Brayin Candy

Campaign on Low Cost Energy

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who LOVE him, who have been called according to his purpose. Rom 8:28

It is time to go for the kill. There is one issue nobody is talking about that encapslates the entire DNC covering taxes, abuse of power and fraud. This is an issue that has been set up perfectly to finish this election. This issue of course is Climate Change with its tax on air they so disparately crave. There is no issue that so perfectly divides Conservatism and liberals who have used this fraud to punish industry and pushing business elsewhere. Candidates need to understand the massive hoax the Climategate emails prove the fake data to counter arguments showing CO2 is a gas that traps heat and then go on offense to defend the people from this fraud.

Candidates have to make this the final major issue of the election so the people can vote on whether they believe we should eliminate all fossil fuel power driving their energy bills through the stratosphere. They need to have a chance to speak out against this extremism represented by the DNC. There is plenty of evidence it is not only not proven, it is very obvious it is junk science. When you have distinguished scientists like Harold Lewis, Professor Emeritus Physical Science U or California, resigning their posts comparing Climate Change to the flat earth myth you know it is only a matter of time before this Tower of Babel collapses like algore’s massage table.

Now is the time to go for the final blow. Every debate will have the obligatory Green question asking if you believe in Climate Change with the inference it is settled science. This question is to paint the Conservative into the corner making him one of those kooks who are Warming deniers. Our candidate only has to turn it around and say there is not enough evidence to prove or disprove Climate Change or Global Warming. Follow it up with the Climategate scandal that has brought serious questions to the quality of the evidence and data this theory was developed from and until there is absolute proof it is nothing more than one of many theories. Then simply mention there are thousands of scientists who disagree with this theory and those numbers are growing every day pointing to more study is needed before we are willing to shackle businesses and people to an oppressive lifestyle.

Now you have the Dem candidate completely on the defensives since he has to prove that Global Warming exists when there is no credible proof. They have gotten by with the brainwashing by the Establishmedia and big business who was going to make Trillion$ using the consensus argument. They would simply say its settled science and nobody would argue the High Priests of Science for fear of sounding like a fool. Now they will have to show their evidence to prove Climate Change when every piece of evidence they have has been debunked. They will say the icecaps are melting when they are back to normal and the Southern Cap is at record depths. They will say the oceans are heating when in truth they are cooling slightly. They may try the Himalayan glacier melting when we had the UN Climate Change expert resign over their report stating all of these falsified facts. All they are going to be able to say is the tired old lies of algore’s Fraudumentary “Incoherent Lies” which of course got an Academy Award and a Nobel for propaganda.

Gore's table is set and this issue is made to order for Conservatives. We can tell America the difference between Management of our Resources and Enviro-radicalism. We can tell the people they no longer have to fear the death of the Polar Bears and heating of the planet since it was nothing more than a fraud being pushed by evil politicians wanting to tax and regulate America to death. It was no more than a way to Spread the Wealth as a scam to separate Americans from their freedom. Exposing the fraud destroys the need for all of their bankrupting energy and transportation projects deepening the scandal. This was nothing more than the perfect embezzlement using the end of the world as a way of scaring people into agreeing to massive taxes and oppression. These are truly evil people who have no business anywhere near the halls of power.

Every Conservative needs to understand this argument to turn this decade long “Green” campaign back on its source and expose their attempted crimes. This is the perfect reversal on liberals using their own arguments against them. There is no proof of GW and when you expose that fact they will be left naked to the rest of the corruption that goes along with the fraud. Once Americans understand the depth and depravity of this massive manipulation of their trusting hearts they will be more than ready to complete this Tidal Wave that will make Gorebal Warming look like high tide at the beach. America is on the brink of throwing out socialism and this fraud will give them the final reason. The email scandal has destroyed their argument and unlocked the door; it is the perfect time to walk on through.

Pray for America