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The Scandal of all Scandals

The Scandal of all Scandals 

For this reason I have asked to see you and talk with you. It is because of the Hope of Israel that I am bound with this chain.” Acts 28:20

Of all the scandals that are permeating Pennsylvania Blvd the biggest one of all is the energy scandal. This one is the scandal of all scandals and is costing Americans trillions of dollars a year in excessive energy and food bills. When the neo-communists in the Three Pillars (Academics, media and the DNC) realized the Peak Oil scare was another academic failure, they were forced to use regulations to raise oil prices. This was done the same way the Tea Party was defeated using the power and force of the District of Corruption to limit the production of domestic oil and make a virtual Peak Oil crisis.

The Peak Oil theory stated that we would run out of oil worldwide by the year 2020 and we need to develop alternative energy sources in preparation for the end of oil. This is why the liberals and even the oil companies were always promoting wind and trains to offset the exploding oil based energy which they expected to be pushing over $10/gallon. These alternative resources need gas prices over $10 to make people ride a train and get out of their cars. They also need electrical energy to compete with the $10 gas to make them economically feasible which is why they are failing massively.

None of these happened and with the latest discoveries in the Bakken shale formation and the power of fracking we are witnessing the greatest finds in our histoir. This has completely destroyed the Peak Oil theory as it appears we have cheap oil available for the next fifty years. Oil is the most efficient and easiest fuel source to transfer from discovery to conversion to a safe usable product available. It also has a well developed infrastructure for distribution making it the perfect fuel except to the President of the United States. He sees it as a threat to his centralization of power which needs to be defeated just as the Tea Party was, which is what his DC army is attempting to do.

We are most likely living on an ocean of oil since in over fifty percent of this country it is illegal for the oil companies to even search for oil. The Federal gummit and many states have outlawed the searching using even vibration technology for fear of finding more oil reserves which could be potentially developed. There is now a movement to stop the exploration and development of the latest finds by making the false claim that fracking is environmentally dangerous. To most to the neo-communists, the development and management of energy is a crime against the state and in many ways it is. It allows people and industry freedom from the central planners, which is their ultimate goal, centralization of power and their enrichment.

In the seventies, science developed the Peak Oil theory and it was university accepted as gospel. In that theory, like all of their environmental extremism; man and industry was overusing oil and the world would run out. The main target as always was the car so people had to be removed from their cars and put in mass transit and especially trains. The problem with trains is they are so slow compared to cars and have no flexibility as a practical transportation mode. How do you get people to use this method of transportation which take two to three times as long to get from point A to point B that is if it can even get to point B? You have to make it cost effective which would happen if we ran out of oil and made that trip by car too expensive and subsidized the train so people would spend the extra time and hassle if the car became impractical.

That never happened and now they have built trains all over the cities which nobody uses. It has gotten so bad there are trains which are getting the equivalent of two miles per gallon and only a handful of people riding it making them far less efficient than your average SUV as a mile per person traveled per gallon. We are seeing one of the most massive cases of corruption and waste in these mass transit works projects which never come close to their projections in an attempt to get people out of their car and are never going to reach their goals in usage because they are not as efficient as a car.

This is where the real corruption and scandal has become a reality to the Ocommie administration. They are trying to make a regulatory Peak Oil crisis by making it impossible to get enough fuel to keep the cost of gas low. They have made it harder and harder to find and develop oil on Federal land as well as shutting down something as clean as the Keystone Pipeline. The safest, most efficient and cleanest method of moving oil or any liquid is by pipeline and the President has shut it down due to his need to keep oil prices high for his alternative energy and transportation boondoggles. This scandal is costing every American thousands of dollars a year in energy and energy related costs and nothing is being done.

The same type of people who harassed the Tea Party in the IRS, are running the EPA and related agencies to harass the oil industry. They have not stopped their embargo of the Gulf or allowed the Keystone and are a thorn in the side of domestic oil and coal production throughout the country, simply to take the automobile from the American people. Since there is no oil shortage and likely never will be for another fifty to a hundred years, there can only be one reason for their crusade, the car and the freedom it represents. The more people enjoy freedom the less they need gummit and if they don’t need gummit how can all of these politicians enjoy the graft and corruption to fill their families’ bank accounts?

There is no shortage of oil and there is no Global Climate Change. There are only the Three Pillars promoting these myths for their own pet projects and need to maintain power and fill their bank accounts. There are trillions being funneled from the private sector to their boondoggles to keep themselves in power and their own selfish greed. This is a scandal which is beyond anything we are witnessing now and is part of the reason they believed they could get away with what they are doing now. This corruption has become institutionalized as they have been at war with the car for so long they have long since justified these tactics which have now seeped into every agency. This is the iceberg below the water and Peak Oil was simply the first of many myths to excuse communism into every facet of your life. Peak Oil is simply a means to an end which the District of Corruption was given their justification. You are simply their slaves paying for their vacations to their dachas.

Pray for America to Wake Up