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Winning Elections against Marxists

 Winning elections against the Marxists

Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials excercise authority over them. Mat. 20:25

Conservatives continue to lose battle after battle at the ballot box because they are using a broken formula. They are under the impression if they will get their conservative base to vote for them while chasing the Democrats they will turn up enough votes in the box to win. You will never convince a Dem to vote for a Repub just as you are never going to get an Auburn fan to pull for Bama. Our managers use the formula of getting 80% of the Republicans, 50% of the independents and 15% percent of the Dems they will win elections. The formula works so well on paper and has served the Dems for decades; problem is it has no connection with reality for Repubs.

The Marxists have made this formula work for decades because they have the money and manpower to force the turnout. Their system works in large part due to having the manpower from the unions to actually knock enough doors to get out those voters. They can actually walk and knock the neighborhoods with massive numbers of paid and unpaid canvassers to knock every door in the targeted districts. They have unlimited funds and shoe leather. The Repubs have nowhere near the numbers to do the walking since most are working and raising their families or hate the idea of knocking doors. Like we say when we door knock, never knock a Republican door before 6 PM or a Dem door before noon.

This puts Repubs at a distinct disadvantage as they will never knock as many doors as the Dems so they are relegated to phone banks. Even with phone banks the Repubs are drastically outnumbered as the unions are well oiled machines at phone banking. They set up their phone banks in the union offices and require their members to man them for certain numbers per week. This is actually not the advantage it used to be as the invention of caller ID has made this method of voter motivation to almost no affect whatsoever. The managers believe it works, but that is because it is a countable action which they can to point to as an activity even though there is no proof of voter movement.

The other area the Dems excel is commercials. Once again with channel changing and VCR recording there are very few commercials which are watched. Most voters who turn out in numbers are not going to be influenced by a sappy spot having some candidate lying through his teeth. The last election there was absolutely no proof in the polls that definitively showed any movement from the Romney commercials. In the end there was little chance of him winning by using the same old Dem formula being run by the same old…Repub managers.

The primary reason these three tactics work for the Dems and not for the Repubs is it has been developed to augment the advantages the Marxist machine naturally enjoys. As long as we keep playing by their rules on their home turf we are going to continue to fail. The most important gear to make their machine work is the Three Pillars of Propaganda (media, academia and the DNC). When they knock a door they simply reinforce the message that has already been established by the Three Pillars. They only have to go to the door and continue the narrative that Repubs are evil friends of big business and only the saintly Dems have your interests at heart. It makes knocking doors easier since you will be mostly talking to the brainwashed and rarely will run into a rabid dog that Repubs are confronted by. Also, for a cult member it is doing good to make you a good person.

When they run their commercials they only have to add to the 24/7 message the media is giving to the masses during their programming. There is nothing to their message other than Repubs are angry white men who hate women and minorities. They have already had the Three Pillars establish the stereotype and they simply add TV and radio ads to that message and enjoy the benefits of the 24/7. Repubs can only run commercials which basically say, “No we aren’t” as they attempt to combat the already established message.

The phone banks are more of the same although since they have little effect thanks to caller ID, but they do have an advantage there. They will rarely run into that call to the insane cult worshiping Dem who is going to see how many names he can call you in 30 seconds without breathing. The Repub has to wait for that low IQ voter’s rant to end while he tries to get his, “no we are not” message to his prospects.”

The bad news is our candidates are playing poker with a marked deck and refuse to leave the table. The good news is some groups like ours have left the table and thrown the cards in the Dems faces and are winning some surprising victories. What we have changed is working smarter rather than harder. We have extremely limited resources and manpower so we are using it where the socialists are not. They are primarily using TV and door knocking while we have found to use old fashioned signs in strategic placements and targeted door knocking.

Targeted door knocking when used in conjunction with our other targeted methods is the most effective way for Repubs to campaign and very cost effective. It is the only way around the Three Pillars’ monopoly and avoids the constant attacks on conservatism. When you are on someone’s porch you are really inside their house or on an extension of that house so you are actually in their lives and away from the brainwashing tools to speak one on one. This is where you can begin to reinforce the message for fellow isolated Repubs and begin to relate to Independents. You completely ignore Dems since the 15% formula is a myth and you will only get maybe 1-5% who is going to convert. You are far more likely to accomplish a vote through talking a Repub to voting against the Marxist establishment or talking to an Independent. It is smarter to talk to someone you have a 50%+ chance of getting a vote than wasting your time with a 1% or less.

The real weapon the Dems cannot touch is targeted voter acquisition. They do have an advantage with voter fraud, but they have basically tapped out their resources in that. They only have so many inner city districts they can get 110% turnout while ours have been neglected. Rather than making calls we need to spend the month prior to the vote making sure our voters begin to understand the importance of their vote. We need to identify the people who are the most likely to vote your way and knock those doors. You then need to assign block captains to make sure their likely neighbors vote and go get those voters. We have found this to be a surprising method of getting out the vote we have surprised ourselves by pulling anywhere from 3-5% and more and pulling 90% plus Repub turnout. This is something they cannot recreate since there is really nothing the Dems can talk about other than how evil Repubs are.

As you fine tune this system and make it work for your states and districts it will become more and more effective to change the dynamic. The Marxists have built this system for the past hundred years and stacked it completely in their favor. All of the experts and managers believe they only have to plug in the formula and it will spit out wins when the game is completely stacked against them. The only way to win at this game is to play by a different set of rules and go directly to the people. The campaign gurus need to stop ignoring their base and begin to embrace them. They need to begin ignoring the Dems and start embracing the most rabid activists who will do the door knocking for them. The ignoring the base may be popular among the managers and get props from the Three Pillars, but it is costing them election after election as they make a scarce resource even more unlikely to help.

When the party bosses finally have been beaten enough they will begin to think about taking a risk or trying something different. Rather than running out and doing the same old quantitative activities by knocking doors which are a waste of time to get a golden handshake and begin to work smart and efficient. They can save their money on commercials and mailers while spending that money on targeting software and signs as well as billboards to get around the Mainstream Marxist Media. The most amazing part of this method is you can elect real conservatives since it is all about getting out the vote and minimizing the fear of a conservative message. These are all unheard of in the inner circles of the Party intelligentsia, but at this point what have they got to lose except more losses?

I have written a complete manual which goes into this in detail for anyone who wants it at the bottom of this page

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