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Gillnetted by Welfare

The Gillnet of Welfare 

By this all men willl know that you are my disciples, if you LOVE one another." John 13:35

The best welfare check is a job, something America has forgotten. We have been brainwashed for so many years and buried under so many layers of socialism we have forgot how capitalism works. We have turned the so called safety net into a gillnet as the Country is twitching like a Salmon in its Death throes. Until we get serious about cutting not only the fat and corruption out of welfare and the rest of human services we will continue to be struggling salmon waiting to be filleted. The Indians in congress have been building these nets for so long it will take a miracle to untangle these webs of deceit.

The first step towards freedom will be to eliminate as much gummit gillnets from our lives. We have become enslaved to numerous layers of welfare boondoggles that only kill the will to live to accept the death of Freedom. We are at the point of a large percentage of America having to start over thanks to the destruction of our economy by our gummit. The cold fact is we had a meltdown that will not only never recover on this path but will be a smoking crater that was once the most powerful economy ever invented. The good news is we will be able to reinvent our Country into a new economy from the ground up. To make that happen we will need to replace this overburdened welfare baggage w/a streamlined program managed through the churches and business.

The first step to untangle this gillnet is to lay off thousands of career politicians followed by tens of thousands of career gummit employees. These employees have become a bigger burden to the recipients of welfare than the lack of employment that has cursed the inner cities. Not only do these employees represent 100s of Billions of $$ they also have excessive pensions and benies that can no longer be paid. We have to cut bait or die. These pencil pushers have overstayed their welcome as they are nothing more than inflexible bureaucrats who have made the problems of the poor worse rather than better and are really only interested in protecting their own jobs. Why should we be paying a Food Stamp employee $100K?

This is an opportunity of a lifetime as we can take the burden off gummit and turn it over to a more efficient church system. The churches not only are already in the neighborhoods but have well established structures already built into those neighborhoods. They can become a one stop welfare store that can meet every need from feeding to job searching and Godly counseling. There will be no expense to the gummit as the replacing of welfare spending w/tax credits to donors and parishioners and yes the Rich will receive the most benefit since they will likely donate more. This again will double or triple the donations which reach the people far more quickly from the lack of $100K workers and corruption. This system will do more w/half the $$ needed by gummit.

The taking of the burden off the taxpayers will free more $$ up for companies to expand and develop new ideas and products for the biggest market in the world. We will see a drastic lowering of our unemployment rates as well the largest growth in GDP we have seen in our history. This will take a complete reversal of the American mindset from a people of safety gill nets to a Country of self made entrepreneurs and independents putting their faith in God. This will take an ending of our worship in Big Gummit and a return to our belief in the real God. Rather than receiving free $$ from your faceless entity there will be a personal relationship w/a church. This will require a humbling of yourself as you access your local church and return to the need to get off charity and back to work if possible.

By turning the social network over to the historic providers of care for the poor we can eliminate Trillion$ while stimulating our economy by letting people keep more of their $$. In addition to rebuilding our economy we can rebuild our character and integrity at the same time. We can get people off the public trough which destroys their pride and put them on a short track to returning to becoming productive workers. As they are returned to their Christian roots they will return to honesty and integrity to become more valuable citizens in our once honorable culture. We can rise our economy up like a Phoenix from the ashes back into the powerful engine it once was w/a foundation built on the rock of Jesus rather than the shifting sands of atheism.

America is in a position now that it really has never been before. Thanks to the DNC who has had a 50 yr goal of destroying capitalism for their own selfish ends they have done just that. The phony 10% unemployment number has been politicized and is likely near double that. These people have destroyed our free enterprise system through over taxation and regulation to the point of our bankruptcy. We will need courageous leaders in the future who are not afraid to carry the banner of God and smaller gummit to solve these problems from the ground up. We will need to strip our Country of these oppressive laws and use old ideas like feeding the poor through the churches to get us back on our feet. We have a long way to go to untangle ourselves and the businesses caught in the nets, but w/God’s help we can get there. We have time but the question is do we have the energy and willpower to release ourselves from these gillnets. Will we take the bold step of freeing ourselves and become the mighty Salmon swimming freely to our destinations or will we continue to struggle in the death throes succumbing to the nets that have been cast in our paths? Now is the time for America to cut ourselves free from these deadly nets and return to the freedom of capitalism that has fed and clothed the entire World.

Pray for America