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Our Corrupt Journo-Lists

Our Journo-lists 

Having LOVED his own who were in the world, he now showed them the full extent of his LOVE. John 13:1

The obamedia feigns outrage, outrage I tell you about the firing and rehiring of Shirley Sherracist. Compare this to the hounding out of office of Gov Palin, ah the power of the Journo list. Oh how they can sound so outraged at a news organization like FOX in the henhouse while they seem to ignore the constant harassment of Palin. This is what happens when you have a subsidized socialist monopoly completely lacking in competition of markets or ideas. There is no sharpening of talents or debate, simply a lockstep abuse of power by some of the most adolescent overpaid scribes in our histoir.

Journolist is a website where 400 of the Leftstream media would meet and discuss the strategic talking points they were going to discuss in their articles and programs. These were designed to cause the most damage to their targets to turn the public image of these candidates away from the Conservative and to the commiecrat. We all knew it was happening and now we see the structure and the brain breeze sessions. This was a coordinated effort by these so called professionals having no regards to journalistic morals and put on the jackets of propagandists. There is no question this effort was being coordinated by the campaign just like the WH conference call today.

When Gov Palin was picked to run as VP and had the stunning speech full of hope, charisma and bravado the press corpse went into frenzy. They began bouncing ideas off of each other realizing the damage a mom could do to their chances and began coming up w/ideas to destroy her. The first tack their news broadcasts and editorials were going to take was: Suzanne Nossel, chief of operations for Human Rights Watch, added a novel take: “I think it is and can be spun as a profoundly sexist pick. Women should feel umbrage at the idea that their votes can be attracted just by putting a woman, any woman, on the ticket no matter her qualifications or views.”

She was and is the DNC’s worst nightmare as she represents the door the Dems walk through to get elected. Their tactic of making women the largest group of victims has been milked for half a century and Sarah stood smack dab in the way of that group heading for their victimhood. Here was an attractive normal woman who loves her childhood sweethear husband and family and made it to VP pick on her own. She needed to be destroyed for the good of the party so her sisters grabbed the rope and went to work on tying a dead man’s knot. To accuse a candidate of choosing a VP simply for her sex rather than pigment must of went right over their tiny little noggins.

These emails explain the strategy they used of sending 150 distorters up to Wasilla AK to sift through fish guts looking for a parking ticket while only going to Chi-town to change planes. While Sarah was up there catching and convicting her own Party’s corrupt politicians, the Rezkobamas were up to their ears in graft and corruption. Anybody who could read the Windy Tribune would find how he was connected and they were trolling for Sarah in the Alaska bush? Could we possibly invent a more corrupt media than we already have? At least Pravda can say they had a gun to their head while our dirtbags only have their own selfish political gain and hatred of America.

The problem w/the commie cult is it is guided by Moral Relativism. These worthless hacks simply used the ends justified the means routine to strategize and back each other up. They used an echo chamber approach where they would announce the story they were going to write to make sure everybody approved. There is no going out on a limb or exploring the edges of their politics to reveal a different tack, these cowards simply regurgitated everybody else’ ideas to magnify the strategy they were using. This isn’t reporting or editorializing it is simply organizing the troops to march in lockstep like the SS they have become. We got a peek inside the workings of ABDNC and it isn’t pretty.

Now of course they are feigning outrage over the Shesaracist speech like this was unfair to supposedly jump to conclusion when all the Conservatives were wanting was an explanation. We are used to angry Blacks bragging how they got over on or destroyed Whitey so they went straight to firing her. Some jumped to conclusions and apologized for that, when is the NAAC/Old Media going to apologize to the Tea Party. This woman needed and still needs to be explained why she was doing her job even though she hates Conservatives.

We are now seeing the same attacks in unison on the Tea Party. The racist deck has been thrown so many times they may not be able to play Blackjack. This is such an act of desperation as the violence card or proving any racism they had a discussion of using either Racist or Poopyhead and the more mature were outvoted. We now see the way this works and how they all get the same talking points in unison w/each other. We now understand why the Tea Parties are ignored by demand and if they are reported the same name-calling will amazingly be observed in unison as if it were true. This of course is their consensus strategy that if everybody agrees it must be true and why this website was effective.

We basically have an downgraded over paid version of the Daily Kooks reporting our history. These so called professionals have devised a system to maximize the effect and timing of any charge no matter how outrageous to give it a flavor of credibility. Claims like Palin’s daughter actually had the baby which distracted her for weeks while OB never hears a peep about Rezko who was sitting in jail over corruption convictions. We can understand having a bias and occasionally getting wrapped up in a story, but this manipulation of the American voter goes against everything this Country stands for. This is the wholesale stripping of our ability to receive fair and valid information to honestly weigh these politicians against each other. Our Establishmedia has the integrity of the mafia and the honesty of horse thieves, my apologies to horse thieves everywhere. This is what happens when you replace honor and integrity w/moral relativism and eliminate competition of ideas with groupthink.

Pray for America