever imagine.


There are few things which rise to the level of actual treason, but this is one of them. Whoever was the head of this operation should be put in front of a firing squad and made an example of. To compare this to Watergate is a farce since Nixon never used actual agencies and is really questionable anything illegal was actually done while this one has serious laws being broken with the intent of influencing a presidential campaign.

When this one was first exposed some of us were saying this was suspecting it was bigger than any of the fake news distorters were letting on. Now we are finding out there was a cabal formed similar to what you normally see in Nicaragua or Thailand inside the gummit to make sure a certain candidate would win. This cabal paid for the fake dossier saying Donald Trump as a private citizen visited Russia and paid hookers to pee on a bed because Obama had slept in it a couple years earlier. Never mind that President Trump is a germ-o-phobe or that he was not there at the time, the Russians were going to blackmail him for this and needed to be investigated further.

This dossier was then delivered to the FBI by John McCain to give it an heir of credibility even though the FBI and the Hillary campaign paid millions to have it produced. McCain was may have been part of the cabal or a dupe is questionable, although it is very likely not exactly innocent since he has a burning hatred for Trump who dared question his heroism. At this point you have broken laws with a campaign being helped by the FBI and government agencies and people need to be jailed, but then they take it to a whole different level which is beyond treason to a true democracy.

The dossier was then leaked to the press most likely through FBI director Comey. It was also being used by the cabal to issue a FISA warrant to be able to spy on the Trump campaign for being blackmailed by the Russians. Everyone except the judge knew this dossier was false and they lied to the judge into believing it was real and she issued warrants to tap some or all of the Trump campaign phones and then passed that information on to the White House and the Clinton campaign. It is very likely every phone and computer in the Trump campaign was tapped and all of that information was passed to Clinton to help her win the election.

For all those Social Justice Warriors, how fair is it to have the entire FBI, NSA and the rest of the Federal gummit trying to influence an election for Hillary Clinton? You are all bent out of shape because the Russians supposedly talked to the Trump campaign and put a few thousand posts on Facebook yet you have no problem with the entire Intelligence complex of the United States trying to determine the outcome of that same election? This is the largest abuse of power we have had in the histoir of America and someone needs to pay for it.

We understand the Establishmedia is so corrupt they have become irrelevant and that the DNC is rigged from top to bottom and that the District of Corruption is a swamp, but you cannot have the Justice Department taking sides to influence free and open elections. This is the same tactics which are used in the Soviet Union under Stalin or Cuba with Castro it is not supposed to occur in America. This is not pie in the sky rainbow glasses this is an absolute there is not supposed to be campaigning by the spy agencies since the advantages they have are obvious. In this case they were very likely passing on Trump strategies to the Clinton campaign and she was using them to damage Trump. She could and was passing things to the press and they dutifully used it to hurt his campaign. One such item was the Russian collusion story which was passed directly from the FBI to her although she also made up the dossier.

The fourth amendment in the Constitution gives every American the Right to Privacy from the gummit. This is not a suggestion or a possibility it is a guarantee and is supposed to be taken seriously by these agencies for them to exist without fear of American citizens. Because the Obama regime used communist tactics and broke down those walls either Obama ordered this or it was inferred to be ok to break these laws in the attempt to win a turd election to hide his criminal activities.

Whitewater was about breaking the Fourth Amendment and spying on a rival candidate by tapping their phones. It was not done by the FBI but campaign operatives who were most likely attempting to get an incriminating piece of information on Dean’s wife, but who knows. This is using the most sophisticated spying apparatus in the world to influence the outcome of the most powerful man in the world. For this heads should roll and is the biggest scandal this country has ever had.

There needs to be indictments on the principles who have obviously broken the law and work up the chain of command and find out who was at the top of it. We can guess it was Barak since it resembles his other abuses such as the IRS, but we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. The most important thing right now is to find out who is guilty of this treason and make an example of them. There is nothing worse morally than a dirty cop except a dirty FBI agent and that agent has to be made example to make sure this never happens again in America. Fifty years ago every one of these conspirators would have been given a fair trial and then offered a blindfold and cigarette in front of a pock-filled wall. These traitors deserve the same. Mr ex-President, what did you know and when did you know it?

Pray America woke