Brayin Candy

Air Of Corruption

The newest charge of the DemonRat Party is President Bush runs an administration with a culture of corruption. This is a high risk strategy from a despeRat Party. Just as they had to change the definition of lying to convince the country Bush Lied, they have to now stretch the definition of corruption. What the World has to understand is the Neo-Commies on the Left are tossing rocks from the Tar pits of Histoir.

Once the Anti-America crowd felt the Country was no longer rabidly patriotic about the war and there were no WMD found, they began the Bush Lied campaign. To make this statement true they had to completely change the definition of lie and turn it into moved or mistaken. If President Bush had lied about the missing WMD than he had to know that the weapons never existed. He had to know beyond a shadow of a doubt those weapons weren’t in Iraq when he said they were. Otherwise it was being misinformed. Likewise, for these Mooreon’s to be able to make the charge he lied they need to prove beyond a doubt the WMD was never there.

When sex-president clinton said he, "never had sex with that woman...Monica Lewinski" he was lying. He knew he did and he said he didn’t. That was a lie, period. Now, he used the entire Dept of Justice to obfuscate his lie and keep him from being convicted for perjury, but it was a lie by anyone’s definition. Even the Kook-left state on their bumper stickers, claiming nobody died when clinton lied. How refreshing! They can add that nobody was freed from tyranny other than Terrorists under the clinton/Reno regime when clinton lied.

When President George W Bush stated there were WMD in Iraq he was stating with the best information available at the time. Every govt in the World including Saddamn said he had these weapons and was actively trying to acquire more from Korea and should have been believed. Even BJ made a limp attack on Iraq to knock out his WMD capability with cruise missiles. For 18 months Bush demanded Saddamn let the inspectors’ free reign in his Country and Saddamn continued to play his shell game with Hans McGoo Blix.

After checking and rechecking Intel for the 18 months we had troops on Iraq’s border, President Bush made the decision to send in the 82nd Airborne Inspectors. We would still know he had weapons if we had not sent in our Troops. For GW to ignore Iraq after 9/11 and then have those weapon released on our Country would have been completely disastrous negligence. He warned Saddamn and the World of his plans if they didn’t comply and love him or hate him you know he does what he says. Saddamn tried to bluff GW with a losing hand and lost, big time!

So this is how the Stone Age Press and their minions in the DNC have twisted the term lie to not only damage President Bush but to improve the standing of the DemonRats since they need to claim everybody lies. Truth is clinton knowingly lied to America, George Bush told the Truth as he knew it and what most likely was. The Left has to manufacture a culture of corruption to pave the way for HilaryCare’s compulsive lying.

Now the Kook-left is trying to try to charge both Parties are corrupt to excuse their own corruption. They are going to convict all of the Republican leadership who has the most minimal accusations. There will be no innocent until proven guilty for our Party because the press and DNC hate them with every fiber of the cancer ridden beings. Any accusation or rumor will be assumed guilty till proved innocent to further their attack.

The DinoRats are playing a very high risk game with the Republicans are corrupt charges. The irony of being lectured from a Party who’s prime spokesmen are a drunken adulterer murderer and a sex-president who was banging his interns, is astounding? We are getting moral lectures from a homosexual who ran a child prostitution ring out of his house, but he didn’t know? If this explodes like the other ACME cigars, the Rats and Stone Age Press will be lucky to get 25% approval ratings.

Do the Rats really want to compare the co-clinton WH and talk about President Bush’s so called corruption? It may be cliché’ but Bring It!! Remind us about HilaryCare Rob ‘em and all of her scandals right up to her election against the prosecutor challenger. This is a last gasp strategy by a dying despeRat Party. Watching the Rats play Texas Hold ‘em with GW is like watching a one armed chainsaw juggler.

Should President Bush be concerned about all these phony accusations? Not at all. The weekly accusation is just going to be more of the Stone Age Press Club of the Month for GW and all of them turned to Boomerang bombs. With the New Press fact checking, we will expose these Neo-Commies for who they truly are.

Pray for W and Our Iraq Winning Troops