Brayin Candy

Pelosi Steals Christmas


Now faith is being sure of what we HOPE for and certain of what we do not see. Heb 11:1

Nazi Pelosi announces that the PonziCare Bill is going to be America’s Christmas Present. Never mind the irony of her using the word Christmas, she is half right. There won’t be anything under the Tree, but America’s Credit Card is going to have a $2 Trillion Charge in January. Can you say Christmas Hangover?? You could call it a Nancy’s Christmas Club over the head. Of anyone who shouldn’t be redistributing our HC system, Congress tops the list. Which do you prefer, insurance companies who employ millions or a corrupt Congress.

Two insurance Actuaries were out rabbit hunting when a rabbit ran in front of them. The first one shot and hit just above it. The second one shot and hit right below it. They both jumped up and yelled, we hit it, we hit it! Not too many good actuary jokes out there, but the point is this isn't a HC Bill it’s another DC Ponzi Scheme. They could care less about the uninsured, they only care about getting into the American taxpayers pocket to prop up their other failed Ponzi Schemes SSInsecurity and Medontcare.

If anybody under 60 thinks there is going to be a dime left in SSI when you get there, perhaps you should look into Pet Rock futures? They have both been spent on Snail Darters and Unicorn Fart energy plans, the rest they wasted; so now they have come up w/this HC scheme to steal more $$. There is no way to make this work the way the insurance companies spread risk so they are going to use the threat of jail to take those premiums from you. This is a scheme that would make Madeoff blush, but it’s for the poor helpless uninsured....

The way insurance companies spread the risk is they pay for the HC costs generally mostly to the aged by overcharging the young healthy males. The least risk of any are the young White males who if they are going to go to the doctor is from an accident while the higher risks are the retirement aged. The young males are the insured who makes the insurance risk pool work. Unfortunately, they already realize this and are most of the 12 million who don’t have insurance by choice. This is why Nazi Pelosi will threaten them w/jail to make them pay premiums they won’t want to pay. Most young men would rather spend their money on a cold brew and a hot blonde than insurance. They will be buying policies they won’t use and be the most unfairly taxed of anybody in this Ponzi Scheme.

The other detail we’re not being told is we will start paying these premiums next year although the coverage doesn’t start for 5 yrs. So where do all those go? They head straight to the checks being mailed out to SSI and Medicare recipients to be replaced w/IOUs from Nancy & her Reign-deer, Merry Obamas. When the plan is put in place, another lockbox will be empty and Americans will be on the hook for $10 Trillion.

How does this Ponzi Scheme work? The Congressional Den of Thieves always have the same target, Capitalists. Those people create the jobs in spite of all the barriers and corrupt regulators who hamstring these businesses, need punishing. They’re going to soak these hard working employers w/a 5.5% surtax on top of their 39.5% tax they will already be paying for a minimum of 45% Fed, so after state and local; means there are going to be people in America paying 65-70% of their earnings to the gummit, but that’s just the beginning.

The owner of the business will be required to buy the most expensive HC policy imaginable. If they don’t buy HC or the one they have is not deemed worthy or simply can’t afford it, they will be charged 8% of every employee’s wages as penalty. This can’t be passed onto the employee since its written into the law the employer must pay this penalty tax. Since the avg payroll per employee is 50K that means unless they buy the right plan/Fed plan, they will be paying an additional $4,000 per employee. For those businesses struggling to get by under the Obama meltdown, the only answer will be to cut employees or raise prices. For a small business that has 25 employees the owner not only is going to be paying 70% overall taxes he is going to be having $100,000 taken off of his bottom line to fund this Pelozi Scheme? The damage done to the economy/jobless rates will be more devastation.

If the employer doesn’t pay or if you are self-employed and not carrying the proper HC policy the Nazi Party will take care of you. They will fine you from $25,000 to $250,000 depending on whether you willfully didn’t carry or evaded paying for insurance. This is in addition to jail times from 1-5 yrs. "What ya in for kid? No Health insurance. Me too mmm mmm mmm...If this plan is so great, why do they have to threaten w/fines and jail, shouldn’t you want to sign up rather than being threatened w/jail? Why did she exempt herself and her staff? You better have everything documented for your yearly HC audit or huge fines and jail time are waiting. These businesses will be forced to raise prices and pass it on to everyone, welcome to the USSA.

What this is is another District of Corruption mandate to force businesses to cover employees no matter what their financial state. There will no longer be start-up companies who know they will have to buy all their employees the most expensive coverage mandated on top of the wages/benefits. Throw this burden on top of the increased taxes in a time of recession and you will be pushing us into deeper recession just like FDR did during the 30s. The Great Depression didn’t end until the war when FDR de-nationalized industry and the banking system. More proof the gummit can’t make jobs but they can destroy them.

The way to solve this HC issue is to take the shackles off the insurance companies and let them truly use the Free Market. Stop vilifying the very people who have the courage to run companies. It’s like they have been trying to run the Boston Marathon w/100 lb leg irons for decades while the Rats wait for them at the finish w/clubs and brass knuckles then steal their wallets cause they didn’t win. These companies have spent centuries learning how to run HC in spite of the hurdles and now an airhead like Pelosi says she can run it better. She made her $100 million by graft and corruption not hard work and determination. If this plan is better, why do these corrupt commies have to force America to become slaves to this Ponzi Scheme? Why do they exempt themselves from this plan,  if anyone should be doing jail time... It’s a Pelosi Christmas, your American Express bill is in the mail.

Pray for America’s Freedom