Brayin Candy

Forests or electricity

Genesis 1:28 [Full Chapter] God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

Now California is shutting off the power to prevent forest fires when the real culprit is the worshiping of the forests which is killing them. If you had been pumping oil on the ground for the past four decades would you turn off the power to avoid a spark or would you clean up your mess? In California they turn off the power to avoid having to look at the real problem and continue to get their virtue signaling high from Mother Earth.

Pacific Power and Electric which has declared bankruptcy from the Paradise fire two years ago has decided it was better to shut off the power rather than address the real problem. With the power of the Global Warming religion they could not stand up to those who claim the fires are caused by Global Warming than the truth which is they are caused by mismanagement of them. The truth of the matter is the forests need to be thinned and cut on a regular basis or they will die from overgrowth from too high a density of trees.

Ever since the Spotted Owl fraud the Sierra Club and their fellow eco-terrorists have convinced the people to worship the forests rather than manage them. They have turned resource management into a religion rather than a science and have pushed the Save the Trees and Hug a Whale theme to make people believe the forests can magically grow without the slightest touching by mankind. Even the Natives would burn the forests to keep them healthy by taking out the dead and dying trees to leave it an open area for the wildlife and food bearing plants.

Northern CA and Oregon have what were the most magnificent forests on the planet and now are being wasted away by the environmental cult. If they were managed scientifically with biological and ecological planning they could be the most incredible forests ever seen. The first thing which needs to be done is to thin out the areas which are overgrown and dying. There also needs to be a concerted effort to take out the blowdowns which are littering the forest floors causing the massive heat the fires are now producing. Those two efforts would cut the fire danger by half and would eliminate the need to cut the power on these forests.

It is a delicious irony that all the Tesla owners are stuck in their homes having to use their backup fossil fuel driven car. These people are getting a taste of what the Green Raw Deal would look like although it is just a taste since they are not enjoying the 100% tax increase they would enjoy to save the dirt. They do not have the gummit enforcement of every facet of your life in the institution of earth saving doxology. No this is just a brief look into the future if this path continues as a worship rather than stewardship of our natural resources.

The first step which needs to be taken is the selling of federal lands to the people. Private ownership would bring stewardship of these lands overnight and begin the path to healing the forests from forty years of neglect by the eco-fanatics. They believe the forests have a human spirit when in reality they are God’s perfect creation which should be maintained as worship to the creator. The healthiest the forests were was when they were being managed and selectively harvested like the fields of Kansas only they are the forests of Oregon.

The Oregon forests if managed properly would make Texas and California look like failures. There is fifty thousand square miles of neglected forests waiting to be the wood supply of the world. If rotated biologically and properly they would create jobs and billions of dollars of income only to be replenished every twenty to fifty years as a worldwide powerhouse.

Selling this land to the people would begin the healing with gentleman forests which could a personal getaway or forest farms which would have trees properly spaced and maximized for health. Healthy forests mean healthy wildlife as well as cleaner water and air. For those fooled by Climate Change the healthier the trees the more CO2 can be converted into oxygen although the trees love CO2.

There is an ecological crisis in the forests of N Cal and Oregon and the only answer the state and federal gummits have is to turn off the power. This is the ultimate Band-Aid on a cancer. Until the billion dollar legal industry gets out of the way we are going to see more and more fires and less and less lumber. The state of Oregon has a bill coming that will completely eliminate the lumber industry due to Global Warming when this will only make the fires worse.

At what point do you admit the path you are on is not working? The only reason the fires have not been bad this year is it was the coldest and shortest summer in decades in the West. While people are dying from fires and now from turning off their electricity due to high winds the gummit is promoting a fake crisis in Global Warming when there is absolutely no actual proof. There is proof the forests are dying so how about take a look at some real solutions to a real crisis? The reason they will not look is that does not promote a bigger government and bigger Democrat power.

The forests are being devastated by a religion that says to worship trees rather than be stewards of them. This religion is devastating the country as the virtual attempt at perfection to the earth is actually destroying it. When are we going to put down this dangerous cult which is killing people who become blind to the truth?

The worship of our resources has destroyed lives and communities and now is destroying the very forests they claim to want to protect. At what time do we turn to the Creator and stop bowing down to his creation’s worshipers? God is a God of love while his creation is perfection, it leads to hate and death. It is time to manage the creation as worship to the creator.

Save our forests.